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  1. futurenurseya33

    Looking for job/have prior nursing school education

    Try St Lukes hospital. They hired me with on Fundamentals as a basis and everyone says that they are a great place to work. I just started last week.
  2. futurenurseya33

    Anyone currently enrolled in UMSL's BSN part-time evening program

    Is there a reason you don't think the program is competitive panpan?
  3. futurenurseya33

    PCA or MA? Need Advice

    For the MA, I think mostly they work in Dr offices. Because of this they aren't very flexible. As a CNA, I think you will get much more experience because the duties that you perform are those that you see in your first semester RN clinical. I'm not sure how much MAs get paid. I'm in St Louis and they make like $8 an hour. CNAs aren't much different but a friend of mine just got hired and she said they would be paying her $12 an hour. Also since CNAs mostly work in long term care there is much more room for flexibility which you will need when you start your RN program.
  4. futurenurseya33

    Lutheran School of Nursing

    I'm hoping to get accepted into the pre-nursing this fall. If so, I'll probably live in their dorm because its so inexpensive. I sent my application in late march.
  5. futurenurseya33

    City Colleges of Chicago: Fall 2012

    I have a friend who has applied to Truman and she still hasn't heard anything either. I've got my fingers crossed for her!
  6. futurenurseya33

    Lutheran School of Nursing

    Congratulations. I was thinking the same thing. I applied for January 2013. Hopefully i'm accepted into their pre-nursing starting in the fall. When did apply and how long did it take for you to find out if you were accepted? Are you going to live in the dorm?
  7. futurenurseya33

    Am I the only one???

    I'm a nursing student and i love it too. Of course i'm looking forward to going back to school. But what i am not looking forward to is the exhaustion that i feel while doing school. All that work plus clinicals. It was so much. I already can't wait for summer break!
  8. futurenurseya33

    The best hairstyle for female student

    I'm gonna get another weave. It helps me save time doing other things than my hair!
  9. futurenurseya33

    Tuition Reimbursement Question ... Advice please!

    I personally don't see what the big deal is if the OP wants to move somewhere else. Some hospitals pay back loans so that students will work for them. That is what this would be a loan. You never know. The OP is aware that she may have to pay back the loan and seems like she is willing to do so. But i agree with everyone else when they say jobs are hard to come by. Perhaps there is a way to satisfy a portion of the committment. Work there a certain length of time and perhaps pay back less? I'd check with the original hospital.
  10. I passed my first semester of nursing school with exactly the amount of points i needed. Anyone else make it through just barely?
  11. futurenurseya33

    Barnes Jewish Accelerated BSN

    Wow that is a unique situation indeed! Good luck to you.
  12. futurenurseya33

    Barnes Jewish Accelerated BSN

    Maybe you should consider the community colleges too. I am in St. Charles Community College right now. I already have a Bachelor of Science so I didn't want to add to my debt. Took about a year to get in as well and its significantly less expensive.
  13. futurenurseya33

    Freaking out - may have to withdraw

    Wow! 18 nursing diagnoses? That's insane. For our concept maps the most that we will have to do is 5. Sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out ok.
  14. futurenurseya33

    Freaking out - may have to withdraw

    Why did it take so long to do the care plan? This is my first semester of nursing school and my school no longer do care plans. We do concept maps.
  15. futurenurseya33

    financial advice for pre nursing students

    I agree with everyone else. I'm going for a second degree. Since I already have a bachelor's degree financial aid doesn't apply to me for an associate level degree. But, the classes are still cheaper and i'm able to have a payment plan. Hope that helps.
  16. futurenurseya33

    And the weight gain begins..

    I was also one of those people who didn't think i'd gain weight. I thought i'd be able to keep my same exercise habits. That worked for the first 2 weeks of the semester. Then reality set in. This is my first semester of nursing school and its so stressful as i'm sure everyone already knows. I'm gonna try again next semester because i know what to expect. I don't know how much more exercise i'll be able to get. But i do know that i can make better food choices.