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  1. laughing weasel

    Haunted by a shadow

    As a nurse no matter how horrid my day is going odds are it is much worse for some one else. It kind of puts things in perspective huh!! I really do enjoy it and feel like I am doing good every day. I agree that this job has taught me that things change so fast and that you need to hold tight to your loved ones. We are all only here for a short while.
  2. laughing weasel

    How Do I Toughen Up At Work? Part 1

    Change the voices in your head make them like you instead. Pink says it well. If you do not like yourself then sure as heck no one else will. Acknowledge mistakes (if only to yourself) and fix them as soon as you can. Ignore the tone and acknowledge the message from the meanies. There was only one perfect person and when he came along we crucified him. Be well!!!
  3. laughing weasel

    Is being a Male nurse weird?

    I had a lot of old army buddies give me heck when I decided to become a nurse. I just smiled and said I would be hanging out with 90% women instead of 98% men so which one of us was gay? There are a whole lot of mail nurses and not as much trouble as you might think with women patients.'
  4. laughing weasel

    Facebook almost cost me my job

    Make a second page for friends you trust using misspelled name. I would still not put anything on it you could not shout at a crowd of all your "friends".
  5. laughing weasel

    My Microbiology Teacher told me I can't become a Nurse

    Count this one up as experience. In nursing you will meet some truly foul people who will try to tear your soul out. Pity them and move out. Most of the people you meet will be either ok or cool. I have had two people in positions of authority tell me that I was not going to succeed because they were going to make sure I did not. I have made it and it was rough. Do not pick a fight but just do your best and ignore her negativity. As others have said I would worry more about the clinical instructors and what they said. Even they can be wrong but listen to what they say your weaknesses are. If everything is going to well it is probably an ambush. Stay flexible and keep moving forward.
  6. laughing weasel


    The military has become much more lax on tattoos these days because they are not so distinctive any more. I know several people in the army who have visible tattoos. Let your recruiter know and they will show you the policy on tattoos for that branch. Memorize that section so that you know where you stand when some one attempts to tell you differently.
  7. laughing weasel

    Canadian baby transfered to US hospital after court ruled to pull plug

    His situation sux but the knowledge and practice we get from keeping him alive will help others with a more positive outlook. I do not advocate the horrendous methods of keeping marginal quality of life prolonged but support allowing parents to choose if they can get a doctor to agree.
  8. laughing weasel

    I want to quit work and go back to school.

    How long ago were you in school? Were you going for an RN or LVN. Which one are you going for now? I suggest keeping working for the first 1/2 of school if possible being a security officer usually allows you time to study. Save as much as you can for when you need to quit. Do you have day care arranged? You cannot afford to be late at all to clinical. Have back up plan for your back up plan. Calculate your expenses and budget in an emergency or two. Stuff happens and it is best if it happens to other people.
  9. laughing weasel

    What is Wrong??? Unable to pick right answer!!!

    Answer the question in your head and look for the answer that comes the closest to matching yours.
  10. laughing weasel

    Roles/responsibilities of LVNs???

    Like every other job there are gonna be people who know their stuff and those who should not be trusted with water pistols.
  11. laughing weasel

    The Secret

    Yeah that test will own you if you let it mess with your head.
  12. laughing weasel

    Another "when to take"

    Take it as soon as possible. Your knowledge is going to be sharpest right after school as will be your motivation.
  13. laughing weasel

    Reality Check for Nursing Hopefuls

    Suck it up and take the horrid shifts till you get some experience. I have never spent three weeks looking for work. Work on your interview skills and tell the truth that an employer wants to hear. Call back for goodness sake. If there are twenty applicants and three call back guess who they are more likely to remember? It is up to you to convince them that you are worth their time. Hang in there the shortage will return in worse numbers and hospitals are gonna have to realize that that they are gonna have to train replacement nurses as this generation of nurses retire and if they treat the replacements horribly then it is going to be very hard to recruit them when they are needed.
  14. laughing weasel

    what is the most adrenaline pumping job

    With more deployments than ever to third world countries you will get to see conditions that do not exist in civilian USA. You will do your job under extremely challenging conditions. You will also have a lot of dull boring routine down time so unless you went special forces or managed to get assigned to infantry support I think ER would probably be more reliably high paced. I fixed helicopter radios in army but sister is currently nursing in Afghanistan.
  15. laughing weasel


    I did home health right out of school because I was brave and dumb. DO NOT DO IT!!!!!! I am lucky that I did not lose licence or hurt a patient. I would suggest hospital (try the VA the patients are cool). If not at least try nursing home or office.