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What's YOUR Dream Job? - page 3

I just heard a nurse ask another nurse "What kind of nurse would you be if you could be any nurse?" So I am wondering...all you nursing students (don't even be realistic!!), if you could have any... Read More

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    My dream jobs...pediatric oncology, labor and delivery and NICU/PICU
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    My dream job-hospice
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    My dream job-SANE in the ER
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    School nurse, anything in peds, or OR.

    Later on PNP!!

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    Quote from emerjensee
    I honestly loved each of my rotations. Each quarter as I advanced in the program I thought, "Well sure, this would be fun to do!" When I reached my 4th of 6th quarter I had the opportunity to rotate to the ER/ED three shifts and KNEW I had found my dream job!

    How I chose between ICU and ED when requesting my 240hr preceptorship, I looked at my personality. Did I want 1-3 patients I had all shift who I knew EVERYTHING head to toe about? Or did I want to be in a location that I met anywhere from 12-36 patients who I only focused on the CC?
    We end up with ICU patients that we hold onto for awhile.

    At its best, the ED is exciting, fast-paced, and offering critical care experiences without repetitiveness.

    At its worst, it's boring as sin because you're dealing with yet another recovering junkie, psych hold, or constipated patient getting lactulose from both ends of the tube.

    But your stable OD can quickly turn into your busy ICU patient with little warning.

    Personally, I love the ED.

    I'd love the autonomy, science, and money of being a CRNA, though.
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    If I have already answered this forgive me I have been so tired lately. My dream job would be to work in mother/baby as a labor and delivery nurse or neonatal nurse.
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    I would absolutely love to be an L&D nurse, which is the reason why I chose nursing and just got an internship for the summer!
    However, I'm so torn between peds, L&D, and wound care. My dream job is to do all of those even if I work 5 days a week!
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    I never thought I would like psych and correctional nursing. Now I cannot imagine doing anything else!! I plan on applying to a prison in my area when I graduate in 2 weeks! So excited!
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    as of right now (just about to enter first year nursing) i would LOVE to be a public health nurse! ideally visiting new moms.
    unfortunately that job will probably not exist once i am eligible
    B.C. cuts back nurse visits to new moms - British Columbia - CBC News
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    Recently graduated and passed NCLEX so I'm applying for jobs. My dream job would be as a RNFA, Flight Nurse, Trauma or Wound Care/Burn Nurse...in that order!
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    I would love to try my hand at a level one trauma teaching hospital. Ive always wanted to start out in the ED and work my way up to truama. I also think flight nursing would be really nifty. I graduate in 2 weeks and one of our last clinical days is going to a flight ED rotation. We dont get to actually fly or anything but get to get inside the helicopter and talk to the nurse's. Im looking forward to that clinical day.
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    Well my dream job is paramedic. (I think I need to explain... In my country you need to study to RN (bachelor in medicine with major in nursing), work minimum a year on ED or ICU, then you're allowed to apply to paramedic course (Postgraduate Diploma in Specialist Nursing – Prehospital Emergency Care), which will be 1,5yrs practise and theoretical studies). I'm about half way there at the moment
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    My dream would be CRNA; however, my heart currently lies in cardiac SICU, pun intended.