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    OKAY....I just got my grade back from my second fundamentals exam and I got a 78!!! I made a 70 on my first exam!!! 75 is passing, have literally studied every free minute! The questions are SO random! It's like I have to know every single detail in every single chapter in order to answer these questions... I use my text, PP's, NCLEX review books, test success, fundamentals success, fundamentals made incredibly easy, quizlet, and ATI. So I guess I'm really just searching for advice, tips, other resource suggestions.

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    Truthfully, I think you're too much and using too many books
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    Im a B student(lately an A student) and this is what I use: study my materials(usually powerpoints as my teachers include everything I need to know) and then I use Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to study. Also a new method for me is : If you can do one thing for your patient before you leave and that's it...what is the one thing you would do. This REALLY helps break it down so you can prioritize.
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    Answering the original post: I also think you are spread too thin and are only superficially covering the material. I did that same thing (tried to read/do it all) and by Nursing IV I was burned out, fed up and done. What most of my classmates did all along was just studied the Powerpoint handouts. I have read/heard that before: Students said they started out trying to read it all and thoroughly study it all, but then threw away the books and used the lecture handouts combined with critical thinking. Nursing questions are all about making decisions based on the information given in the question.

    Test-taking strategies, lecture handouts, and critical thinking are going to be pretty important things to master. Maslow's heirarchy, and ABC, too. You can't read and do everything that the instructors want you to do. Thoroughly study what was covered in class.

    And I think some of the success, deep down, is how interested you truly are in the subject material. If you are lukewarm or less, it will be a grind and there will be no changing that, and you also will have trouble retaining it. For me, I started out all pumped-up and 100% enthusiastic, but my interest level just went down and down as I got more exposure to the culture of nursing, and to what nurses actually do, and how people treat them. You just have to be honest with yourself regarding how much joy it is or isn't for you.
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    So what do you suggest when the instructors don't even test you on anything they are teaching?
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    Well, we have 2 different professors, who just began teaching together this semseter. THey both teach differently and give us questions based on EVERYTHING!!! there are questions from the text that they did not cover in lecture or in powerpoints and from the fundamentals success book that they did not cover in lecture or put on the powerpoints. I focused on main topics in the book, lecture, and powerpoints for the first test and made a 70!!! So how am I supposed to study unless i literally disect everything? THe questions are SO random. We had a questions from a small box at the end of the chapter on sensory and it was not covered in lecture or powerpoint! Do you see my frustration now? lol
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    I'm pretty much in the same boat. 5 hours of lecture and maybe only 10% of it is in the actual test. We even had a question that wasn't even in the textbook but rather the lab manual.
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    We have tons of questions from the lab manual. I learned from week 1 to study that diligently. But, luckily, 99% of the rest comes from powerpoints. It sounds like you'll have a lot of reading and studying to do.
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    I wouldn't waste my time studying a book that I'm not going to be tested on this soon. Fundamentals is fairly basic. However, it is a lot of material to cover in a small window of time. I'm on the Potter and Perry fundamentals book now. My advice would be to spend every minute of study time you have covering the material in your text/class notes. IMO, fundamentals isn't complex enough to warrant studying any test success or NCLEX review books yet. I'd save those for when the material gets a lot more hairy! The NCLEX-style chapter review questions in the textbook have been plenty helpful for me. Good luck!
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    I'm sorry you are struggling:-(

    One thing I have noticed from my tests is the way the answers are worded. There are two that are definitely wrong and you can easily recognize those. So your odds of choosing the right answer get better. Read on test-taking strategies. I did it an it helped me a lot. Also, read every single word in the chapters, and as you are reading, highlight what you think would make a good test question. Also, keep in mind they are testing your knowledge on the nursing process all the time, so become an expert in ADPIE.
    I really hope your grades get better! Keep working hard! :-)

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