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  1. virgo,student nurse

    My First Code Blue

    Thank you for the article. Sometimes we need to step back and look at our patients, as people not a medical number.This reminder is a great example.
  2. virgo,student nurse

    Culture Change in a Secured Dementia Unit

    I am not sure what State you are in, but we MUST get clients up, and offer them a meal on the weekend., unless it it is clearly written in their plan to allow them to sleep all day, and that they don't want to eat, with that being said, I DO NOT work in a nursing home every weekend, (I work once every couple months as an Aide) my full time job is working with developmental disabled clients and the above behavior is not allowed. I hope you find the answers, you are looking form
  3. virgo,student nurse

    Does this sound like case management to you?

    Joe, I think you should do, what ever makes you happy. I personally don't know what the "official" job description is. Sometimes people have nothing else better to do, than complain/ or try to discourage others. I think you will be fine.Good Luck,Virgo
  4. virgo,student nurse

    Can I be mandated in NYS under these circumstances?

    I live in NYS, and I work for NYS. I am also a per diem CNA for this reason. CNAS can get mandated if you work full or part time, this goes for the nursing home. I also run a house for 10 clients and 10 staff. I directly supervise an LPN who CANNOT be mandated, unless it is a state of emergency, and even then we have had to pull staff, from other houses to work a double so she can go home.I understand how hard it is to work and go to school at the same time. Maybe you can meet with your supervisor, and see if there can a mutual agreement for the both of you. If such agreement is ade, be sure to get it in writing. Best of luck.
  5. virgo,student nurse

    Satisfaction Survey: Tell Us What You Think of allnurses.com

    I think the site has changed for the better. This site allows people to vent and Connect, but rudeness and other behaviors aren't tolerated. I like that, sometimes I have a hard time logging in, but issue isvalways taken carevof in a timely manner. Keep up the good work!
  6. virgo,student nurse

    Failed dosage calc

    I get the feeling that you are the oldest /only child. I am the oldest child in my family, and it sucks, In my thoughts. Family can put so much pressure on the oldest that you feel no matter what you do, it is not going to be enough.I think you need to reach out for community resources. There are people on your campus that can help ease the load. Does your family need help with preparing food/ getting the house cleaned, need some one to go to the post office? Or is it that they don't work and expect you to carry the load? If they can't work, this is a different.Please take the time to do something for yourself, if you want to be a nurse, you can do it. Best of luck
  7. virgo,student nurse

    study books?

    AKA Virgo. I am a Virgo too. Do you have study guides that go with your fundamentals book? If so use that book, it is so helpful. You could also probably find a book at your bookstore that has the same information that your fundamentals has. If you don't have a book of that sort, use the web site that the goes with your book. Often you can find material on the website that may help you understand better. Best of luck. Virgo
  8. virgo,student nurse

    Funnest/Favorite part about nursing school?

    I don't think I have a favorite part of school. I enjoyed learning about the body and how it works, I enjoyed clinincal, Yes I had bad days but it was a nice experience. My clinical instructors were great, answered any of the questions you may have had, they pushed you to think, breathe and act like a nurse. I am currently in RN school and I find all the pre reqs dull, I understand the bigger picture you need XYZ to go further. But I think I enjoy learning about "Nursing" more than anything.
  9. I did not read through all the posts, so please forgive if I have repeated what someone has already said. I have seen on tests stuff we never go over in class, but I have learned to read the entire chapter/chapters that we are going to be tested on. I know it sounds tiring, but it has worked for me. I also do study guides realted to the chapters, and I look up all the vocab so I know what the words mean. Reading comes very naturally to me, so maybe that is why it has worked for me. We were also were able to record the lectures. I listened to them on the way to school, home, gym, any time I was in the car. I have noticed that I may miss a few things during lecture, and this helps to re focus me on that part of the lecture. Hope things get better for you.
  10. virgo,student nurse

    How to take the LPN/LVN exam while still in RN school

    Thank you for the information. I will pass this onto my friend who is in her RN program, she was going to ask the same question. We are here in NY, maybe this is why there was no information.
  11. virgo,student nurse

    New Nurse: Delegation and CNA, PCA, PCT Issues

    You can never allow your CNA'S or techs to see you sweat, don't ever feel you are less than a nurse, because you are having issues with your Aides. What I found has worked for me is to go in with the aide and help them with my patients as much as I can, this way I can learn from them, and they see me as a nurse who is willing to help. I always say thank you, and if I am done with all my stuff I do go and help the Aide if they are running behnd. People are going to talk about you, no matter what, but remember delegate to your Aides what you absolutely have to and remember you are new at this, it will get easier. Best of luck.
  12. virgo,student nurse

    Nurses Who Have Killed

    Interesting! I have seen some of these stories on Deadly Women, Snapped, and other shows. It is amazing to me why people do things.
  13. virgo,student nurse

    Is the first semester really the hardest?

    I am going to admit, I am not in my core nursing courses. BUT, I did go to LPN school and for the first half of the year, we did a lot of direct care. I don't think you have a bad attitude, nursing school has high standards, and it has always been that way. Having "drill" sergeant clinical instructors is common. I believe that they challenge you to take everything a step further. I think you can learn a lot from other students, and teachers. I get that you want to be recognized that you have been busting your !!!, but don't look for the teacher to tell you good job, look to the patients that you have had. Taking two minutes to explain something goes a long way! sometimes an instructor may not tell you "good job", it isn't right but it happens. Know that if this is what you want to do, understand that nursing sometimes is a very Thankless job.Best Wishes,Virgo
  14. virgo,student nurse

    Confessions Of A Nurse With Poor Interpersonal Skills

    Commuter, AMEN! AMEN! You have hit the nail on the head, yet again. Sometimes I think you are in my head, saying and feeling the way I feel. I so dont like small talk, and would rather have conversation with my DD cleints, than speak to the staff. I have learned to "play the game", but it has been exhausing. KUDOS, on another great article:cool:
  15. virgo,student nurse

    Hurricane Sandy - Wishing Everyone To Stay Safe

    Do Good,Very good advice given. Hope all stay safe. The storm will be my way by Monday Mid Day. Stay Safe!
  16. virgo,student nurse

    Nursing Games is taking its toll

    In my class, we started with 50 people, and there are 15 people graduating in two months.