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And I am really enjoying having my life back. :)... Read More

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    Quote from txspadequeenrn
    congrats....i finished mine this last week and boy and i am glad to be done as well....
    congrats to you as well!
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    [font="palatino linotype"]congratulations, sue!

    :heartbeat :redpinkhe :heartbeat :redpinkhe
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    Quote from caliotter3
    Further educational plans Sue?
    No. I am 57 and tired and want the remaining years I have to myseld.

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    Happy DAY! That is wonderful! Congrats to you on your hard work and success!
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    Congratulations Sue
    You are an inspiration to all.
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    Congratulations Sue!!!

    Now you can work on... IDK, something else, like having fun when you are off work!!! BTW sorry late on the congrats, but you don't hangout where I usually hang out anymore!