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I'm a new LTC nurse, been there a whole two weeks. I have to admit, it was the last place I had expected, or hoped, to be. Everyone that knows me would say "you'd be a great ER nurse" or something... Read More

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    Quote from JBMmommy

    My only gripe is that I've had a number of people tell me I'll "grow out of it" when I answer lights and help people with bedpans, or stop and get snacks, and I understand that people can get burnt out. Rose colored glasses of a new nurse or not, I don't intend to grow out of it, it's part of my care as long as I'm able.
    There is a lot that I loved about LTC! thank you JB!
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    Quote from JBMmommy
    I'm a new LTC nurse, been there a whole two weeks. I have to admit, it was the last place I had expected, or hoped, to be. Everyone that knows me would say "you'd be a great ER nurse" or something else acute care related (my true love is cardiac). I'm a task-oriented person, without much 'touchy-feely' about me, so when people talked about the relationships with patients in LTC, it really made me nervous that I just wouldn't enjoy it at all. Life being what it is, this opportunity unexpectedly came up and I figured I at least owed it a shot and went in with as open a mind as I could (still had some big reservations about whether I'd fit). I have to say, I really like it. I'm constantly on the move, and med pass on 30 residents makes my 4 patient med pass nights in clinicals look like a cake walk. I'm learning to navigate two med passes, a treatment pass, charting and any number of things that will come up. I think that acute care and LTC are just completely different animals. Some of my classmates have apologized to me that I ended up in LTC, and I can see why they'd have that opinion. I don't want to debate which is "harder" or "better", I'm no less of a nurse caring for my 30 residents than my former classmates caring for their trauma patients in the ER. My treatments might be skin tears and not surgical wounds, my assessments are more focused and maybe not as life or death, but my residents are no less important than any of those people walking into a hospital. Most of my residents led productive lives at one point, and now their world has been reduced to one floor of a building, or for some- four walls of a room. They rely on the care provided by my excellent fellow-nurses, our wonderful CNAs, and myself, and I'll do my best to provide what I can. Just thought I'd post this in case there are any new grads, or soon-to-be-grads, or even students that think they'll "never even consider LTC", you might want to be open to what life sends your way, it could be the best move you make.

    My only gripe is that I've had a number of people tell me I'll "grow out of it" when I answer lights and help people with bedpans, or stop and get snacks, and I understand that people can get burnt out. Rose colored glasses of a new nurse or not, I don't intend to grow out of it, it's part of my care as long as I'm able.
    I hear you. I am a new Nurse, my first job is LTC... I was skeptical how am I gonna finish on time doing 30 patient? But yeah, I learn to navigate between medpass, treatment and charting that I can go home as scheduled. Some of my classmates would say "oh, i don't wanna end up in the nursing home..." but dear, why would I waste my time waiting for a hospital job? I am glad and thankful that I get this job right after passing my NCLEX... otherwise, how am I gonna sustain my tuition to get that BSN? And the experience I earn dealing with all kinds of people, and member of the healthcare team... By the way, these people in the LTC also needs competent nurses. One day I've probably end up to be a Cardiac Nurse, but am glad that I had this experience with the elderly.
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    You go JBMommy. You have a great attitude and I would be honored for you to be a co-worker of mine. Best of luck to you and LTC is great . It and psych are my true loves. One clinical area psychiatry helps with the LTC side.
    Keep on keeping on .
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    Thank you for taking care of our older generation.
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    I enjoy LTC. My residents, I love them to pieces. Their family members often leave something to be desired...but I just nod and smile.
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    I am that rare student nurse that wants to work in LTC. The reason I'm in school was to be a nurse in LTC. I loved your post. So nice to see the good side of it! Thank you for sharing
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    After two years searching and many rejections for lack of experience, I finally got a job in a LTC facility - start nights this Saturday. I hope that I will have a similar experience. Thanks for your encouraging post!
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    I started as a Charge Nurse LPN with 30 patients, 15 skilled rehab. 4 years later, I'm an RN Director of Nursing and I am so glad that you wrote this post. I am proud to be an LTC Nurse. It does take a special person to do it- what little time I do have spent walking the halway with a demented elderly patient, holding her hand and giving her just a minute of my time, is what nursing really is to me. I dont get a lot of patient interaction, but knowing that I can make the facility smooth, clean, and give good care coupled with those few moments mean the world.

    Do not listen to those that always say that you will lose your skills in LTC. You may not get or hone your ICU A-Line skills, but you will learn a plethora of other skills that are just as valuable. THANK YOU THANK YOU for your post, there is a place here for RN's, good ones. Welcome to the team!!!!
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    Congrats on finding a job you love. I have been "1/2 a nurse, not a real nurse, and a babysitter" for two years according to some of my acute care colleagues. I don't care. I love subacute rehab and long term care. My facility is attached to a hospital and the ED staff loves to put us in our place when we transfer patients to them for evaluation. I know what I do is real nursing, and I am very good at my job. True, I couldn't do what they do. But there is no way they could do what I do. Don't let anyone make you feel bad. There are amazing experiences in LTC. Good luck.
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    Thank you for sharing ... I'm also a new graduate RN but starting working for a subacute rehab facility before acceptance into nursing school and really grew to love the place over time . Unfortunately for me , after graduation in May with my BSN and passing my NCLEX in September I haven't been able to land ANY jobs in acute care or even the facility I worked for because of a very long hiring freeze. Just recently they announced theyre internally hiring RNs and I'm so excited to *hopefully* be hired! I believe any type of nursing specialty deserves respect and a certain type of person. Pay no mind to other people's opinions.
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    I loved your post! You stated exactly how I also feel. I too started as a new Grad in LTC. Although I always loved working with the eldely I felt as though I should be working in the hospital for "more experience, learn more skills...ect) However, I have learned so much this past year working in LTC. We are not just a "Nursing Home" We are admitting more and more skilled residents, rehabs patients from hosp, younger elderly rehab patients,ect.
    I have learned that LTC is more challenging and you really have to know your stuff. The Doctor may be a phone call a way, but I am the one doing the assessment and what I find and report to him is what he bases his orders on. I also had to learn to know what to suggest to him exactly what I wanted from him, so you have to know your stuff.
    I love getting to know "my residents" and thier families and making there day a better one. I believe these people derserve the best care and deserve a caring Nurse watching over them. There really is alot of opportunity in LTC, especially if you want to make a difference.

    Thanks for the positive post

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    Nurse Guy Bri,
    You seem to be on this site frequently. I would like to ask your opinion about taking the DON position. I am new to long term care and am going for my 3rd interview tomorrow for the DON position. I have no idea what kind of money to expect or to ask for. I have been an RN for over 20 years. Also I have to do a competency verification training test can you give me any ideas what that will be like. i anticipate about a 50 hour week. Oh, I should tell you it is a 60 bed facility. Aprox 20 of those are skilled rehab, the other are long term care. It is a large non-profit organization. There are 2 RCM's (resident care managers) one on each of the two units. Can you give me any advice as to things to say or ask at this 3rd interview. This one is the panel interview and the regional nurse consultant with be on a conference phone for the interview. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can give me.
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    Wow! Good for you! I am starting to consider LTC because I suffered so much in med surg d/ t high acuity!

    Can someone tell me a little bit more about LTC? Anything will help. Please excuse my ignorance!

    Is LTC a nursing home , or the pts come there for recovery and to gain strength and independence and they get discharged home?

    Is there a pharmacy in LTC? Can you page MDs like in the hospital?

    As a new grad , will LTC help me improve my skills and expand my knowledge?

    Will LTC help my critical thinking?

    Would it be a good place for a new grad to start ?

    Thank you <3

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