Who is worried about their first test?

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    Me! Its September 19.

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    Next Monday and me too!
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    I am, mine is on 9/16.
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    Me. My first test is 9/13. I guess all we can do is study hard and hope for the best, the rest is out of our hands.
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    I'm taking my first A&P test in a couple of hours. I've been studying like mad and am still feeling unprepared- it's just so much information! Good luck everyone!
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    9/12 here.

    Im not worried, because I actually really like the class and the material is pretty straightfwd (med/surg I) ....im just dont know how they write their tests in terms of questions, or the style...if they are vague with their questions or to the point..so ur not sitting there like...*:uhoh21: where did u get these questions from people?!?! Lol

    I think ill be ok..ive been studying almost constantly since day one of class... aiming for an A or B
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    I am...for the most part, but it's just test anxiety for me, it comes almost natural. I tend to freak out before every test...especially the first one in each class, no matter how much I prep. I already had my Psych test and aced it, but only because it was easy...I'm just ready to get this A&P test and see what damage I do on it! ...This Friday = 1st test, and it's 3 chapters.
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    I am nervous as well. We have a skills check next Tues. then a lecture test on the 19th.
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    ugh my first real test is tomorrow. We had a practice quiz last wednesday and I only missed one on it so im hoping that bodes well for tomorrow!
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    9/15 for me.
    I am starting to get nervous. Just because I have no idea how each instructor is going to format their tests.

    We will just have to say a little prayer for each other.
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