Hostile Family Members!

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    Has Anyone Ever Had To Call The Police On A Hostile Family Member In Their Facility!

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    No, but someone actually had to call the police on a DON, in one facility I worked, she was diverting.
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    No, not at any facility where I have ever worked.

    But you know what they say: "There's always a first time. . ."
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    Yes, administrator had to call police on resident's significant other.
    Not R P.
    overheard making elopement plans after stopping to clean out res bank account.
    Like " honey, lets go get married after we stop at the bank."
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    Quote from tonicabd
    Has Anyone Ever Had To Call The Police On A Hostile Family Member In Their Facility!

    OK, so why do you ask? There's got to be a good story to this! Do tell.
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    one time i had a patient dying and he was on hospice. he had children from a previous marriage but had been remarried for about 20 years. this blended family did not blend well together. all the children were grown and were half were fighting over the estate and the other half were fighting over either letting him die or keeping him alive. i walked in the room to see two male sons choking each other over the patients dying body. there was at least 15 people in the room and about that many outside the room ..all of them were about to have a go. i had to call ft worth pd to come take the majority of them to jail and escort the rest of them off the premises. this man ended up dying with no family present ..cause they all were in jail. i have more stories but that is probably the worst case scenario for me...

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    Yes once, very drunk and threatening staff. I was supervisor at the time. Spouse of a patient, 3 hours of overtime for all of the paperwork involved. I called the administrator and the DON of course and they agreed on my actions. We had one security person at the time on nights and he wasn't making any progress with this person.
    People can be so weird. My call was more on the end of this person driving obviously drunk. We couldn't talk them into staying and taking a nap in an empty room. That person was stopped by local police driving a couple hundred yards down the road.
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    I had to call in cops after a staff member got beaten up in car park (love triangle!) and various times when vandals have targetted homes I have worked in but never fpr residents family or staff - yet!
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    Long time ago we had to have a resident arrested and removed from the building for beating up two staff members. He was never allowed back and subsequently re-homed elsewhere.
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    Yes...more than once...for threatening my staff or coming in looking for money for drugs.

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