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  1. PnutButterJelly

    Nursing Specialties - Dream Job

    My dream job is in a PICU. I have been a nurse for 2 years, but I am not there yet. I took a job right after graduation in dialysis. Finally a position opened in a pediatric ortho hospital. I love my job and most days feel like I have hit the nursing lottery! My precepting (Peds post-op) pretty much landed me this job, where I have been a little under a year. By the end of the year I plan on getting my CPN and applying to any PICU opening I can find. I wouldn't leave my great job for anything else!
  2. PnutButterJelly

    Regretting becoming a nurse

    I felt this way too! I am coming up on my second year of being a nurse and it is sooo much better. For me, it involved getting out of a horrible job with even worse coworkers. I was depressed and cried most days. I finally made a decision to quit by a certain day regardless of if I found new employment. Luckily I hit the job lottery and was hired for the best job ever before I reached the "quit" date. I seriously thank heavens for my job almost every day. So my advice to you is this--remember why you wanted to be a nurse, get your resume out there, and try a new position!
  3. PnutButterJelly

    Help Help

    I assume you are still in school? If your nursing program offers remedial math take it! I never needed it and everyone thought I was crazy for going to a class I didn't need at 7 am. But dimensional analysis was something I didn't really understand. I was doing math in my head and it worked, but dimensional analysis made life sooo much easier! If they don't offer this, see if you can find online tutorials.
  4. PnutButterJelly

    Transgender Nurses - experiences/opinions

    A nurse practitioner made this transition while working for my company. It went well from everything I know. Her patients were slightly thrown off, but nothing negative was ever said to her that I know of. That being said, she did move out of state later because she thought it would be easier to start over in a place that no one ever knew her history.
  5. PnutButterJelly

    Is this practice illegal?

    I work in outpatient dialysis. Most of our patients see our medical director, who is there once a week. However, the other patients see doctors from a large practice. They are legally only required to be there once a month. That practice is pretty notorious for doing as little as possible and only coming when required. They come in, see there patients, sign off all of their verbal orders, and aren't seen again for another month.
  6. PnutButterJelly

    Is this practice illegal?

    This isn't illegal so long as it is being put in under your name and just putting in the doctor that ordered it. I work in an outpatient clinic and our doctors are only required to come in and see their patients once a month. If I need something I have to call the doctor and place verbal telephone orders into the system. If verbal orders were illegal I would never get anything accomplished and my patients would truly suffer because of it.
  7. PnutButterJelly

    How much is too much?

    I think it depends. I work in a chronic dialysis clinic. My patients know I have kids and their names and ages. They know my husbands career as well. That is really as far as I go though. I do see the same people all week. If I were in an acute setting, I wouldn't share as much.
  8. PnutButterJelly

    Why do people insist on coming to work sick?

    At least where I work it is the culture. I work in a small clinic with around ten employees. Our nurse manager prides herself on coming in when she is sick and never missing. Because of this she expects it from everyone else and makes the environment toxic when someone does call in.
  9. PnutButterJelly

    U.S. Nurse moving to Sweden

    It also depends on how you are moving. Is you husband a Swedish citizen? If not finding a job (after you get a BSN) will prove difficult. As a member of the EU, Sweden hires citizens of the EU first.
  10. PnutButterJelly

    Nurses with tattoos and piercings

    It really depends. I have a full sleeve and several other visible tattoos. They had to be covered in school for clinicals. No big deal. Long sleeves and band aids worked fine. At work I can show all of them and it isn't against the dress code. However, I don't work at a hospital and expect that if I do switch to acute care it will be back to long sleeves.
  11. PnutButterJelly

    What Baffles You?

    Yes, even though I don't see how this question is relevant.
  12. PnutButterJelly

    What Baffles You?

  13. PnutButterJelly


    Love the UU church. I am an atheist and attend. Everyone knows and it doesn't bother anyone. In fact several members are atheists or secular humanist I love that I leave thinking about ways to improve my life that I can relate to. Even if it is a bit of a far drive, I hope you go and check it out a few times.
  14. PnutButterJelly

    New grad RN and dialysis

    I am a new grad that has been working at Fresenius for three weeks. So it does happen. This is far from where I wanted to be in nursing, but I think it is perfect for me right now. I am learning so much. And I really feel I am working in an environment that is so supportive of learning. Just a piece of advice--don't underestimate how overwhelming dialysis is. It is a completely different field of nursing than nursing school teaches. But it has already taught me so much! Good luck.
  15. PnutButterJelly

    "Fake" or Nonprescriptive Eyeglasses

    I wear prescriptions lenses. However I really have thought about getting LASIK and wearing non-prescriptions. I like the way I look with glasses but not needing them would give me the options to own lots of them and not worry when they get broken. Most likely I will do this within the next year. Work offers a discount! If that makes me a hipster, whatever. I have been rocking frames since middle school.
  16. PnutButterJelly

    Cursed at a patient-fired

    I still wouldn't go into details. When asked why just state that the facility wasn't a good fit for you. Why would you ever tell someone you cursed at a patient and expect them to give you a job? For what it is worth, I do have behavioral health experience. It is never okay to withhold food or curse at a patient.