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Hello, I am a 2nd yr nursing student, I graduate in May. I had an OR observation yesterday and was able to watch an endo lap chole. I may add that I was very excited as my goal is to become an OR nurse. When the gallbladder... Read More

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    Please keep us posted on your meeting or Monday. I really hope they give you another chance.
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    On another note guys, Do you think this ever happens to residents/med students? (who, by the way, seem to be allowed to use smart phones constantly do to there convenience).
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    I am so sorry, I did not read your response yet when I worte the above comment, and did not mean to seem insensitive. I hope things do work out for you, best of luck!
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    Did you talk to your school about ways you can be accountable? I know you've learned your lesson, but if you offer to find ways to make this a learning experience for other students, that might help. I know for nurses, not just students, accepting responsibility for mistakes and misjudgments is an important part of the learning process.

    Perhaps you could offer to write up your experience (without ANY identifying info--it will of necessity need to be fairly vague) for the nursing school newsletter, sharing what you've learned or offer to speak to classes of nursing students about the ramifications of not obeying the rules.

    The biggest apology letter ever to the hospital outlining your learning experience from this event and accepting full responsibility, noting that you broke the school rule about cell phones would help. It is hard for hospitals to place the never ending stream of students, acknowledge that and let them know that their efforts are appreciated and that you regret placing future student placement in jeopardy.

    I can tell you did not intend to cause harm and this is a hard lesson to learn! It also probably won't be the last time you make an error, but those who learn from mistakes tend to make fewer ones in the future .

    Good luck!! I wish you well.
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    I pray this all works out for you!
    We are human, we make mistakes...
    God Bless You during this time.
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    This is upsetting, I hope your school de-colon-ifies their heads. Any conversation about common sense should include your schools lack of it for failing to make it clear to you that this unacceptable before the fact. So many of these posts are scolding you for lack of judgement, but I don't think this is such a 2 dimensional problem.

    As a military leader, I really hope that your faculty is getting their butts handed to them for creating a lax atmosphere surrounding the use of electronics in a HIPAA environment. I really hope they are getting their butts handed to them for failing to make it unquestionably clear that this is unsat, and realizing that students may "forget" and as leaders they may need to " course correct" and remind students not to use electronics. Should they only have to tell you once? Whatever. They should know that they are responsible for your actions still at this point in your training. It sounds like it was buried in your handbook and not emphasized or made clear enough. Are you responsible to read everything presented to you? of course! But they still have to guide you.

    I hope that your faculty is getting their butts handed to them for allowing what seems to be an enthusiastic student fall by the wayside. I hope that the gravity of their decision on your life is clear to them.

    They have a clear opportunity to put you on the right path and teach you a lesson that you won't forget, and meanwhile create a quality nurse in the process. Leadership failures that are allowed to cascade down to follower-ship are the worst kind because they are self perpetuating and easily covered up.

    Just my two cents, I hope that your appeal is successful. If not I hope that my response helps you get through the Anger stage of the five stages of grief, it certainly reflects the outrage I feel at your situation.

    A big part of me thinks that cooler heads will prevail for you and your appeal will go through on Monday. Good luck and let us know.
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    I think people nowadays always have knee-jerk reactions to want to pull out their smartphones to take pictures about everything. It's become quite ridiculous.

    In a professional environment that values privacy, taking that picture is nothing less than gross negligence. Think of it from the patient's viewpoint, if I were that patient and I find out that some creep I don't even know took a picture of my internal organ, you bet I'd be mad and complain to the doctors/nurses in charge.
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    I'm so sorry, we are human, but sometimes they expect nurses/students to be perfect.
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    Sending good wishes your way! I hope the Monday meeting goes well. I just said a quick prayer for you! Let us know what happened
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    I'm sorry, but it's very unprofessional to have your cell phone out during any clinical experience. I'd say you should be reprimanded for it. In my program, I would have been in huge trouble for that.

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