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I am not sure if this is the right place to post this thread. But I need help on tips to negotiate or talk about compensation in a LTC facility. I am a new grad and I have a meeting with a Director... Read More

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    My facility starts new grad RNs on the 7-3 shift at around 34.00/hr. Of course, we are talking Long Island, one of the tax capitals of the nation
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    Just got hired in Seattle, WA for $24.50/hr + $1.50/hr per diem (RN, BSN). They pay LPNs a bit less. The ratio is only 17-20 pts per nurse, 8 pts per CNA, so I am loving it and feeling like I am getting the hang of it after only 4 days orientation (I still have about 2 1/2 weeks of orientation left). Nurses are treated pretty well here but the load is much less than even a few blocks from here where I hear it is 30 pts per nurse (all medicare so extra charting), 10 pts per CNA, and the pay is a bit higher.
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    I was just hired in a LTC/Subacute facility for $25/hr 7-3:30 and $27 3:00-11:30 and I'm in Maryland.
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    I just got hired as an RN on a TCU unit in a LTC and they are starting me off at 23.40 plus 0.70cent night shift differential. I'm in Minnesota.

    I'm really just happy to get a job and be making over $20/hr
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    Can't wait to say, "i was just hired....." or 'i just started.............'
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    I feel cheated I live in Ohio, new grad RN. Well I have two prn jobs one pays $24 the other $27.50. Then I have my ft job which pay $22.54 (cheated) for 7p-7a,I will not be getting a raise due to budget cuts,and no shift diff.
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    I'd love to find out what seasoned nurses are making in some of your areas. The new grad LTC rates are awesome. I know they don't pay that much in SW PA.
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    Does anyone know what the pay range is for RN's(not a new grad) in Florida in LTC? I wanted to get an idea of the range to know if I would even consider a RN job at a LTC.

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    30.00 dollars home health-care Dallas. I was told by my boss that is the rate. I am still an LVN.
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    I accepted a position today (texas) paying $24.50 (day shift)
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    Where in Texas? Just the location Mods will beat us for names.
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    I got paid 20.16/hr in North Dakota as a first RN job. I am looking for a job in southern california as my family move at the end of this year. I am so stressful because haven't found a job yet. If anybody have an idea where is hiring, please let me know. Appreciate that
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    which facility and what state?