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  1. k_girl153

    Would you marry a Doctor?

    I almost did...not for the money though. Granted their salaries are much higher than a nurses salary but I don't think it's anything to write home about. I dated a man whose family was "old money" and the lifestyle was something I could definitely get used to! Unfortunately, he bored me to tears in the end. Marry someone you love! However if I were a doctor you would be the type of nurse I'd steer clear of! Lol.
  2. k_girl153

    How do you store your stethoscope?

    I hang mine on a hook so it hangs straight down. It's where I hang my uniform so it's all together.
  3. I am just in orientation right but have become friends with the clinical educator. She's already talked about switching me to an RN position once I finish school! Unfortunately I don't feel like this place would be a right fit for me. But I would gladly take it if I couldn't find any other positions.
  4. k_girl153

    Clinical Schedules

    In our program, first year we had clinicals once a week for about 8 hours. There were AM and afternoon times. What you got was what the school placed you in. We don't get a choice. Our 2nd year we have clinicals twice a week for 7 hours a day and, again, times depend on what the school decided.
  5. k_girl153

    Curious Question

    I'm keeping mind. I don't think its necessary to delete unless you waste your time on there or you have things you want to hide. It should be fine as long as you know what would be appropriate and inappropriate to post. I rarely ever post on my account. I don't post pictures of myself. I don't have a pic of myself as a profile pic. I don't allow myself to be tagged. I keep the account because a majority of my family is on the west coast or overseas so its the only way we all keep in touch.
  6. k_girl153

    My Possible Prerequisites...

    I would make your high school classes your main focus, honestly.
  7. k_girl153

    Is there a chance?

    I would wait. There are still 23 people for them to call. Do u know how many people they've called from the wait list? I guess, to me, it would really suck to be told no over the phone. But if you really want to call you shouldn't let anyone stop you. Good luck.
  8. k_girl153

    Best lpn school

    Have you researched any schools near you? Chicago land is such a broad area that you should probably choose a specific radius you are interested in. After choosing that then I would start researching the actual schools taking into account accreditation, curriculum, and nclex pass rates.
  9. k_girl153

    PLEASE help!!! I want to make the right decision..

    If I were in your shoes I would go with the snf position. You'll get exposure to different types of medical problems and patients will generally be more acute. I actually just took a much lower paying job in order to gain experience taking care of higher acuity patients. Of course, I understand that monetary compensation plays a big part of some people's decisions. I'm fortunate to not have to worry about salary so was able to choose a job based on other factors. Either way I think any experience is good experience. Pick the position that fits you! Good luck!
  10. k_girl153

    Moving to Peoria IL

    There are a lot of new apt complexes towards the Dunlap area. I would look towards that part of the city. Low crime rates and is a little more of an affluent area. Good luck!
  11. I'm in IL....I make around 17/hr at my hospital job. Its a super easy job at a smaller hospital. I still stay on as registry. I took a much less paying job (around 11.50) because its experience with more acute patients. I figured it would be better experience with nursing school.
  12. k_girl153

    First CNA job

    Congrats on your new job! It's terrific that you landed a job so quickly after getting your license and they are willing to work around your schedule! I didn't mind being in a snf. Honestly, I love being around older folks. You can learn so much from them and they are definitely a hoot sometimes! I can't tell you how many times a shift I laughed when talking to them. Getting to know the residents will get easier as time goes on. You have not been there long so you still have time. As for your issue....we hired our first male tech at the hospital I work at. Most of the patient population we serve are older apostolic Christians. Many of them are women so they are very choosy as well. He has had a few women who refused to let him bathe them. Usually he would have one of us assist them instead. If the pt was fairly independent he would just set up the water/towels for them and they would do as much as they can. As long as you stay professional it will be fine. Sometimes they will get used to you and will gradually let you do more of their cares. Wishing you the best of luck!
  13. k_girl153

    Insuffecient work experience to bridge?

    Are you enrolled in the program? If so, I would just listen to what she had to say but continue on your path. Everyone will always have their opinion of who will succeed and who won't succeed. Just use it as motivation to do well. I know the bridge program where I go to school requires at least a year experience in order to apply. So it's great that you are able to do it after getting your license in March. Have you thought about applying for a PRN position at a SNF? Good luck!
  14. k_girl153

    Should I regret going ADN over BSN?

    @kdbean....I live in cental IL :)
  15. k_girl153


    Ours are ceil blue top with logo and ceil blue pants as well. Optional white lab coat with logo if we choose to wear them. I don't think I could ever wear all white! Just too many fluids to be around...no way would I stay spotless for longer than an hour.
  16. k_girl153

    Should I go to Nursing School?

    I know a few people who became PAs with a bachelors in biology...my cousin being one of them. I believe most want you to have some sort of clinical/pt care background. As for experience....we all have to start at the bottom. U learn to get the experience where ever you can. Becoming a PA will not change that.