What was the hardest course youve taken?

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    Of all the classes you've taken, which was the hardest? and what helped you to pass it? Determination? Hard work? Encouragement? Luckily, you passed that specific class! Both Nursing and Pre-nursing can respond!

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    I'm in my last semester of nursing school, but by far the hardest class I have ever taken was chemistry. I honestly have no idea how I passed that class. By my calculations, I should have failed with a D. The teacher let me pass by giving me a C. Only 8 out of 40 people passed that class. Only one person got a B, no one got an A. I spent hundreds on a chemistry tutor that semester. I'm so glad that nightmare is over!
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    Chemistry. I dropped out. I just couldn't get it. Will take again in 2014. I just HATED IT!!
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    I struggled with Pharmacology. Our instructor did not specialize in it and she didn't write the tests so we never knew if what she lectured on would also be on the tests. Also, it was a ton of memorizing and that was just hard with a full class load. Best of luck in all your classes!
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    Med Surg 1- I ended up with an A-. and the only way I did that was hours and hours of studying, I did prep sheets, printed powerpoints, highlight important things in the book, recorded lectures and would retake notes from it and the nights before tests a friend and I would stay at eachothers houses and do nothing but reveiw!
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    Pre-nursing: chemistry

    Nursing: Foundational Skills

    I thought med-surg 1 was a breeze compared to foundational skills! But that's probably because it was totally new stuff we were learning. Next semester, I have med-surg 2. Hopefully it's not too terrible. (:
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    Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry 1 & 2. I took too many heavy science classes in one semester (Organic 2, Physics 2, Biochem and Metabolism all in one semester.) Made it through but it was rough! I'm hoping that my nursing program, which starts in January, isn't going to be as crazy as that was!
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    I took a cardiovascular physics/physiology course in grad school that damn near killed me, very heavily physics and calculus, never my strong suits. It didn't help that my 8-month-old baby decided to stop sleeping through the night and got me up every hour all night long all semester. By the time I figured out that she was old enough not to nurse all the time and could cry it off (she learned to sleep all night again in THREE NIGHTS....oh god, wish I'd figured that out sooner) I had a 1.7 average and could barely see straight. They didn't let us carry any course grade of <2.0, so they gave me a 0.0 in it. I had been so sleep-deprived I didn't have the alertness to drop it in time, so I ate the 0.0 in my cumulative average. If it weren't for that course I'd have made the graduate school national honor society. I'd have made it even with a 1.7, but not a 0.0. Damn.

    Now HER kid keeps her up all night, and she's a professor. Of physics. Hah, the irony of it all! Payback! I told her to let him cry, he's over a year old, but no, she doesn't want to impose a rigid schedule on him. ... OK, then.
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    Chemistry was my most difficult prereq. Pulled an A off at the last second, but BARELY.

    I'd have to say the worst nursing class so far has been Health Assessment. My teacher expected us to know every detail of every assessment, which I appreciate, but definitely worked to learn!
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    FNP3 in grad school was by far the most difficult fear-of-God class I took in grad school; you needed an 83 to pass and the class average on exams hovered around 82. Yikes.
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