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  1. Skillz

    Delgado CSN Spring 2016

    Class is two days a week, and clinical is two days a week (6 hours or 1 twelve hour day). Weekend clinicals are available but they are very rare. We get to pick our sections, but it it's a free for all online registration that starts at a certain time on a certain day so everyone tries to get their picks but it doesn't always happen. Class is anywhere from 3-6hrs a day depending on the level you are in. But it's two days a week.
  2. Skillz

    Delgado CSN Spring 2016

    People work, but it's pretty difficult. What are you work schedules like? I wouldn't judge nursing school by the number of credit hours that are assigned to it. It's a lot more work outside of class as well. It's not impossible, but I didn't know anyone that works fulltime, only part time and they are stressed a lot. You can take A&PII in the fall and still apply but you won't get credit for it on your profile score. However, you will get points for your previous degree.
  3. I'm about to finish 3rd level. Going into the second level I had the option of taking classes to get ahead and I took pharm II in the summer. I had minimal stress in Level II. So for the first time in Level III, I had all three classes. I didn't have too hard of a time, but I felt like I could never get ahead. If I had had the option of taking something before hand I definitely would have done it. I suggest it. Take at least Pharm. But if I had the option to take both I would have done that too! Level III is harder. Some teams had a harder time than others. Get ahead if you can. It will also keep you sharp.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has done this program. I just have a question about scheduling. I heard that half is days (12 hr shifts) and half is nights, just curious if this was true. Also, if you have a day that you need off, is it possible to request off. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Skillz

    The HESI exam in New Orleans/Metairie

    OH and when taking the HESI I received my score after each section of the test.
  6. Skillz

    The HESI exam in New Orleans/Metairie

    I took the HESI at the Prometric site in Metarie. I was planning on attending LSU so I followed these steps. http://nursing.lsuhsc.edu/Docs/Louisiana%20State%20University%20HSC%20%28LSUHSC%29%20Prometric%20Exam_Eligibility%20Student%20Instructions.pdf I ended up going to Charity and just had my scores sent over. Hope that helps.
  7. Skillz

    LSU or charity uniform

    For class at charity we can wear Navy scrubs for the RN program. Or we can wear casual street clothes. For Clinical: White top with green trim & SON patch. (They will tell you which uniform places carry it) Any white pants of your choosing. Shoes should be regulation nursing shoes (clog) or white leather sneakers (must be all white).
  8. Skillz

    LSU Interim

    I'm in nursing school at charity. Last spring we did a rotation at ILH on 6E. Which is a step down trauma unit. I'm not sure if it's the same but it's probably similar. There was a new grad from Charity on our floor. It's her first job and she's doing well. It was busy, but not crazy. Lots of opportunities to learn and grow, I'm sure you'll do fine.
  9. Skillz

    LSU School of Nursing or Charity School of Nursing

    I'm about to start my second semester at Charity and I have nothing but positive things to say. I considered LSU Traditional Program and LSU's CARE program. I decided on Charity because of their reputation for preparing you for hitting the floor, and the ability to work while I earned my BSN. I want to continue on to do NP. I plan on doing LSU's RN-BSN program. Charity provides you with many resources for success. They are very focused on students. My clinical instructor was so awesome. She was really focused on making sure we had the fundamental skills down and then some. She would pull us in to see everything we could and do as much as possible. In my first semester (in addition to the basics) I was about to observe neurosurgery (for four hours lol), an autopsy, and I was able to follow the wound care nurse for half a day. I think these are the things that build your confidence at Charity. It's about learning, not intimidation. I've read about other schools where they scare you into learning. But I guess Charity is the opposite of that. At least that's been my experience so far.
  10. Skillz

    Incoming charity student to current student

    I don't care for the E-books. I get eye fatigue pretty quickly, and reading screens also makes me sleepy. Just keep up with your studies and you'll do fine. GET THE DAVIS SUCCESS BOOKS THEY RECOMMEND. These have NCLEX style questions on each topic you will cover in class. They will definitely help you on the exams. You can also check them out from the library if money is tight, but they are typically about $30 a piece on amazon.
  11. Start saving your money now! The health requirements can be quite expensive once you are accepted. Our books were $765 and they are required ebooks. Save your money so you do not have to work a lot when you are in school! Good luck everyone!
  12. Skillz

    Delgado community college for fall 2014

    I start in January. We are very excited.
  13. Skillz

    Delgado community college for fall 2014

    I did get accepted. I'm not sure how many people got in. I think around 200. (RN)
  14. Skillz

    Delgado community college for fall 2014

    This is the form Charity uses for admissions. http://www.dcc.edu/campus/charity/Fall%202014%20%20APPLICANT%20REVIEW%20FORM.pdf The profile score accepted varies from semester to semester depending on the applicants. You can look back at the older threads and see what the scores were. Hope that helps.
  15. Skillz

    LSU School of Nursing SPRING 2014 :-)

    Just reading this thread is giving me anxiety for ya'll. I hope you find out soon. I couldn't imagine waiting for a letter when some have received it weeks ago. I hope ya'll find out soon. For those accepted I'll be a Charity across the road. Maybe we can swap stories about the trenches at Handsome Willy's or something lol. Good luck to ya'll!
  16. Skillz

    Why Do You Want To Be A Nurse?

    I love this thread. @Levitas your response brought tears to my eyes. I'm right there with ya!