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  1. Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    So I interviewed mid May Received a verbal very informal offer from the director 3 days later Then I heard nothing from HR months The director was in communication with myself and other residents though Completed E-quip backg...
  2. Chronicles of a VA APRN Resident

    I am starting a VHA residency next month as well. Extremely long process.
  3. AGNP AANP- The Dos and Don'ts

    I guess I wish I knew more about the APEA predictor exam before taking/using it as a tool. I still think that if you have no experience with it then it isn't the best tool/study guide out there if you are *only* using the predictor exams.
  4. AGNP AANP- The Dos and Don'ts

    I agree about the predictor exam- that was stupid to take it right before! My issue with this whole process is that our instructors/school gave us zero input or advice. And this is a reputable brick and mortar school. I understand that they don’t *ha...
  5. AGNP AANP- The Dos and Don'ts

    Yesterday, I passed the AANP exam! While this is all still fresh in my head, I wanted to write it out in case it might help someone out. I spent (wasted!) a lot of money and some things worked while others didn’t. This will be long as this was a jour...
  6. UNC Chapel Hill MSN 2020

    I got in! I’m in shock.
  7. Cath lab prep and recovery

    I was just offered a job in the cath lab of a busy teaching hospital. My experience is in step down and pre op (open heart and vascular) in a smaller but busy hospital. I start in about a month but was wondering if there is anything I should review o...
  8. Job offers to get in OR

    I have been job searching for 3 months now. I've tried to get into new OR training programs without any luck. I've done pre op for open hearts & vascular for 3 years. So I've decided to try to get into a hospital (we recently moved) first as a pe...
  9. Duke new to the OR

    I don't have any actual "in OR" experience and would feel more comfortable being trained as if I know nothing. I know that I know more from a surgical standpoint than a floor nurse but I still have a lot to learn. That's why I was considering the pro...
  10. Duke new to the OR

    Anyone in or completed this program recently? Just interested in general thoughts about it? If you like it or not? Pros/Cons? I would like to work more in the Raleigh area vs Durham but it seems their new OR programs are strictly for new grads. Thank...
  11. Floor nurse to OR nurse?

    I am not in the OR but can comment on the scheduling since you mentioned that. The biggest thing I have noticed is the scheduling can vary so much. Add ons and cancellations have us making changes all day. Full time does try to stick to there 4, 10 h...
  12. Second Degree, Low GPA, Options?

    You can re take courses. Look at the required courses and take them over to raise your grade. I did this and applied and applied before I was finally accepted to a diploma program. Good luck to you!
  13. Duke New Grad July 2017!

    Wow that's early! I kind of don't want my current job to know I'm leaving that soon. Thanks!
  14. What else can pre-op do?

    I will be job searching again next year due to a move and am wondering where I can go with my current experience. I love pre op but there doesn't seem to be many jobs available in that area. I really like being part of the OR team and that aspect of ...
  15. Duke New Grad July 2017!

    When did everyone apply to start in July? Also does anyone know if they take only new grads for the OR program or can you have some nursing experience? Thanks!