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  1. We are a stroke and tele floor in a Chicago suburb. Days is 4-6:1, but usually 4-5:1 (regardless of whether they are new strokes or not). Nights are 5-8:1, usually 5-6:1 Day cnas are 8-12:1 and night cnas are 12-24:1. 2 nights ago I had 6 pts - 2 were brand new strokes (q2 vitals, neuros q4, etc...), one was a tele pt who kept flipping into Afib with RVR, and 1 was in 4 pt violent restraints, yet still managed to almost fall out of bed multiple times).
  2. Mkakids

    CNAs starting IVs

    We were not even taught IV starts in nursing school - its definitely not an RN only job.
  3. Mkakids

    Opening medication packs

    Blister pack openers exist?! Seriously?! I've been mumbling to myself for MONTH that I have to invent one so I can open those god damned packs easier! I dont think anyone would mind - whatever works!
  4. Mkakids

    New Grad Nurse - NIGHT SHIFT ONLY

    I'm a new grad, and I love night shift. I like to do 2 in a row, then off a few days, then 2 more, etc..
  5. Mkakids

    A friend bought her degree from the Philippines.

    We were required to pass patho prior to even applying into my ADN program.
  6. Mkakids

    Preceptor is SO BAD!

    Why was taking prescription med in front of you so bad? Would have felt the same way if she popped a beta blocker, dilantin, or tylenol? Or were you just upset because it was Adderall? Many nurses take meds for ADD, believe me - if you need them, and take them as prescribed, you dont get high or anything from them.
  7. Mkakids

    Why do RNs choose to work in nursing homes?

    The pay is marginally better in my area - about $3 to $5 more an hour. Other than that, I have no idea.
  8. Mkakids

    How Do You Fit In 30mins Of Exercise In Your Work Day?

    I do 25 counter push ups everytime I go in the med room, and 30 body weight squats every time I have to get something from our supply room. I work 12's overnight, and generally only get about 6k steps (with 6 neuro/stroke/tele pts), so it's definitely not enough activity. When I was working days, I averaged 10k steps over 12 hour shifts Interestingly, when I was CNA on the same floor, I averaged 15k steps on a 8 hour shift - I was NOT prepared for how much more computer/charting work there would be!
  9. Mkakids

    Can I be a nurse without majoring in BSN?

    ADNs actually take 3 to 3.5 years in total. The nusing classes span 2 years, but hou also have several prereqs to take, which can take 2 to 3 semesters to complete.
  10. Mkakids

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    There are a few nurses at work who do this... they take off their shoes in the breakroom, and keep them in a box in their locker. They then put on their street shoes and walk through the breakroom, the hallway, the elevator and to the front door in their street shoes (effectively walking over areas that nasty shoes from hundreds of employees walk on daily) picking up the same germs that they think they are leaving behind in their locker.
  11. Mkakids

    Cleaning patients after bowel movements.

    Ok, so a real answer for the OP. Generally speaking, at my facility, we have 4 cleaning options. Toilet paper, disposable wash clothes which are good for mostly formed or kinda mushy/thin, but not sticky poops (these are like thin, soft and strong paper towels - they can be used dry or with soap and water, but they cannot be flushed), wash clothes and soap/water - best for sticky/peanut butter consistency or particularly foul/messy poops , and pre moistened disposable antimicrobial bath wipes (which we are not technically supposed to use for toileting, but they do get used occasionally - mainly when there is already an opened pack in the room because its better to use them than to let them go to waste). All disposable items get put in the trash, and washable linnens get put in a soiled linnen bag, which is then tied off and tossed down the laundry shoot on the floor. My personal preference is to always use a wash cloth with soap/water for all poop that isnt perfectly formed. I feel that it cleans better and is faster. So I generally go to a room for a code brown and immediately fill a basin partially with warm water and soap (we have foaming body wash that can be used on all body parts), grab a few wash cloths and a linnen bag and then get started. Here are your options for patients who are immobile. Patient A - bed bound, but can turn themselves onto their side. Patient B - bed bound and unable yo turn themselves. Very similar to this, but the second RN/CNA would roll the patient just to position the pan and then again to remove the pan. Usually, changing the sheets isnt necessary. The same goes if the patient was incontinent, you roll them like in this videa and change the soiled disposable pad under them, clean them, and roll them back. Patient C - bariatric patient that is too large for people to roll/hold on their own for a long period of time. We position a sling under the patient (like in this video), which is then used to help roll the patient on their side. Once the patient is on their side, multiple people (deoending on the size of the patient it can be 2 to 6 people total involved) hold the patient on their side while 1 or more people clean them. Patient D - immobile and wearing a diaper. Generally, I cut the sides of the diaper off because most adult brands do not have tabs like infant diapers (they are designed more like pull ups). Then while the patient is still on their back, i pull the front of the diaper down and fold it overhead so the soiled part is not exposed. Then tuck as mucho of that under the patients leg nearest you as you can (this makes it easier to pull out from under them). Then turn them and remove/clean/change. Patient E - can stand for a few minutes, but isnt very stable or needs assistance. If they are wearing a diaper, I cut the sides off once they are standing, and pull it from between their legs. Once they are done on the commode, i put a new diaper on them by putting their feet in it and pulling it to their knees before they stand up. Once they are standing, i finish pulling it up. Sometimes you need 2 people to help a patient to a commode. Once to hold the patients arm and make sure they dont fall, and the other to help them wipe/replace the diaper. It just depends on how stable they are.
  12. Mkakids

    Cleaning patients after bowel movements.

    Right? This is when the pool of liquid feces (g tube feedings, anyone?) not only squishes up to near their shoulders, it also reaches their ankles, soils a brand new surgical dressing from their very recent left hallux amputation, and is covering a large portion of the bed frame in addition to all linnens. Ahh... that was fun times as a CNA to see the look on the brand new RN's face as she walked into her first situation like that, lol!
  13. Chicago, $30.05 new grad starting pay. 12% night differential, $10/hr bump to pick up shifts.
  14. Mkakids

    Should I divorce my husband

    I think a deck of cards from the hospital would be HYSTERICAL. Much better than the nasty, stale cookies they gave us!
  15. Mkakids

    I just failed my NCLEX...

    I just took it June 19, and passed. I used UWorld and the mark klimek audio lectures. I studied for 2 weeks, about 2 hours a day. I did all of the UWorld questions available, read through the rationales for the ones I missed. I took notes on the Mark klimek audio lectures and made quizlet decks for each lecture. I flipped through each quizlet deck 1x a day for 2 weeks prior. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECCOMEND the Mark Klimek audio lectures.
  16. Mkakids

    Can a CNA be a PCT?

    In my area CNA is equal to a PCT (and CP).