Why do you want to be a nurse?

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    If you are one of those people who replies with, "I want to help people.", you are in trouble. You need to come up with a better answer. Tell us why you want to be a nurse? If you can convince us you can convince anyone.

    Take this opportunity to practice ... to fine-tune your answer ... don't be afraid as we are all learning.

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    I want to be a nurse because I am fascinated by the science aspect of it. I love the medical field and learning about it. I have been researching stuff all my life. That's why I am going into nursing.
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    I think as challenging as the nursing career is, the only people who really push themselves into this field is if they really care about that patient interaction. That's why I want to be a nurse.
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    I just feel that my own skill set will help in nursing. I love my patients, and I love what I learn. I wish I would've been introduced to this 10 years ago when I was in college (on a scholarship, no less) and majored in English. This is what I wanted all along.
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    17 days until graduation!!!

    My first ideals of becoming a nurse mainly had to do with self-interests. I have a 6 year old boy who relies on me, and a beautiful fiancee who works her ass off supporting me (she's a manager at McDonalds), and I want to give them both a better life!

    However! Through out my 3 years at school, I've learned some things about myself. I've learned that money, while necessary, certainly isn't everything! I acquired a deep satisfaction when I started really getting into my clinicals. Teaching patients, they looked up to me as a source of knowledge, or a master of my craft (even though I was a mere student!) and that felt amazing. Sitting around and talking to my patients, i.e. one patient I had was post-op (inguinal hernia repair... which I got to see! Super cool...), well, I just sat around and talked to him (after my morning care). We talked about chess, music, poetry, and you could just tell that he was exhilarated that I was just sitting with him, and talking to him (he came from a nursing home), and I was enjoying myself! Self-less rewards, and what-not.

    It's just so amazing, effecting people's lives in ways that one could never imagine. The tears I've shed watching a family suffer the pain of loss (I spent 40 minutes doing chest compressions on a patient to no avail ). The laughs I've shared with patients, fellow students, and staff. Coming home feeling like today I was blessed to be alive and healthy, and I went through my day feeling satisfied because I knew that I made a difference, however large or small.

    It will not be easy, I have no legitimate experience (I'm not an R.N. yet!), but I know that this what I am here to do. Why do I want to be a nurse? Because I can't see myself doing anything else. Look out world, this (soon to be) R.N. is coming, to a hospital near you!
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    I want to be a nurse because it's awesome! In what other career can you have such an impact on people every day?! It suits my weirdly effervescent personality - I love interacting with patients and families, especially in relation to teaching and helping them help themselves. I also find the science aspect of it very interesting, but love that nursing specifically focuses on the strengths of the client, not just the nature of the medical problem they have. Plus, there's little possibility of becoming bored in this field; if you get sick of something or get burnt out, chances are that there is some fresh area that will re-invigorate you!
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    I love helping people and have been in some type of customer service field for the past 23 years. When I was 39 I had to have a cholecystectomy. I woke up to having the recovery room nurse very rudely yelling while walking around my bed. Cough, breathe deep, cough...I asked her what happened or why I had to have the surgery. I was told I had the three F's. Female, fat, and forty. I thought how rude I am not 40, I am 39. LOL. So I thought if this rude witch can be a nurse, so can I. At least I would be way nicer.

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    1.Prevention.... I don't believe in popping pills and getting cut open for every single thing. What are changes that you can suggest or do for a patient that will not only better them but myself as well.
    2.I think nurses are the face and voice of patients, I'm use to being the under dog and having to stand up for not only myself but for others, I accept any challenge with open arms.
    3. My BFF has sickle cell. Spent most of my college years making sure she was getting the best care when we had to wait for her family to get into town.
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    You're right, I don't think "just wanting to help people" or wearing scrubs is enough for someone to be a nurse. There is actually a girl I know who is going into nursing school and this is exactly what she told me...she does not seem like the type to be a nurse because of her sarcastic personality, but at the same time, I shouldn't judge. Maybe, and I hope, she'll turn out to be a fantastic nurse.

    I want to be a nurse primarily because I am interested in the health sciences. Being so knowledgeable about the human body and treating bodily ailments fascinates me so much. Of course I want to help people as well, but the technical aspects of being a nurse has always awed me. Whenever I go into a hospital I always have such a reverence and awe for them because of what they do. I thought that ever since I was little, and it's always been a dream of mine to be "just like them."

    I plan to be start my nursing journey after I graduate my senior year! Wish me luck, everyone!
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    I love this thread. @Levitas your response brought tears to my eyes. I'm right there with ya!
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