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Ortho/Neuro...now, Oncology Research
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Idon'tcodgerdodge specializes in Ortho/Neuro...now, Oncology Research.

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  1. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Anyone work in outpatient oncology??

    I am a new oncology research nurse, about 4 months now. I enroll patients on clinical trials through the NCI (National Cancer Institute). I work next door to an oncology office of 12 doctors. It is an office/chemo unit. The nurses there seem to really love what they do. They are chemo certified, but most of them don't have their OCN yet. It's like a family back there. I'm sure it's a very rewarding job. Is that what you mean? Administering chemotherapy?
  2. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Don't want to work in a hospital- what to do??

    I was lucky enough to score a job in oncology research. My title is Oncology Research Coordinator. I work in an office next door to a doctors office comprised of 12 oncologists. We enroll their patients on our research studies. I love the fact that I still get some patient contact, but only when they have an appointment with the doctor. Other than that, I'm in my office doing paperwork, making phone calls, etc. I absolutely love it!! I didn't really know that was an option for RNs, but it is and I make more money now than I did as a med-surg nurse. Not to mention working 7-330, no weekends, no holidays..
  3. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Your Gettin a Patient - The Doors Open and In Rolls Your Pt.

    At my old place, they started a new policy that ED had to call once to give us report and if we couldn't come to the phone then they could just go ahead and send the patient!! Hello? Are you serious? If I don't even have time to come to the phone, then how am I supposed to be able to admit a patient?? One time, and only time, I had a patient roll down the hall whom I hadn't gotten report, with a chest tube hanging down with a rubber glove tied around the end...don't freak out, it had some sort of special port on the end. But still, I had no idea what to do and I felt stupid in front of the poor family. Notice I said, my old place, I got outta there fast!
  4. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    No Wonder We Have Sooo Much Shortage Of Nurses

    I'm with you on that..I used to work on an Orthopedic/neurology floor. We're the floor who needs the most technical help...yet, for some reason we were the first floor to lose our techs to the float pool.
  5. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Zoladex injection

    I had to give a Zoladex injection!! It was the most awful thing I've ever had to do to someone! Anyone given one? It's like shoving a nail in someone's skin. And the package sayss to give it in the stomach! Are they crazy?
  6. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Like Water Off a Duck's Back.........

    I'll never forget the time I was writing an order in a chart and literally got shoved out of the way by the big dog cardiothoracic surgeon!! He didn't so much as say excuse me or I'm sorry..all I could do was stand there smiling wondering how you can have so little respect for another human being.
  7. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Now I feel bad... What would you have done??

    Poor guy..they should've obtained the CT down in ED to rule out..and if he had already perforated, you'd think the MD wouldn't have heard bowel sounds, he'd be stiff as a board, and in excruciating pain. But I guess that's in a perfect world.
  8. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Now I feel bad... What would you have done??

    I've got a question...if they admitted this guy with a possible obstruction, why on earth would they order the CT with oral contrast?? That doesn't make much sense, "we think he might be obstructed, and he's NPO, but lets go ahead and make him drink some contrast"...? Can someone explain that??
  9. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Anxiety before work

    I used to feel that way when I started working on a very busy med/surg unit for about the first 4 months, then it got a lot better, as I felt more comfortable. I worked there for about a year and a half. Then a research nurse position basically fell into my lap (friend of a friend kind of thing) and I LOVE it!! I make more money with less stress..and I look forward to going into work now. I only see my research patient when they have an appt with the oncologist next door to give them their med, schedule tests, etc. Other than that, I'm in the office at my desk. It's so peaceful. I really enjoy the fact that these clinical trials are working towards curing cancer. So anyways, I would definitely recommend research if you don't want to work by the bedside, but still want to work with patients.
  10. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Spin off of dating patients. RN's dating docs?

    I agree with the above post..that is pretty funny that stuff like that matters...a lexus, jag, or rolls?? come on..... I would say why not? ask him out...but be cautious, as with any man!
  11. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Why my patient quit nursing...

    I worked on a med/surg floor right out of school for about a year and a half. I liked it, but definitely didn't LOVE it, not having enough techs (these were ortho and neuro) was really hard. I felt as if I'd sprout gray hairs any day now (im only 22!). Through a friend, I met a manager of a cancer institute and she offered me a position in oncology research. I love it so far. I still have some patient interaction, but mostly office work. Maybe that's one alternative to floor nursing you'd be interested in....good luck!
  12. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    I'm fierce, strong, & wonderful, no not really!

    I'm a firm believer in having the **** scared out of you to learn a valuable lesson. That doctor is probably smart enough to know that you were just nervous and not totally incompetent. He knew that by making you aware of what you need to work on, he's making you a better nurse. No one expects you to be perfect, it takes time and experience. I probably would have been a babbling idiot. I sweat bullets during an adult code, can't imagine an neonate!
  13. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Angry ER RN new n LTC

    2 weeks my a**! They haven't given you the courtesy to teach your job correctly, they wouldn't get 2 weeks from me!! This place sounds unorganized and dangerous...RUN...FAST!
  14. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    GN starting rate?

    In Jacksonville, FL, GN's start around 19.25/hr
  15. Idon'tcodgerdodge


    I have the same problem at my work and I'm getting really fed up.. I am a fairly new nurse and only 22 years old. The techs I work with have four of my patients and four of another nurses patients, but I usually have 6 patients, so I'm taking two by myself. Anyways, the techs are older than me and have been doing this a long time, so they give off the impression that what they say goes. I've been less tolerant lately. I'll ask him/her to please get an isolation cart for a patient and 3 hours later, it's still not done. That's rediculous! Actually, at the end of the shift, she was sitting at the nurses station when I asked her again about the isolation cart, she responded with "the next shift can get it". LOL How lazy! I think they think I stand around all day and only pass meds, but they don't realize how much nurses are responsible for. Another thing that bothers me...I get a page that my post op is in the room..and so does my tech. But undoubtedly, the tech never shows up to help get them settled and start their vitals. So I wind up doing everything and their excuse, "I was busy and couldn't get there". :angryfire (Do they think I wasn't?? But I dropped what I was doing to get there)
  16. Idon'tcodgerdodge

    Anxiety Prob/3 months into job

    On my drive home, I usually quickly run through each patient and try to remember if there was anything I forgot to do or report to the next nurse. Sometimes there is and I make a quick phone call. There have been times when I have just closed my eyes for the night and they fly open as I remember something important..that's why I keep my phone at my bedside!