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  1. jesskidding

    Is this academic dishonesty?

    I don't think so. I wish I had something to go by. I just opened all my books and started reading. I have no idea what the reading assignments are going to be, but I wanted to get a head start.
  2. jesskidding

    Compassion required???

    Ummmm....sure? I guess you could be a good nurse, but I wouldn't want you caring for me or my family. Good luck.
  3. Psych classes were some of the easiest class I have taken. I think you will be fine taking them together. I would, however, wait and take Sociology in the fall. Sociology is completely different (I hated Sociology) from pyschology. I would also wait on Med-Terminology until the fall because there are a LOT of terms to learn and I can't imagine learning them all within a shortened summer class. Make sure you don't give yourself to much to do. You want to keep your GPA up!
  4. jesskidding

    CDC advice on Zombies

    This is great! I just emailed this to my husband. He will love it! Thanks!
  5. jesskidding

    Possible to take a few nursing classes from community college?

    You have to be accepted into a school's nursing program. Registration for the nursing classes is only open to students who have been accepted. If you are interested in going to nursing school you should research different nursing programs in your area and find what suits you best. Then, find out the steps to apply there such as entrance exams, pre-reqs, etc. Many credits do not transfer. However, in my state (North Carolina) the community colleges are associated with my state's universtites (the University of North Carolina colleges). Your credits are guaranteed to transfer. For example, when I finish my ADN program at my community college, all my credits would transfer to a BSN program within the University of North Carolina systems that offer a BSN.
  6. jesskidding

    Summer reading - Any suggestions?

    Oh! Those looks great! I think I'll head over to amazon and pick those up! Thanks!
  7. jesskidding

    GPA for acceptance????

    I don't think it will hurt your chances, but that's just my opinion. Like I said I just had a 3.2 and was accepted. I would feel comfortable with the 3.47. I had two C's and those were from A&P I and II. Those two classes really hurt my GPA since they were 4 credit hour classes. I would work really hard to make an A in chemistry. A great study tool I used for both math and chemistry was the Kahn Academy videos on you tube. You should look them up. The Kahn Academy videos were also great in studying for the math and science portions of the TEAS test. http://www.youtube.com/user/khanacademy?feature=chclk
  8. jesskidding

    GPA for acceptance????

    Since I don't know the school's requirement it's hard to say. I was accepted into my ADN program with a 3.2, but my school uses the TEAS as well. After this semester I brought it up to a 3.6. Most of the schools I have researched don't want you to have anything less than a 3.0.
  9. jesskidding

    Summer reading - Any suggestions?

    The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is great, plus the main character is a nurse. The entire series has a lot in regards to medicine and nursing. The Tea Rose and The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly are great as well. The second of the series, The Winter Rose, focuses on a female doctor in London in the early 1900's. Also, I just read a great biography on Florence Nightingale and I have started reading her Notes on Nursing. There was a very interesting interview on NPR a few weeks ago about the history of blood transfusions. The author's name was Holly Tucker. The title was Blood Work: A Tale of Medicine and Murder in the Scientific Revolution. She writes about true events. It sounded very good and very interesting. Stiff is also a good read. It's about corpses and the different "options" for them.
  10. jesskidding

    How many credit hours...

    Just 10 credit hours. That's two classes- Intro to Nursing Concepts and Pharmacology. I have other classes completed so all I have to do are nursing classes.
  11. jesskidding

    Mouth to mouth without barrier?

    Yes, you are misinformed. I was just re-certified with the AHA for Healthcare Providers. I took my class on March 25, just days before the new regulations came into effect. My CPR instructor a veteran RN with 35 + years experience was teaching the class and told us that even though we were so close to the change date wise, she had been informed to teach the "old way". After re-teaching the "old way" she then went on to explain the "new way" so we would know a little about it. Not at anytime did she say that as nurses, nurse aides, etc were we required to do mouth to mouth with the new way. You do have a choice as a healthcare provider.
  12. jesskidding

    What to do when you literally HATE your classmates?

    I've been worrying about this too. I start a ADN program this fall and I am hoping I get along with everyone. On the other hand, I have to remind myself that I am not going to nursing school to make friends! I am going to learn how to be a nurse and I need to worry about myself not what I think about my fellow classmates.
  13. jesskidding

    Mouth to mouth without barrier?

    I have been asking myself the same question. I have decided to buy a barrier to carry around with me just in case I am ever in this situation. Personally, I wouldn't want to do CPR on anyone without a barrier. You just never know. You have to protect yourself as well.
  14. jesskidding

    Acne and working with patients

    Before getting into nursing I worked for Clinique. They have a great line of acne products that you might like. They even have foundation to go with their acne line. I would suggest visiting your local Clinique counter and have a consultation. I had terrible skin in high school, but after starting a regular Clinique skin routine my skin has been beautiful!That was 7 years ago. The 3-step is great. There is a special 3-step for acne as well. I hope this helps! By the way, my self esteem was pretty much non-existant when my skin was bad. Now, I get compliments on it! I know exactly how you feel and it's not a good feeling. :)
  15. jesskidding

    CNA Job - Should I take it?

    Hi! I have been offered a job with Bayada Nurses as a Home Health Aide. I was looking for part time CNA work when I applied for the job. I am waiting to start an ADN program this fall and wanted something to do this summer. The thing is they only pay $8.00/hour and $9.50/hour for VA patients. My question is should I take the job for the experience or spend my summer relaxing before starting nursing school with my husband and two children? By the way, I have finished all pre-reqs and gen-ed classes for the ADN program already so there are no classes left for me to take this summer. Well, I may have answered my own question after typing this....but I would appreciate any advice! Thanks!