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  1. dayanara

    I'm a procrastinator... Help?

    I'm a big procrastinator too. When I started nursing school that changed! You will not be able to do care plans, case studies, papers, practice for validations and study for quizzes and tests in a day. I recommend you do assignments as soon as you can!
  2. dayanara

    My friend got put on clinical probation:-(

    *finding out about appeals processes*
  3. dayanara

    My friend got put on clinical probation:-(

    Thank u Esme! Yes my friend still doesn't understand why the instructor reacted the way she did. Apparently she was having a bad week. I'll tell her about
  4. dayanara

    My friend got put on clinical probation:-(

    Thank you fireman! Yeah she already spoke to the program director but the issue is still inconclusive :-(
  5. First of all, what does that mean? The reason she got put on clinical probation is because she asked the instructor during a meeting about how she could make up for an incomplete care plan. The instructor snapped saying that she couldn't talked about that in front of other students and called her "unprofessional" because I guess my friend got upset about it. I'm very worried about my friend because the instructor said she could be kicked out of the program and that the probation would be on her record until she graduates! What can she do? She already talked to the retention specialist and the program director, but they didn't really say much about how this is gonna get fixed. Please advise on what can she do to fix this because she is really upset about this and I really want to help her! Thanks!
  6. dayanara

    Just wanted to share some Youtube videos

    Yeah he's great! I watched a couple of videos for my second med surg exam and I really understood the topics better:-)
  7. dayanara

    I am sucking at skills :(

    Same here! I don't even know what I'm doing! But skills will get better with practice:-)
  8. dayanara

    iPad apps?

    I bought the Nurse's pocket guide to help me with care plans during clinicals. It costs $40 but it has helped me tremendously.
  9. dayanara

    New Techniques Make Me Shaky Nervous!

    A week before my foley validation I was doing my ob rotation and the nurse asked me if I wanted to watch her insert a Foley. Of course i said yes! And I asked her if it was really that difficult. She told me: they always make it look harder at school. I watched her do it so naturally that it gave me confidence when I did it on my validation. What makes it hard is having someone watching you! But is true...practice practice practice...practice makes perfect;-)
  10. dayanara

    Diabetes meds driving me crazy!

    Thank you very much eva123!!!
  11. dayanara

    Diabetes meds driving me crazy!

    I did Esme! Thanks. Great info:-) Thank you Floridatrail! That's a good one! I'll try it for sure.
  12. dayanara

    Diabetes meds driving me crazy!

    Thank you Esme! Very helpful chart. Some sources say long-acting has no peak, and others like this one say it does...I'm just gonna go with what the book says:-)
  13. dayanara

    Diabetes meds driving me crazy!

    Yeah Lantus is the easiest:-) I believe NPH is intermediate acting:-) I don't have a problem knowing the rapid, short, intermediate and long. It's just the onset and peak that troubles me cuz I find different times on different sources. Thank you both!
  14. I always get mixed up with the onset and peak of the insulins and cannot see the bigger picture regarding oral meds. Any suggestions on how to learn these better? Thanks:-)
  15. dayanara

    Meds study tips?

    Thank u everyone! :-)
  16. dayanara

    need some studying strategies

    It all depends on your learning style. I learn better by listening to lectures. Other people find flash cards helpful. Another great way is to do lots of practice questions on the topics that are going to be tested. Quizlet is a great tool. Good luck!