You can RETURN your student debt!

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    OK, maybe you can't but we can wish right? How do you handle your nursing school debt? Have you started paying down on it? Are you waiting until you finish school? What are your plans? If you could return your school debt how much will you return?

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    Halfway done and I've spent about $13,000 so far. We've been able to use my savings to pay for it, but definitely will run out before I'm done. I'm hoping to get an academic scholarship to cover the last semester! Fingers crossed
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    I completed an LPN-to-RN (ASN) completion program in 2010 with approximately $12,700 in federal student loan debt. By paying extra each month, I paid off the entire balance in October 2013, so I knocked out this debt in exactly 3 years.
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    Good for you guys. I am happy you're all getting through with it.
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    Currently in my fourth semester and have enough money saved up for fifth semester and my study abroad trip. I don't have any student loans, and I hope to graduate debt-free.
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    The hospital system my school is affiliated with offers an 80/20 plan. I pay 20% every semester (I don't use loans). As long as I work for them full-time for 2 years after I graduate, I won't owe anything.
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    Mine triples in December. Yes, 3x per month what it is now. I wouldn't mind a bit--if I could find a job in my field. But as an Occ Health RN--since manufacturing is largely dead, I am worried.
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    I'm working fifty hours a week and going to public college (rather than private/for-profit) to fund my education and graduate debt-free. I've decided to save the soul-crushing loans for grad school, and oh, how soul-crushing those 800 dollar per credit hour years will be.
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    My husband makes enough money to support us, so when I start working my pay will go directly to pay off both our loans. If we stick to our plans all debt should be paid off in 4 years (students loans, credit cards, car).
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    What I find most amazing is that (I'm old) I've been to college 4 times. The first times, in the '70's I could earn enough during the summer to pay for the entire following years cost. The second time, (early '80's) tuition and costs had increased so that I had to take out small loans. (Now done with). Then in the late '90's prices had risen so much that large loans were the only way.

    Imagine--working enough in summer to pay for all tuition and fees for the entire upcoming years.

    Education is like pharmaceuticals. One now pays as a "co-pay" more than the entire prescription would have cost.
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