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I don't know too many people who would work if they didn't have to but, still I must ask, is there a way to not work? I'm really not trying to be funny here. I work full time and will be taking classes full time, yet again,... Read More

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    Same as others, my hubby works and I go to school. We have 2 kids. My hubby us a teacher but we have managed to live off his income so far. We have learned to scrimp and budget and do without. It's temporary! I posted another thread last night, but my hubby got another job in Ky (we are inNv) and while he gets a pay raise we will be supporting 2 households now because I can't leave yet! I have gotten grants for school and just recently took out a loan to help as well. I can be done, just may have to give up some stuff for awhile!

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    Lucky for me, my husband had his own business, made enough for me not to work during nursing school. We also didn't have any kids, lived in a one bedroom apartment, owned old cars and trucks with no loans, no credit card debt, and pretty much didn't go on any vacations or spend hardly any money for the three years I was in school to get my BSN

    My friend got student loans, even owned her own house, and was able to pay all her bills and make it through three years of her BSN with me, she also lived frugal too.

    You can do it, the biggest thing is to change your perception of living, no thrills or frills. Period.
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