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    I don't know about anyone else, but I am completely stressed the hell out. I have been in such an emotional state lately. I have been crying and upset and so unbelievably hard on myself. I'm still wondering if I'm not really cut out for nursing school, or if it's just the stress I'm putting on myself? I see some of the other girls in my class, and they seem to be doing just fine with all this ****. I, on the other hand, am struggling! I struggle to pass the tests. I struggle to try and stay up to study. I have a lot going on right now, and honestly, nobody understands the amount of stress I have on my shoulders right now, or the toll it is taking on my overall health. I feel like I'm being pulled in 75 different directions. My family is always on my ass, needing me for something. I have 10 different things to do for my classes during the week. Like, this is hard. I have 7 weeks left before this semester is over. Is there anyone out there that gets it???

    I hope someone can relate, and maybe throw me some words of encouragement or advice?
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  4. by   Purple_roses
    You're barely passing, but you *are* indeed passing. And you're doing it while balancing lots of other outside responsibilities. You should be proud of yourself right now and you will feel *so* proud of yourself if you keep going.

    I hope someone has valuable family advice to offer you. I'm not married and do not have kids, so my advice isn't worth much in this area.

    What semester are you? I can honestly tell you that my first semester of nursing school was the hardest for me. The material wasn't as hard as the future semesters, but learning how to study for these tests and how to balance studying along with all the projects was difficult. You'll get the hang of it though. I think it's normal to feel overwhelmed at times, especially at the beginning.
  5. by   jtboy29
    You are cut out for nursing school. You got into the program for a reason. When I first got into my LVN program it was overwhelming that we were given homework during orientation. Granted it was for Medical Terminology in Foundations it's still like "We get homework during orientation? Is this really happening?". I was fine during foundations right until I got into Term 1 Fundamentals. I was stressed out during the first week because family members didn't understand that I'm taking on a whole new venture in my life and I've never been accustomed to it and I had to really change how I approach nursing school especially when I got a 76 on my first exam. I had to change how I did things. The first term/semester is always the hardest because I was just getting into it and as I went on it did get harder because Med Surg and Maternity/Peds are tough. You can have people say "I understand the stress you're under because I was in Nursing school once" however; they keep on trying to talk to you and complain that you're always doing something and studying and this wasn't even a family member. Now, that doesn't mean that my family understood either because they didn't. They didn't understand that I needed to get stuff done and often I found myself procrastinating. Being it's with your family that doesn't understand you have to tell them "Look, I'm in nursing school and I'm under a lot of stress right now and you have to understand that I can't always be there to do something that you need me to do when I have my own thing to do". It's sad that people that were in Nursing school or aren't in Nursing school understand the stress any nursing student is in. It's a whole different ballgame because you're given all sorts of things to do and you have a limited amount of time to get it done at times.

    Don't feel that you're doing too much. You can do this. If nursing school was easy then everyone would be doing it. It is hard and there will be times you will cry and have a mental breakdown. I've had it happened to me quite more than often and it sucks however; you have to keep telling yourself "I will do this. I will believe in myself." I've been in the same situation that you are wanting to overcome and you can do it. Hard work will payoff in the end and you just have to keep telling yourself that you got this. I've told myself this same thing leading to my 2nd attempt at my final term due to me failing the Exit HESI by one point and it took some extra strength to tell people "I have to do this for my future and for my life. Either support or complain and get out of my way". Thus, that led me to passing my Exit HESI last Tuesday and enables me to graduate my LVN program but I'm not stopping at LVN. Yes, family or ignorant people will get hurt but you're telling them the truth and they can't hate you for that. Good luck the rest of the way and you got this.
  6. by   oceanblue52
    Nursing school can be very challenging. Even "A" students struggle with test scores. It is completely normal to feel like giving up. You are close to being done with the semester though! People can and do get through these feelings and go on to become great nurses.

    Would also suggest you consider checking out counseling services at your school, it might help with your anxiety and help you feel less overwhelmed so you do not escalate to a breaking point. There is no shame in asking for help. I wish the best for you. *hugs*
  7. by   futureRN_'18
    I'm in 2nd semester of my ADN. Almost at the halfway mark.

    Thank you for your advice! I appreciate it.
  8. by   futureRN_'18
    THANK YOU. It's great to hear I'm not the only one!
  9. by   Simplistic
    Im currently in nursing school right now and the best advice I can give you, is to not fall behind. Study everyday, even if its just for an hour. And do practice questions! They help you grasp the topics better.
  10. by   Workitinurfava
    Start cutting stuff out of your life that you can and cut things out which will help your road to becoming a nurse be smoother.
  11. by   Mkakids
    Family....I have 4 kids (9,7,6,&2) and a husband who works 60 hours a week - I feel your pain, lol!

    You need to minimize and PLAN!! Minimize time commitments..... limit activities, and learn to say no when people ask for help (coaching, bake sales, car pools....whatever. if it makes your life harder, say NO).

    Minimize cleaning...have your kids pick up some of the slack if you can. Depending on ages, they may be old enough to make lunches, help clean, do laundry. ... whatever helps! Hire a cleaning lady if it's in the budget...even just once a month is AMAZING.

    Plan, plan, plan....every week on Sunday or Monday. .. look over what's going on for the week and get on the same plan with your SO. Have an idea of what time you have for kids, home and study. Stick to the plan as best you can!

    Plan easy, quick meals and cook DOUBLE batches so you can have a quick pull-from-the-freezer dinner option ready to go at all times. Premake lunches and snacks for the week. I regularly make 50or so PBJ sandwiches at once and freeze them for lunches. Every Sunday I fill a snack basket in the fridge with bagged cut veggies, cheese sticks, baggies of lunch meat, pretzels, apple sauce cups, portioned nuts, etc... makes it super easy to pack lunches and grab snacks on the run.
  12. by   studentbear
    I feel this as a 1st semester BSN student. I'm basically in a constant state of stress and feel like I'm on the verge of drowning in all the studying, assignments, exams, etc. let alone my personal life. But we've just gotta keep swimming!

    As far as your classmates, I'd consider the fact that when it comes to other people you only see their "highlight reels" and not the nights they stayed up, the things they had to sacrifice, their internal emotions and diaglogue, etc... Also, some of your classmates don't seem stressed out because they are hiding it well/don't display their emotions/whatever reason. I feel like, in my program, there are lots of people like that but when I get to talking to them they are on the same wavelength as me.

    Are you taking time for your self-care, even if it's only 5min here or there? I've been meditating for 5min every morning and it really helps. I also have been scheduling date nights with my SO which gives me a few hours off every other week or so.
  13. by   Blue_Daisy
    You're almost half way done! I'd say you're definitely cut out for it. Don't give up. There are some great points made in this post so when you're feeling stressed come and revisit these words.

    And youre definitely not alone. I have been there with having so many stressors while taking my pre reqs and practically losing it because I felt so stressed. I'm not even in a program yet but I'm dying to get into one. Maybe you remember feeling this alway too? Well now you're in one, you've beat out your competition and doing what many of us dream about. I'm scared as hell of failing and I'm not even in a program (that's why I'm reading your post- trying to prepare myself). But you are exactly where me and many others want to be. Keep pushing forward and believe In yourself. You were chosen from others because you were ready ❤️
  14. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    Everyone has given you great advice, but I wanted to throw this in: try not to compare yourself to your classmates. You're not seeing their "full picture". Just because it looks like it's easy for them, doesn't mean it is, so it's futile to use anyone but yourself to gauge how you're doing.

    Best of luck to you!