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    I just want to scream so bad right now.
    I am an ER nurse new to ltc. I took a prn job as a nursing facility. orientation was to be for 5 days..
    1st day of orientation..did med passes and all that needed to be done. They have two passes meds and one charts....No big deal...passing meds is not rocket science..i give meds in the ER. day two ..passing meds again with the same nurse orienting me...i had explained that i am comfortable with med passes...i need to know the documentation and the charting process, calling doctors and lab or whatever..ER charting and protocol and LTC charting. and protocol.two different worlds.. NO USEFUL PROTOCOL MANUAL.... The nurse who deals with charting.. ( heard by other staff members she is very territorial..hates people invading her space) she actually told me that in a way also..Not in a mean way...just said she has OCD, and likes things a certain way big deal.
    Day three comes...i decide that i want to know the charting routine..not med passes...the same nurse who has been orienting me to passing meds seemed kind of peeved that i want to "manage to help and learn "with the other lady who does all the charting, labs and calling doctors stuff.. three hours later..she states she feels she has a fever and her heart rate is elevated..i personally checked her pulse..84. She called the DON and states she needs to go home at 11am. She gave me the key to pass the meds..she literally didnt do anything..i didnt learn anything again..each time i try to ask about charting . She states " oh the unit manager does it,,youll be fine" she went home.

    I was at my regular job. The scheduling lady called stating the DON wants to cut my orientation to three days and let me be on her own. I told her.not possible..all i have been doing is passing meds.
    days luck..pass meds again...
    yesterday was day five..last day..3-11 shift..another nurse ..explained to her today is my last day. Seemed helpful and nice..started to help me with paper work..40 munites later...did a couple of finger sticks..5pm meds and 6 pm meds not done yet.. around 7.30 pm.she states she has to go pick up her daughter..i said ill help pass the meds...she left. Couldnt find med key...she mistakenly took it with her.she didnt leave a cell phone..nobody had the keys..she didnt get back till 10 bells had been ringing since insulin done..majority of these patients are alert and oriented..guess who had to pass the meds and apologize for "me being late to give meds"...ME.

    11pm still passing meds..nurses leaving patting me on the back stating. " You are still passing meds???:angryfireOh..eventually you'll be able to do it quicker..u are still learning" what did my preceptor do..sit behind the desk..chart a little bit and eat her food..i didnt have a break..i left there 12.10 pm..

    Still dont know a lick of charting..last day of orientation..I am about to call the DON and tell her..if i dont get at least two days of orientation to focus on the documantation...I QUIT!!:angryfire i have so many other options.
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    If the staff nurses are allowed to do this do you really want to put your licence at risk? Where there is smoke there is fire!!!
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    Apparently they didn't hear you the five times you told them you wanted to learn charting. If they can't hear you now, they may never. Either sit down 1:1 with DON and explain the situation or give your 2 weeks notice.
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    As someone who has worked in LTC for five years, let me say that I am sorry that you have been treated like this. You do need orientation to the paperwork as it is all different from what you do at the hospital. Go to the DON et tell her that you have not had adequate training et review of the paperwork/charting. It is much better to do it this way than to learn by not doing it right. It sounds like the nurse orienting you did not like passing meds et saw you as a way to get out of it.:angryfire I know some who are like that, too. Good luck! Let us know what happens.
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    I'd bail. You have worked too hard to build a career to let some incompetent schmuck put your license at risk.
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    I called the DON's office.. she is off today...:angryfire
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    what a crock.. i'd tell them bye bye....
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    she's off on a tuesday????? what it sounds like to me is that they were just glad to have you there to do the med pass so they would not have too...i agree, ask for more orientation time focusing on the charting if thats what you need... if she says no then tell her to pull you off the schedule that this is not working out and i bet she will find some time for you to get more orientation. you'll get run over if you don't stand up and let your opinion be known....:spin:

    Quote from lizziej
    i called the don's office.. she is off today...:angryfire
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    If they don't want to take the time to explain these things to you during your training. Do not expect things to change when you get out on your own. I had a similar experience with my training in LTC and it just got worse as time went on. I still don't know how to do things I should have been taught when I oriented, mostly paperwork. I agree with you when you said you would quite if they won't give you additional training. If I was an RN and had other options I would quite today!! I hope you have some luck talking to the DON.
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    She went to a DON meeting or soething..i guess ill have to wait till tommorrow....

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