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I just heard a nurse ask another nurse "What kind of nurse would you be if you could be any nurse?" So I am wondering...all you nursing students (don't even be realistic!!), if you could have any job, what would it be?? What... Read More

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    Quote from Stephalump
    I've never seen the appeal or understood why 90% of students on here want to be CRNAs. It looks so boring, I think I'd be miserable.
    Same here! Maybe because it's the highest paying nursing job, though. Still. Looks so boring.

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    Hoping to make it onto a helicopter after a stint in an ED - just not sure if I want to be at a 'normal' hospital or a pediatric only. But if another rotation in school gives me 'that feeling' I'll follow my gut.
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    ER definitely. I can't see myself doing anything else. Obviously I'll take whatever I can get to start out, but I love ER. I've been a CNA for 2 years at my hospital and I start as an ER tech next week and I'm so excited!

    Down the road I'd love to work for a large trauma center or be a flight RN for flight for life...I also plan on getting my paramedic license as well and doing on call as a paramedic once or twice a week.
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    I am in critical care this semester, and this has been so awesome! I love the ICU, but I know my heart lies in OB.
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    I think my dream job is Peds oncology. I can't say for sure because I haven't done it yet. But I just really feel like it is for me. I do know whatever my dream job, it will definitely be in peds.
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    My dream job is being a neonatal nurse practitioner or a pediatric critical care practitioner. That is my true dream.
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    My dream jobs...pediatric oncology, labor and delivery and NICU/PICU
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    My dream job-hospice
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    My dream job-SANE in the ER
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    School nurse, anything in peds, or OR.

    Later on PNP!!

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