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  1. bellafsu89

    WGU or Chamberlain???

    This is my goal!!! I have 12 classes to take and I want to power through them!! So glad to see you were able to get it done!!
  2. bellafsu89

    Has anyone done the WGU online RN to BSN program?

    I am signed up to start my RN to BSN program June 1st and I'm hoping I can take several classes in the one payment block. I have 12 classes total to take to achieve my BSN since nursing is a second career for me. I really hope they offer an NP program in the near future! That's my end goal!
  3. bellafsu89


    I'm wrapping up my first full month of night shift...and I'm a new nurse. I feel like I never really NEED coffee because I never have enough time to even think of getting tired!! LOL!! I'm busy from the second my foot hits the floor until the last word of report is given! I run around all night and hardly get a chance to eat or drink coffee/water. I think that comes with the territory of being a new grad on the floor. My best tip for night shift is to make sure that the first night you are on - take a nap in the afternoon before your shift. Its just enough extra sleep to make you okay through the shift. I feel like my first night on is the worst - then they get better as they go because I sleep all day before the shift. Also, I got an awesome eye mask thing from Bed Bath and Beyond that blocks out every single light and its not flat on my eyes - they have a scoop. Honestly, it looks like a mini bra but for your eyes!! Probably my best $7 investment lol I really enjoy night shift as a new grad - I feel overwhelmed but I am able to manage it so far. Good Luck!!!
  4. bellafsu89

    I just don't understand

    I graduated from Keiser this past April but I am a bit north of you on the treasure coast. My best advice is get on the phone with recruiters at the hospitals. Also, Keiser is really good about looking for jobs for you so I would visit them to see what they can come up with. Good luck! Don't get discouraged and just keep looking!
  5. bellafsu89

    **POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary

    Florida 21/hr for the first 6mo then 24/hr I don't have any nursing experience. My floor is Med Onc/Peds/overflow Med Surge
  6. bellafsu89

    Keiser Nursing

    I am a Keiser Grad - passed my nclex in 75q on the first try 3 weeks after graduating this April. I had a job lined up even before I graduated or took my nclex. I had a great experience at the school. Much different from the big university I did my first degree at in the fact that the class sizes were small (a class of 13 to be exact) and the teachers knew you very well. That all being said, I had reservations at first but I think that's because I hate the sales office portion of the school. It's almost like, if you get past that nonsense it's a great place!
  7. bellafsu89

    Do New Graduate Nurses Need a Formal Residency Program?

    I am a new graduate nurse that is about to start my residency program except the hospital I am working for doesn't call it that. They fancy it up and sell it to the new graduates but then later the new grads realize that in this area, there isn't another option. Human Resources is holding the gates closed for new grads that do not want to do this program. The program is contracted though a staffing agency and while the new grads are paid, its a substantial amount less than what a nurse on the floor makes. Additionally, when doing the preceptor portion of the program - if you have been assigned nights - you do not get differential or weekend pay. Yes, you must sign a 2 year contract with a buy out of $7500 that is pro-rated over 2 years if you choose to get out of it. The PRO's of this program for me being a new grad are very few - ACLS is paid for and they require a 6 week didactic portion of this program to be completed prior to preceptorship. Coming out of nursing school and passing my NCLEX, the last thing I really want to do is sit in a classroom and read from a book again because I've been doing that all through my accelerated nursing program. However, in the area that I live - this is the only option. The hospitals in this area all have novice programs or residency programs and although they benefit new grads a little, they benefit the hospital more especially by way of retention and salary's. I say salary because they are hiring new grads into specialty fields and making them sign contracts for minimum wages (which is understandable for the first year since you have no experience - but what happens when you DO have the experience? do you re-negotiate or leave for a better offer at another hospital?) I tried my hardest to avoid this program but I am starting it on Monday with a positive outlook and thoughts of the future in my mind. Any additional training is good to have I suppose, even if it hurts my very empty wallet!
  8. bellafsu89

    ATI virtual ATI review for NCLEX

    My school uses ATI for everything. We did the live review for 3 days. Then I used the virtual ATI and did everything the tutor asked of me....it's a lot of work but worth it. I had taken a predictor during school and scored a 99% chance of passing on the first try. Then at the end of the VATI I took another predictor scoring a 98% chance of first time passing. During school, we were required to do the whole Saunders book as well as the whole Prioritization, delegation, & assessment book. My friend had access to Kaplan so I did trainers 1-3 and 7...scoring mid 60s. I also listened to hurst lectures but only the one time. I think the ATI tutor was really good at seeing my weaknesses and then drilling me on it by remediation & retesting. Ultimately, I tested, Got 75 questions, and passed!
  9. bellafsu89

    ATI RN Comprehensive Predictor

    I took the ATI comprehensive before school ended and got a 99% chance of passing on the first time. Then I did the virtual ATI tutor and all the work that goes into it. At the end I re-tested using a different comprehensive prediction test and got a 98% chance of a first time pass. Tested Thursday, got 75 questions and passed!
  10. bellafsu89

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I tested Thursday and got the "good pop up" Then Friday, logged into Florida board of nursing to see my license number!!! It hasn't posted on the Dept of health yet but it's a holiday weekend so I doubt it will until Tuesday. Relieved it's over!!!!
  11. bellafsu89

    Help!! Is Keiser University a rip-off???

    Check into your areas workforce solutions - unemployment agency. I was given a $7500 scholarship because I couldn't find a worthwhile job that would support my family unless I went back to school!!!!
  12. bellafsu89

    Help!! Is Keiser University a rip-off???

    Oh and I got a job before I even graduated because of our reputation for being strong graduates in the area...
  13. bellafsu89

    Help!! Is Keiser University a rip-off???

    I just graduated from the PSL campus and I got an amazing education. The teachers genuinely care if you pass/fail and are a great resource. But that being said, don't think Bc this is a private school and you pay a lot that your grade is handed to you on a silver platter Bc it will not be. You will work your booty off ...or fail..as you should if you don't put the effort. After all, we want strong, highly educated RNs in the field, right? Our pass/fail ratio is pretty good! It's a new program but from the 4 cohorts we have graduate, 1 or 2 failed on first attempt at nclex. As for price, it's not really THAT bad since you are just doing the core. Plus, in my opinion, I'd rather pay the extra $ then wait on a list or pray I get in somewhere else. I have heard the stories and know the reputation but if this is what you want, go for it. I was reluctant for quite some time but now, looking back, I should have done this much sooner. Good luck to you!!
  14. bellafsu89


    I did my clinicals there during one rotation. We were in the Vero location for that. However, a friend of mine got hired at the Martin location and liked it a lot! She's a new grad and I'm pretty sure they start per diem around $28? I could be wrong if that was per diem or FT...but that's what she's at. Plus since she's at the Martin location, everything is brand spanking new which is pretty nice! Good Luck!!
  15. bellafsu89

    Help with this question pls!

    I would not listen to ATI on this one! My friend and I were baffled!!! I wish I could get back into the assessment to see exactly the wording. What my friend and I concluded was - IV fluids first (Bc to stop the crisis, they need to be hydrated so the sickled blood stops sticking to the vessels) then strap O2 on them, then pain management. This is why we figured it in that order, more O2 won't matter if the circulating blood isn't able to utilize it because it's all jammed up. And yes, the patient should be resting to decrease the O2 demand but I just don't see that being #1.