How much training did you get?

  1. I just started working at a LTC facility. I have two floors with 40 residents. I worked one night 5-10 following a nurse, then I started the 6-2 shift for the weekend. I followed the nurse yesterday and got familiar with the residents and the med. pass. Today she threw me in on my own???? Is that it??? Am I supposed to know what I'm doing?

    So how much training did you recieve?
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  3. by   NursieNurseLPN
    I got 2weeks (14 shifts) of orientation just a couple months ago. I was very lucky. But to be honest, i didnt need that much. Dont get me wrong, im very grateful for my opportunity to really learn without all the pressure just on me, but my first time on my own, was my first time doing the whole med pass and all paperwork, etc. I wish they had put me on the floor all alone for at least a shift or two. But after two weeks, i definately knew all the basics. While i have alot to learn, i think they are things im gonna have to learn the hard way, while by myself. Certain things and situations cannot be taught in orientation. You wont learn until your the nurse doing it. Orientation usually consists of introducing the new nurse to the facility, the residents, and explaining how that particular facility runs (paperwork, supervisors, etc). I know its extrememly overwhelming & i cant imagine being in your shoes, but try to think of it like this- youve gotta learn sometime & at least you are learning while they know your newer and you can go to othersfor help. If you make a mistake (and you will) hopefully theyll understand more. Try to make yourself a brain sheet ( i use my different floors census/report sheet) and make a "master" sheet with all the most important info for each floor and patient on it: how they take meds- crush/whole/apple sauce/water/juice, who is diabetic and what times do they get there blood sugars and insulin, who takes thick it, who regularly uses prns or pain meds, who falls more, etc. Organization will help you go along way. Good luck and congratulations on your job! You WILL get better. Pm me if you ever want to talk. And sorry i wrote a book. 😊
  4. by   itsa307
    I was told that I would receive 6 days orientation, however I got 4 days and then I was put on my own. I am a new graduate and it was completely overwhelming to me but I got the hang of it. It's been 5 months and I still learn something new every shift because like the other poster said there's somethings that you can't learn till you experience them yourself. I also made a "brain sheet" like they did, and it has been key to a sucessful night. Good luck!
  5. by   chrisrn24
    I got a month and a half, but it was more part time training so probably the equivalent of a month.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    As a new grad I received one 8-hour shift before being cut loose to work by myself. I've worked at several LTC facilities and have never received more than three days of orientation.
  7. by   CT Pixie
    As a new grad, I received 6 weeks (M-F) total. The first 4 weeks were on the day shift, the last 2 weeks were on the shift I was hired for.
  8. by   ufo8micats
    As a new grad I was told that I would get 10 days training. On the 4th day a nurse called off and I was thrown to the wolves. And yeah, I mean thrown to the wolves. No med count, no report, or orientation to the psyche unit. I just got keys tossed to me by the super and was told to report. I had a patient die 2 hours into my very first shift. If I had received report I may have been able to watch this Patient. As it was I walked into his room and he was dead, and I'm not sure for how long before I got there.
  9. by   Anne36
    I had about 5 weeks of orientation as a new Grad. I still have lots of questions and dont feel totally confident yet. Ive been on my own for about 3 months part time.
  10. by   LTCNS
    Like The Commuter, I got one 8 hour shift as a new grad. 17 years ago. I was terrified and in tears but I did it and stayed with that LTC home for a year. I was on night shift and after I got my routine down I was able to pass all meds., do treatments, chart, do 15 accucheks and at least 10 peg-tube feedings in less than 8 hours on a skilled Medicare Unit.

    Now I work in a clinic and actually miss LTC. I was a MDS Nurse for 14 years and worked the floor when I needed a break from the office routine and corporate politics.
  11. by   Fedide
    10 days. I think it was two shifts on days (to get to know the residents better), one with the med aide, then the remaining shifts on nights (the shift I was assigned to work).
  12. by   JZ_RN
    1 night with a nurse who didn't know the patients, never worked that floor, didn't hardly speak English, worked quickly and without regard for doing things properly, and who was mean. Then, thrown to the wolves.
  13. by   kmarie724
    When I started as a new grad, I trained on all 3 shifts. I trained 5 shifts on each shift (nocs/days/eves) plus worked two shifts with the evening supervisor to learn how to do an admission. Looks like I am in the minority getting that much orientation.
  14. by   NurseCard
    At my current facility I got five 8 hour shifts, I believe, but on the fourth day I
    more of less got "thrown to the wolves".

    At the LTC I worked prior to that, I seem to remember getting about five 12
    hour shifts and that was it.

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