Computarized Med Pass in a LTC facility????????

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    I work in a Dementia Unit in LTC facility. My facility is changing pharmacy services. We are going to get computers in the med cart. Please share your experience how you feel passing meds with a computarized MAR in a LTC facility. Pharmacy's name start with a M. Thanks in advance.
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    It is a pain. I started working in a LTC facility last week. And they have recently upgraded to using computers not just for their MAR but for everything. I dont claim that I know a lot. But I also recently worked in a hospital where we did things the traditional way. Comparing it to the computerized LTC facility, all I can say is that it makes things so much harder time consuming. All the nurses in the LTC are also complaining about it. So I am sure its not just me. Just imagine having like 30 patients. And you need to click click click every single medicine. After clicking the meds, you will come up with a drop down window for more options like route, etc etc. When u click it comes more options like comment blah blah. And OMG its even worse if the resident refuses the meds. You need to click 23570234570234 times for EACH medication. Sigh
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    Administering meds with a scanner is RIDICULOUSLY time consuming. I cannot see how it can be accomplished in a LTC setting.
    Another example of administration in the ivory tower without a clue .
    I would start looking for another job.
    This is NOT do-able.
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    Quote from Been there,done that
    This is NOT do-able.
    Not entirely true. EVERYTHING is doable. It just depends on your risk/comfort-level.

    In the LTC, that is BS.
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    You may think it is crazy or stupid, but it is going to be that way soon for all places, the government is going to require all facilities to go to an EMR and that includes med pass oin LTC.
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    I work at a facility with computerized everything..MAR, TAR, orders..the whole shebang.

    I personally LOVE it!

    We don't scan anything..we have a laptop attached to the med cart. But still the same ol' med cart..pull the drawer open, pull your med, pop the pill..

    Our "clicks" are limited to only one box for each med (you click the box, your initials fill the box). We don't have to click off route, or anything else. However, when putting an order in, its the med, the route, time, etc. I dont see how point and click for each box is any more time consuming that writing your initials in each box of each med given.

    Reduces wrong time med errors. With the old paper MAR's its very easy to give a med at the wrong time, with the computer, you click what med pass you want (3-430p, 4-6, etc) it then brings up only the meds that have been entered for that specific time frame.

    i started my nursing in this facility and have only used computerized MAR's, I did do my clinical med passes in facilities with paper MAR's and HATED it. i personally would DREAD going to a facility that was paper MAR's etc..ughhh. If our computers went down, we do have paper MAR's..I had to use those on a few occasions..and holy took me forever to do the med pass. Trying to look through all the meds..looking for my particular time frame...I wanted to hang myself by the end of the shift.

    I can see how a LTC nurse who's used to paper MAR's having a hard time adjusting to the computerized ones..but once they get use to it I'd think they would be just fine.
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    A computerized med cart doesn't sound like much progress. Carrying an i pad instead of pushing a med cart where all the meds are kept in a locked cabinet in the residents' rooms is how the nicer facilities in my area handle it.
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    I guess it depends on what system they buy into. If it is as advanced and detailed I'd feel screwed too. Sheesh for 30 patients? and if you're in a SNF too with all the scanning of flushes, etc. I hope they are considering all that when they plan what to buy.
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    Yeah, well.....the first time I used a computerized med-cart I finished the 9 AM med pass at 1 PM, and when someone asked me how it was going, I opened my mouth to answer, and instead, burst into tears! One of the problems was that the finger-print-recognition system would not recognize me; my fingerprints weren't pronounced enough, apparently, too much hands-on hard work earlier in my life. And then they gave me a number to punch in, but there was something about that which the computer didn't like either. When I had to go to the (computer-locked) med refrigrator,it didn't recognize me, either! In short, it was the most frustrating med-pass of my entire career.
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    Quote from Kyrshamarks
    You may think it is crazy or stupid, but it is going to be that way soon for all places, the government is going to require all facilities to go to an EMR and that includes med pass oin LTC.
    You are right. Kyrhamarks.
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