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  1. There is a private bathroom with shower in every room in our hospital. All rooms are private. 240 rooms, so 240 bathrooms with showers.
  2. Mkakids

    Question for CNA salary

    Brand new CNA in chicago at a large hospital - $12.40 days, $13.50 evenings and $14 over night.
  3. Mkakids

    Telemetry patient ratio

    Im not sure about CA, but Im in IL on a stroke /tele floor (we also get dialysis, post ops, wounds, ETOH, etc...) and our day ratio is supposed to be 4:1, but is usually 5:1.
  4. Mkakids

    Assignment for nursing school needing constructive criticism!

    "Question 13: How does HIPAA and social media play an important role in nursing? 13. Social media is a wide open platform where anyone who has access to your page can see all of your posts and if your page isn't set to private people who you may not expect to be looking can see all of your posts as well, including possible employers, current employment, legal representatives and more. HIPAA has regulations in order to protect patient privacy and confidentiality by establishing legal boundaries in which a patient's information may be spoken about including description of patient , mental status, date of birth, current information, address and any other personal information. This information is protected and when a patient is admitted there is a form signed saying who the healthcare staff can give information to over the phone and in person. Social media is wide open and when a nurse goes to social media to vent about their day, stating detailed identifiable information about a patient in order to explain how they affected their day whether positive or negative it is break in HIPAA. If a nurse has a favorite resident and wants to take a picture of them to show their family on facebook, that is a violation of HIPAA. When it comes to nursing it is best to not talk about your work online at all in order to protect yourself and your patients. " This needs to be reworded to eliminate run-on sentences . It also needs to be edited for proper grammar.
  5. Stroke/tele floor in the chicago area... We aim for 4:1 days and 5:1 nights for RN's - I've seen it at 5:1 days and 6:1 nights though. Cna is usually 10/11:1 and occasionally (2 nights a week usually) we have to deal with 1 cna for the entire floor (24:1) which means that the rn's are then responsible for their own vitals and accuchecks. A third cna is only called in when the floor is full (24) and only for day shift.
  6. Mkakids

    How many clinical hours does your program have?

    We will spend approximately 800 hours on a hospital floor for clinicals, over the 2 years.
  7. You will be fine. I had ZERO medical experience when I started nursing school. I didn't even know what a pulse ox was, lol! It was fine. I probably had to study a bit more than anyone who had a CNA, but it was definitely not 100% necessary. Good luck!
  8. Mkakids

    Nursing School Requiring a 85% test average?

    I assume the kaplan fundamental tests are the same nationwide? We use kaplan too and I took the fundamentals last fall. It was definitely easier than the tests I had during class! I scored an 88% - which was the highest grade in my cohort, but most people did fairly well and scored in the 70's.
  9. Mkakids

    I need to vent about my Nursing program

    Sounds like most nursing programs. At least 1 test each week, pre class assignments, lots of care plans, papers, research assignments, etc... not to mention the expected reading! I also do very well, and also feel like I don't retain much of it - while I am in the class. What the others have said it true though - more of it sticks than you realize and you will remember it when push comes to shove.
  10. Mkakids

    Moraine Valley Nurses?!

    Im currently in the MVCC program and LOVE it. PM me if you have any specific questions and I will try to get back to you asap.
  11. Mkakids

    Student loans killing me!! stressed!

    As alot of other people have said.... It will take hard work anf determination to pay off that debt. I highly reccomend looking up Dave Ramsey. We followed his advice to pay off our debt several years ago. Every single dollar should be put towards the loan. That means no cable, no going to bars/resturants, no movie theaters, wear clothes until they dissintigrate. Ask yourself if you REALLY NEED IT before you buy ANYTHING. Can you make do without it? Then its a want and not need. Good luck!
  12. Mkakids

    Joliet Junior College Fall 2018 applicants

    Wow 96 slots is awesome! Moraine takes less than 50 total easch semester. Good luck - hopefully everyone gets their letter soon!
  13. Mkakids

    Can someone help me think through this question?

    thank you! I also went with B, for the same reason but I struggled with it because, in my experience, notify the physician is rarely the correct answer.
  14. Just had an exam, and the question below was on it (not exact, I just typed it from memory). Two answers were obviously incorrect and two were both, in my opinion, correct. I answered with one, and a friend with the other (we don't know who was correct yet either), so we were trying to figure out the correct way to read/interpret this question to lead to the "most correct" answer. Which one would you choose and why? During suctioning your patient's tracheostomy becomes dislodged and is not easily replaced. What it the priority action by the nurse? A) Cover the tracheostomy and administer oxygen B) Stabilize the patients oxygen levels and notify the physician immediately. The book says the following about it: "Tracheostomy becomes dislodged and is not easily replaced: Notify the primary care provider immediately. This is an emergency situation. Cover the tracheostomy stoma. Assess the patient's respiratory status. Anticipate the need for maintaining ventilation using a manual resuscitation"
  15. Mkakids

    The elephant in the room: Sleep

    Im not a morning person either, but am forcinf myself to be due to school. I get up at 5 on clinical days, and 530 on all other days but sunday. Sunday i sleep in....to 7am, lol. I take 3mg melatonin about 30 mins before i want to sleep, along with 2 capsules of magnesium.