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I got fired today

  1. 3 Been in nursing for five years and this is my first time being fired. I got fired from a LTC facility.I had to reschedule my class room orientation due to having an exam and had one call out for on the floor orientation due to being sick. I never got the chance to even orient on the floor. I told them during the interview that I'm a nursing student and everyone was okay with that, well so I thought. I want to start applying for other jobs but how do I explain this termination. So heart-broken.

    - Oh btw the way they fired me was very disappointing. I was supposed to begin on the floor orientation today at 3pm, I arrived early at 2pm. I went to HR and she told me to wait for the DON to see what floor I would be orienting one. The DON made me sit and wait for her in an office for an hour before telling me I was fired. The HR manager had NO idea the DON plan on firing me. The HR manager even accepted my voided check for Direct Deposit. After I got fired, the HR director called me into her office and gave me a hug. She stated that she was so sorry and had no idea. She also stated that I could use her as a reference. I'm so in shock. As I was being fired I went into a state of shock. Right now I could of thought of so many questions I could of asked and should have pleaded with them to keep me on board. Wow.
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    Sorry to hear about your turn of events. When the subject comes up the best thing is to just be honest about what happened. Be truthful about your prior commitments and what you can offer during your interview. It may not always guarantee a favorable position, but people appreciate honesty.
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    Well, **** LoveJoy!
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    I am so sorry, sounds like it was for the best, I never want anyone to be without a job but what a -------, way of firing you. Best of luck in your job search.
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    If you didn't even start orientation, I wouldn't even put the place on your application or address it at all.
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    I am so sorry. I remember your post about asking whether or not you should call in for orientation since you were sick. I hate this happened. They should have told you right away instead of making you wait a hour.

    I agree that you don't have to post this on a resume. You never really worked there. Just try to find something new. I wish you the best.
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    What about when the application states " have you been fired before" I don't want to lie and say no, what should I put down without making myself look bad.
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    Why were you fired? What was the reason stated by the DON, who I think must be mentally ill, power mad, and so on.

    I know you are upset, but I think you are better off being away from this woman.

    you probably don't even have to mention this job. Sounds like you never actually worked there.

    Keep on plugging away, you will be ok.
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    I posted about a month ago how I didn't like the interview with her. I kind of had a feeling that I would not want to work for her. I guess its' a blessing. God is still good.
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    Well that's rude.

    If you never even got to the floor, there's no way you should put it on your resume... if you DO, just list the HR lady instead of the DON.
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    Were you paid for any hours worked? If not, I would say you were never employed there.
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    So sorry. {{{nurselovejoy}}}. :redpinkhe : Hugs. . . I have no explanation for the way people arrive at these decisons, but try to realize that it is not you,, but a combination of things. You'd be surprised at some of the stellar nurses here who've been fired from their jobs at some point!!

    The DON should've shared her concerns with you before suddenly dropping the axe. If you do put it on your resume, I'd take the HR director up on her offer. You will get through this. You're the type of person who would be an asset to any facility. Though she has no clue, she is losing more than you are.
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    There are no problems only more options and solution, you just have to search for them. When one door closes another opens. I am so sorry this happened to you.

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