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ED/Trauma/Field Case Manager
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Hi! I'm a mom of 3, a wife of 24 years and graduated in 2015 with my BSN at the age of 47. I am totally enjoying this journey I've been placed in and feel very blessed to be able to fulfill a life long dream of having a nursing profession that allows me to help those most in need: the sick, injured, everyday people. I'm an ER/Trauma nurse who will soon be a WC Nurse Field Case Manager combining my 18 years WC Claims and Supervisory Experience, my nursing degree and my ability to speak both English and Spanish....God is Good! My Moto and Life Verse: With God all things are possible! Matthew 19:26

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    February 2018 Caption Contest - Win $100!

    So, you wanted to know more about C-diff? We'll start here.
  2. pthelper777

    Inappropriate nurses?

    I don't think I read 1 response here that was kind, nor gentle. It's no wonder where the saying, "Nurses eat their young" comes from. From OP's comments she is either s young nurse or gets the short end of the stick due to being a flost nurse and is tired of it. It also seemed the questioning nurse was not very nice either on the way he questioned OP. In any event it would have been wonderful to see responses trying to calm OP down and explaining that there's no harm in discussing patient case load, rather than attacking them some more. Discussing patient case load could be a way of reassuring each other thst yes, we are all overworked (which should not be the case) and hopefully build comradery with in the team. Can't we all just get along and help those who are stressed (which could be anyone of us at any given time) to take a deep breath and unwind a bit, instead of escalate and take some jabs? Just my two cents.
  3. pthelper777

    Can Nurse Practitioners Become Doctors?

    Why would a nurse/NP want to? Very different philosophies.
  4. pthelper777

    New job not what i was expecting

    I would love that situation. Better to have a progressive orientation than be thrown to the wolves and left to fend for yourself.
  5. I did end up leaving and getting a great job as a Filed Case Manager working from home and traveling to patients' appointments. Loving the new job, been at it for 9 months. It allows me to build rapport with my clients, providers and vendors. I absolutely love seeing my clients' progress and rehabilitate from their injuries/surgeries and such. Yes, at times I miss some of the clinical aspects I no longer do, but at least I was able to experience what, for so many decades, was my dream job - ER Nursing.
  6. pthelper777

    A Day in the Life of a Work-At-Home Nurse

    I will be starting my first Case Managemet job in June. I will also be working from home & traveling to meet injured workers at appointments, visiting work sites & such. Thanks for your artlicle and breakdown of your day. Any additional tips for brand new work from home case managers? Any resource books you find useful? Thanks again!
  7. pthelper777

    Meaning of your username?

    PThelper777 = patient helper and 777 for the Lord. I hope to be a blessing to all I come in contact with and help them through what they are going through. I picked it when I was still in nursing school. I graduated last May 2015 and continue to hopefully be a helper and blessing to all :)
  8. pthelper777

    Case Mgt- workers comp RN field jobs.. like home health

    Thank you so much for your honest insight. I will be starting my first WC Field Case Management position in June. I'm hoping to enjoy it as I have 18 years of WC Claims Experience, 7 of which was supervising both adjusters and Tele. case managers. I only have 1 year experience as an Emergency/Trauma RN as I graduated with my BSN last year so that worries me just a little. I'm also bilingual (English/Spanish) which was a requirement for this position. I'm excited and have already started reading Case Management A Practical Guide for Education and Practice not only to give me insight prior to starting the job but also for the purpose of studying for the CCM certification, once I'm eligible. Any additional insight regarding WC Field Case Management and how to structure your time would be awesome! Thank you!
  9. pthelper777

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    That's so funny! I've been in it for 1 year (ED/Trauma) and I could have written this myself! My biggest issue is not the patients or their family member, or even coworkers (I really loved my coworkers), it was mismanagement of the entire department...and the stress/anxiety was unbearable before and during my shifts. I just accepted a Field Case Manager position for a national company. It combines my 17+ years prior career in Workers' Compensation Claims (7 of which I was a supervisor to adjusters and nurse case managers) and now my nursing. I'm so looking forward to hopefully now making a difference and helping patients navigate and understand the benefits of treatment. Not to mention, working from home (which I have done in the past) and being out on the road a bit. Good luck to you!
  10. pthelper777

    Should I leave PRN ED Staff to be WC Field Case Manager

    Thank you so much Fostercatmom! My husband and I were discussing continuing my PRN job and working 2 shifts a month, which is another option. Yes, wear and tear is a concern, although they do give milage reimbursement and there are also bonus incentives every month (you must bill 8 hours/work day but if you bill more than 8 hours bonus kicks in - some make 10-30k more a year w/ bonuses). I'm a little bit of a Type A and can be a work-aholic so I'm hoping this is not too hard to achieve, but not counting on it in any way. I do not believe we have ER case managers, I believe most of our (hospital) case managers are telephonic. That being said, I've worked from home before and have enjoyed it, I would prefer to be a field CM and be out and about meeting clients/injured workers/providers than stuck in an office all the time. Thank you so much Fostercatmom!
  11. Hi all! I love allnurses.com because there are so many caring, insightful nurses on here that are willing to give their input (good and bad) on all sorts of topics. (Thanks in advance everyone!) Here's my dilemma I'm a first year ED (Emergency/Trauma - Level 2) Staff nurse who JUST went PRN 4 weeks ago and love the extra time for family and hubby (and myself), but dread going in to work when I do have to work (understaffed, overworked, yada yada). ED nursing is what I always wanted to do, BUT I am not loving it d/t work conditions. Sooooo, I have now been presented with a new opportunity - Workers' Compensation Field Case Manager, working from home, very nice compensation package but I hear its long hours/long drives to doctors' appointments, pt appointments and employer visits. Now the thing here is that I do have 17+ years WC claims experience, the last 7 years in management (supervisor to a claims unit including Telephonic Case Managers) and I'm bilingual (which is what they are looking for). I've heard its hard to get into case management without being certified and I honestly always looked up to our Telephonic Case Managers (RNs) and some day wanted to be just like them. I think I will love building rapport with injured workers, employers, care providers, etc (something I kind of miss working in the ED - where patients/families come and go and you don't have time to build that rapport). Any how, I'd love to hear any Pros/Cons you all may have as to whether or not to leave the PRN ED staff nurse life to become a WC Field Case Manager. Thanks everyone!!
  12. pthelper777

    Discouraged 1st year ER/ ED nurse

  13. pthelper777

    Discouraged 1st year ER/ ED nurse

    I love the aspect of learning with every patient, every experience. Im on nightshift & live the nurses I work with but d/t loss og quite a few experienced night nurse a lot of times its new grads I'm with at night & I feel as though there's not enough experienced nurses to ask for advice but if they're there I will definitely ask them. Thank you!
  14. pthelper777

    Discouraged 1st year ER/ ED nurse

    I feel overwhemed. I love when I'm chugging along & I'm productive & efficient. I don't like feeling as I don't know what to do with a patient...if I'm not sure what to do. Usually when Im over my head. Thank you for asking me what i don't like. I want to love what i do!
  15. pthelper777

    Discouraged 1st year ER/ ED nurse

    Hi all! ER nursing has been my dream since I was in high school over 25 years ago. I recently went to school (4 years with a hubby & 3 kids) and graduated with high honors with my BSN. Now I've been working for almost 1 year at a level 2 trauma center and I.....dislike it so much (hate is mot a word I use.. otherwise I'd use it). What do you like/love about ER/ED/Trauma nursing & did you ever feel this way? I want to love what I do...I just need sone help getting there. Can you all help? Thank you!