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  1. pretty70

    How negotiate your salary

    I just found out today that the co-worker that I am training is making more than $5.00 per hour than me. I have equal years of experience but I have work in more acute setting, I have higher education plus I speak another language. I save a lot to the facility because I do not use translator. I love my job and I have been working there for five years. What would you do in this case? You just let it go and pretend that you do not or you try to set up a meeting with HR? If the second option is chosen how the meeting should be address. Any ideas? I will appreciate. Thanks
  2. pretty70

    No shift differential

    When I worked in LTC, I got shift differential, double pay in holidays, weekend differential. I believe in my area all facilities offer those benefits.
  3. pretty70

    I'm a community nurse now!

    Hi Rizz congratulations! I am also new in a Community Health Center I just finish my 4th week orientation. have you been asked to get your own National Provider Identifier (NPI)?
  4. pretty70

    National Provider Identifier (NPI)

    Thank you Boston FNP.
  5. pretty70

    National Provider Identifier (NPI)

    I am working in a Community Health Center.
  6. pretty70

    National Provider Identifier (NPI)

    Hi : Here I am again. My employer told me that is mandatory to obtain this number and give it to them. My employer states this apply to all RN's in this Facility. I never heard about it. I do not know what to do.
  7. pretty70

    National Provider Identifier (NPI)

    Thank you for your responses very helpful.
  8. Hi, quick question: Is it mandatory that Nurses obtain a (NPI)? Thanks in advance.
  9. I did not know that a Hospice Patient can be full code. I would do the same you did.
  10. pretty70

    new grad/ltc

    At my facility new grads get 3 months orientation.
  11. pretty70

    MARS: electronic or paper?

    We have EMAR and ETAR.
  12. pretty70

    Transition from bedside to call center/triage?

    I also interviewed for a call center. I actually work in LTC and I ready to work in a different area in nursing. I would like to know how you doing in the call center. Do you like it? Please give me your opinion. Thanks.
  13. pretty70

    Speedy med pass

    Apparently we have the same program at my facility. We also have computerized MAR due meds are highlighted in green and past due comes up yellow. Also, we are not allowed to write names in stock meds only the opened date.
  14. pretty70

    New grad/New job

    New Grads at my facility get 3 months orientation.