What classes are you taking in spring What classes are you taking in spring | allnurses

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What classes are you taking in spring

  1. 0 I'm taking
    Nursing fundamentals 7 credits
    Dosage calculations. 2 credits
    Health assessment. 3 credits
    Nursing seminar. 1 credit
    Total 13 credits

    This is my first semester
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    Pharmacology 3 credits
    Med Surg 2 3 credits
    Med Surg Clinical 2 credits
    OB 3 credits
    Ob Clinical 2 credits

    This is my 3rd semester
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    Level 2 out of 5: med surg 8 credits, pharm 2, family 2 and leadership 2. A little scared! Lol
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    I'm taking a Nursing course (10 credit hours) and A&P 2. I think that will be it.
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    Nursing of Adults and Children 1 - 7 credits
    Mental Health Nursing - 3 credits

    Paramedic Degree courses
    Major Incident Response - 1 credit
    EMS Management - 2 credits
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    I'm starting semester 1 (Yay!) of 5. Fundamentals is a prereq for this program.

    Health Assessment 4 (1 hour clinical)
    Pharmacology 4 (1 hour clinical)
    Pathophysiology 3
    Statistics (online) 3
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    First series of nursing classes:

    Health Assessment with Lab

    All 3 credits, not taking anymore. Figured I'd be busy enough with that.
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    this is going to be my second semester.
    The first 8 weeks will be maternal child and the second half of the term will be adult gerontology.
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    Practicum and graduation in May In Peds now.
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    Fundamentals of Nursing (8 credits)
    Pharmacology (4 credits)
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    Next semester will be my 4th semester of Nursing school (I'm so tired! lol, but so happy I'm getting close to graduation )

    I'll be taking the specialties:
    Mental health
    Total: 11 credits

    And I will probably also take a gen ed class (still have to finish the pre reqs for the RN-BSN program ) during the second half of the semester
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    1st Semester of 5:

    Intro to Health Assessment (4)
    Foundations in Nursing (4)
    So excited because all my pre/co req's have been fulfilled at the end of this semester, therefore, only assigned nursing classes for me...Thank God!
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    My 2nd semester:

    Mental Health Lecture
    Mental Health Clinical
    Skills lab 2
    Med/Surg 1 Lecture
    Med/Surg 1 Clinical

    Total of 12 credit hours