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:gandalf: Some friends of mine that already graduated from the nursing program both agreed that the 2nd semester of nursing was the most demanding. Is this what you have experienced or is it... Read More

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    Quote from Tweety
    For me it was the first. I guess it was the newness of it all. I found 2nd semester more interesting. But it is where you get beyond the basics and start learning pharmacology, patho., etc. and it all starts to come together. But to me it wasn't "harder".
    That's good to know, I will also have pharmacology during the second semester and am a little worried

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    I'm in my second semester right now. My first semester seemed hard, simply because it was all new and very overwhelming. This semester seems harder. I get mixed reports from the third semester students on whether it's harder or easier, and it seems to depend a lot on whether they're in the clinical sites they wanted or not. It seems mostly agreed upon that the last semester is easiest, because it's almost all clinical and hands-on experience.
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    Im my school everyone says that the second semester is the hardest because we have to take 16 credits hours..we will have four classes, and couple of tests each week, this is the semester of either you make it or brake it, however the third semester is hard as well..and the first is doable because we only have 9 credir hours..only two classes to complete.
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    Quote from luckyjacquot
    I was just wondering why the students say that the 3rd semester is the hardest. Have you heard anything about what makes it the hardest?
    I know we cover psych, peds and cardiac, and I don't know what else. I understand the toughness comes from the quantity of material and the amount of studying and work involved, in addition to the fact that we go back to 2 days of clinicals each week. Man, I HATE those early mornings!!

    I agree with the statement that the semester coming up is always the hardest, but I honestly felt that second semester was a dream after the newness and stress of first semester. It just sailed by!!
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    For me, it was fourth semester. I was so burnt out by then that just studying became an overwhelming task, and I think the fear of "Oh my gosh I am about to graduate and become a REAL nurse" scared the daylights out of me. Part of me wanted to be able to go to school forever and the other part of me couldn't wait till the day I would never have to see that school and those instructors again. I think it's different for everybody, and each person has their own unique set of strenghs, but my fourth semester was...babies!!!!!! YIKES!!! hated it!!!!..good luck
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    I thought fundamentals was the hardest because it involved completely changing the way I had ever studied and learning the best way. Also clinical writeups used to take me all night but now I knock them out in a few hours tops (thank god for templates-copy and paste

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