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Anyone who works around the demented elderly population can attest to the fact that they sometimes say the darndest things. Mr. Rider is a pseudonym for the slightly plump octogenarian nursing home resident who had some... Read More

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    I love this article!

    A little off-topic - but as a nursing student now - I'm taught to do reality orientation to people in temporary delirium. If someone has dementia, which is long-term, then I'm supposed to play into their reality, not mine. If that makes sense. I'm glad they're teaching us this now. O_o
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    i had a pt who has a routine of getting confused at 0300 in the am. 2 days ago he got an odd confusion moment after lunch. He kicked the 1st nurse out of room "dont u even get into my business. i dont give a damn about you!" when I went in the room, hes half body was in the bed, stiff, and said "I dont want to have a damn thing to do with you. you are not an angel of heart you are an angel of devil!" I smiled and asked "are you comfortable lying like this? Can I reposition you?" and of course did not help.

    An hour later I went in he already adjusted himself into the middle the bed and i woke him up he said "You are a terrific nurse. thank you so much. i am not even exaggerating a bit!"

    By the way, I do not give prn cuz i do not consider mood change presented by veral is same as agigtation/anxiety. The 1st nurse suggested me to give seroquel but i did not. Not only my assessment and my clinical judgement tells me not to but also i knew if i tried he was going to spit it out. Pt who lost independence are lost and frustrated, if they wanted to be left alone they should be.
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    Quote from Kay28
    My favorite was a man that told me "You have a short neck and should see a doctor about that"
    Thanks... snorted coffee on the monitor!
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    Quote from Me-erThanMe
    I love this article!

    A little off-topic - but as a nursing student now - I'm taught to do reality orientation to people in temporary delirium. If someone has dementia, which is long-term, then I'm supposed to play into their reality, not mine. If that makes sense. I'm glad they're teaching us this now. O_o
    When I was in school, decades ago, we were taught to re-orient EVERYONE regardless of whether the dementia was long-term or temporary delirium. I'm glad they're not teaching that anymore. It's kinder -- not to mention easier and more pleasant -- to 'play in their reality.'

    I'll never forget the little old lady who was convinced that Martians were in her room and were staring at her so she couldn't get to sleep. I tried and tried to orient her -- with predictably little success. The "old" LPN I was working with that night -- probably younger then than I am now -- went into the room, mimed picking up a little green man and shoving him into the closet, and then said "Now you can go to sleep." It worked!
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    When I was a new tech and just barely in nursing school, I was sitting for a very confused elderly lady who was having a full blown conversation with someone in the closet. Completely oblivious to my presence, she continued this pleasant chat until a few minutes in, she asked, eyes wide and hopeful, "Would you like to see my 'shnozzle'?"
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    My grandmother had severe dementia prior to passing away, but she ALWAYS laughed about everything. Last week I had a patient that reminded me so much of her. She presented to the ED after a syncopal episode. She was not thrilled about my using a foley to obtain a urine sample, and did not hesitate to let me know about how she felt about me doing that. After I got her urine, I left her room for about 2 minutes and then immediately returned, and I was afraid she might still be upset with me. The moment I walked into her room her face lit up with a great big smile and this is how the conversation went:
    Patient: "There you are! I've been thinking about you!"
    Me: "Oh, really! Why's that?"
    Patient: "Because my oven's broken!"
    Me: "Well, we can't have that, now can we? We'll just have to get it fixed!"

    She then lamented again on how terribly she wanted a cup of coffee. It's not often I have the time to sit at a patient's stretcher and help them drink a cup of coffee, but that day I did. She drank 2 cups of coffee and I enjoyed every minute! I think I liked it better than she did. It's moments like that that make me love nursing! I'm quite certain that those 2 cups of coffee did her more good than the Rocephin she got for her UTI...the oven we are still working on!
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    Had one once that insisted I should "stay in the room with her all night" and that she would never tell my mother.

    I was so thankful the nurse was in the room with me, along with the patients daughter. It took all three of us to distract her enough to let go of my hand.
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    I had a lady in the throes of the DTs yelling and screaming about who knows what, and not responding to any quiet words, tocuh, or anything else. The rest of the ICu was getting a little edgy about it. So I said to her, sotto voce, "Barbara, you have to be quiet, you'll wake the baby." And she looked me right in the eye and said, calmly, "There's no baby here, I'm in the hospital," and went right back to screaming about who knows what.
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    I had a guy once who was dead set he was the king of some country. He kept ripping his tele box off until I told him it was the medal his queen gave him for conquering the heathens. He then had to show it off to everyone that came in he room proclaiming he was a great king.

    Also had another person refuse to go to bed because then us nurses would just have a "screw party"

    Sometimes it is just better and more fun to play into the peoples world.
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    My friend told me a story about these 3 patients at physch ward who had delusion of grandeur they all believe that they were God they would would often debate who is God. One day they came into agreement they decided the other was The Father the other was The Son and the other was The Holy Spirit.. Oh gosh I couldn't stop laughing..
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