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I am a CNA in a continuing care facility. We have both long-term and rehab residents. Recently, one of our long term residents had a nasty roll off her bed from near-chest height while with another aide...a second aide had been... Read More

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    Judging from what you stated in your post and how you feel about it, I would report it. I can see where she could have been missed for three hours, but knowing how things usually go down in LTC, it is most likely deliberate on the part of the CNA(s) who were responsible for her. The attitude of the ADON is also typical and disappointing. Yes, you should report it, but be aware there will probably be negative repercussions. Not like they can't figure out who would be doing the reporting.

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    As everyone already stated...that is neglect.

    I'm surprised that the family wanted the resident to come back to the facilty after that fall. I'm surprised that the facility didn't make this resident more of a VIP type of resident too.

    We have a few CNAs that some res/ families refuse. If that is the case, they normally remind the nurse that makes the assignments or the other CNAs that they can't take care of so and so and that person is traded for someone else.

    If you feel like the ADON is brushing you off, go up the chain of command. It might be that the DON or ADM don't know. What the hospice nurse...let them know too.
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    The family definitely would have a case if you documented everything.
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    Being short handed is no excuse, anyone with common sense would know that the objective for that particular shift would focus on basic care (feeding, hydration, clean and dry and repositioned at LEAST every 2 hours). If you have followed your chain of command and they all want to turn a blind eye to the situation then I would report this to the state. Obviously there needs to be some outside intervention if the people who were hired to ensure that the resident's are properly cared for are failing to do so. Not reporting it makes you just as guilty as the staff who failed to care for this poor resident...if you aren't part of the solution then you are part of the problem. In addition to reporting this I would also be looking for a new job and wash my hands of that facility asap!

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