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  1. Jack245

    Tired of kids coming to the nurse...

    When I was in grade school, I used to do the same thing. I was always going to the office with random issues like that...because the office was the only place where I wasn't being bullied and beat up on. Now I know that isn't the case with every kid, but just some food for thought.
  2. If he was a coworker that's terribly offensive. I'd even go so far to say it might be against regulations. Everyone's entitled to their opinion on faith, but to hand you a bible and make a statement like that crosses a line in my book.
  3. Jack245

    Any male nurses working in OB?

    Thanks for responding! I just really enjoyed my clinical rotation there, and may pick a second up my last term for an elective.
  4. I shudder every time I hear that quote. "it's all natural so it must be good for you" to which I respond, so is snakebite venom. Doesn't mean I want it in me.
  5. Jack245

    I am reading my syllabus correctly???!!!??? Foley Cath's

    I do not believe you would practice foleys on classmates. I'm pretty sure you'll use mannequins or other instruments. Foleys are a bit of a cauti risk I doubt the school would have you inserting them willy nilly on classmates.
  6. Jack245

    Last Free Weekend

    I spent it chilling with my gaming computer and just put it in the closet. Classes start in the morning. I'm ready to rock this term and keep my 3.0 going. *fingers crossed*
  7. Jack245

    Hospital Beep Syndrome

    I get that quite often as well. To the point that I tell friends and family if they need to get ahold of me after a shift, send an email, my cell phone goes off until the next morning.
  8. Jack245

    NEW CNA: Running behind on workload! Feel awful!

    I didn't have that, but worked with those that did. Thing is, being a CNA is a team effort. No one can do it all on their own.
  9. Jack245

    NEW CNA: Running behind on workload! Feel awful!

    Clipboard. It will be your best friend. Get one and make out lists of your patients each shift. Turn it into a table of what you need to do and check things off as you do them. At least it worked well for me.
  10. Jack245

    Funny & Cute Things Our Demented Patients Say

    Had one once that insisted I should "stay in the room with her all night" and that she would never tell my mother. I was so thankful the nurse was in the room with me, along with the patients daughter. It took all three of us to distract her enough to let go of my hand.
  11. Jack245

    New to nursing field - got fired after 2 months

    This is exactly it. In an ideal world, every new grad would get an additional 6 months to a year working along side an experienced nurse and learn the ropes. And it's just the way the system is built. School teaches the theory and how to pass boards. Experience comes in the field working with patients after you pass boards.
  12. Volunteering helps too. You network with the employees and managers and some places even offer scholarship opportunities for volunteers pursuing degrees in nursing.
  13. Jack245

    Hobbies that keep your soul alive?

    Basketball The occasional video game with friends (currently live isolated from all of them by a 2 hour drive) Running And I try to take mini vacations between terms.
  14. Jack245

    Any male nurses working in OB?

    So I just finished my semester of labor and delivery and was wondering how many men there are that work on OB units? I rather enjoyed my rotation there and am considering it when I graduate. Is that totally unheard of?
  15. Jack245

    "Negative dilute" drug test?

    I tell prospective employers, the best bet for a non-dilute urine sample for me is in the morning, because I have a hx of multiple kidney stones so I drink lots of water throughout the day. It's never been a problem.
  16. Jack245

    Is an iPad beneficial?

    Rumors have it that they will be releasing an iPad mini sometime around September...that will probably be cheaper.