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  1. st4rl4dy

    New nurse moving to CA

    Keep your job as long as ou can, if you guys can wait til you hit theyear mark to move together or move to be together do it. Also getting an agency job ora job before you quit the job you have now is the best thing to do. Craigslist is a great place to look also. where you are moving to in ca will also play a role.
  2. st4rl4dy

    craigslist posting i saw today

    http://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/hea/2193469852.html various r.n. positions (high desert san bernadino) date: 2011-02-02, 9:26am pst reply to: job-9rxsp-2193469852@craigslist.org [errors when replying to ads?] the following positions are open in an acute care setting. this hospital is small community hospital but part of a national hospital chain... offering you the best of both worlds state of the art working environment in a smaller community. job security is something very important in this unstable economy and this hospital is willing to invest in a three (3) year commitment to you. health benefits/education reimbursement available, 401k. you must be a team player, have a good attitude .... and if you want to grow in your nursing career this is the place for you. we will consider foreign nursing experience. you must have r.n. board of ca registration, bls, acls ( preferred) infectious control specialist , r.n.- must have minimum 4 years experience ..... preferably advanced degree in epidemiology . will accept advanced degree in lieu of experience. ed- bls, acls ---- may consider new graduates . i.c.u. - minimum 2 years experience l& d - will consider foreign experience. o.r. - scrub will consider foreign experience please , do not reply if: 1- you are not authorized to work in the u.s.a. 2- if you are not a ca. r.n. 3- if you are unwilling to commit to 3 years.. 4- if you cannot provide a resume. * location: high desert area, ca * compensation: $25- $30 + / location: high desert san bernadino compensation: * compensation: $25- $30 + / principals only. recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. please, no phone calls about this job! please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests. postingid: 2193469852
  3. st4rl4dy

    New grad, military spouse. VA?

    I am ADN graduate new grad. The VA didn't really do much for me, neither did the naval hospital. We are in so cal currently one of the worst job markets out there nursing or not. The best advice is one alreaydmentioned, stay where are already in, milk it for a year and then find a job and move if your husband's position allows it. I hear of openings at the naval hospital and the VA almost weekly but i guess there is no rush to fill them. Also check out USAjobs and CHARTS? Good luck, i am still battling it out and wondering if i will become an APRN before i ever go to work as an RN. I always get this feeling there is something i am missing in my approach to the naval hospital...........................but who knows. Hope and pray!
  4. st4rl4dy

    Any NIGERIAN SRNA(s) or CRNA(s) here?

    I am Nigerian and currently live in CA after moving from TX. While i am not a SRNA or CRNA, i am an APN student and it is nice to see Nigerians advancing in nursing.
  5. What was the catalyst to move from NJ? I am in a caregiver position but i am planning to move to facilities or companies that actually utilize nurses as it would make more sense than the one that only uses caregivers.
  6. I believe here in CA and in TX you are held to the license you are working under for that day. I think the challenge is in limiting yourself and staying withing your role and knowing you can get into trouble if you are at the job as a CNA and passing pills. I also believe in Long term care it is a bit more difficult to cross that nurse CNA line.
  7. st4rl4dy

    Hiring in LTC/Skilled Nursing

    Anyone know of Skilled nursing faiclities and/or long term care facilities hiring for RN in So cal?
  8. Hello, I am considering taking a CNA/Caregiver job whle waiting on a nursing position. Anyone doing this or considering it? Advice welcomed.
  9. st4rl4dy

    Job opportunities for New Grads

    Anyone heard from Tricity?
  10. st4rl4dy

    will nursing ever be in demand again?

    what are some of these agencies? how long did it take you to finally get a job melshaneah?
  11. st4rl4dy

    Texas to California

    I moved to California from Texas as a new grad. Please do not do this. Get your work experience, then have a job or jobs lined up before you move this way. I am stuck in CA now, so i apply to jobs and call and wait. I would have 7 months RN experience if i would have stayed in Texas, instead i have extra CNA/caregiving experience.
  12. st4rl4dy

    Job searching

    Start applying as soon as you can, so job postings want you to have license in hand before applying. You can also try getting another type of job with the company you would like to work for now then transfer into an LVN position when the time comes.
  13. st4rl4dy

    Medical Assistants to replace RN's?

    A doctor's office with some MAs is ok, but a hospital full of MA's? whose license are they practicing under? At the end of the day MA school doesn't teach what nursing school does and replacing nurses with MAs sounds like hiring a bunch of people then training then for at least six months.
  14. st4rl4dy

    Mother of Pearl...Welcome to Primary Care

    my weirdness was seeing a baby delivered on L&D during clinicals then a month later seeing the same family in the ED as a nursing assistant. Then the occasional mcdonalds bathroom run in, 'WOW!'
  15. st4rl4dy

    Seriously...more supply than demand?

    Try craigslist for your local area.
  16. st4rl4dy

    Can't even get an interview!

    Craigslist has become my best friend, i just poor over it and keep my fingers crossed and sometimes i have to go on the website of a nursing home of clinic and cold call them. Don't be discouraged, i am a new grad and some days i ask God why and wish i could move back to texas (hubby has to be in the west coast for his job). But i wake up and i just start searching and calling, eventually someone will say yes and i will get that job i want. Keep your head up, try travel agencies, and home health.