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OK, I am getting sooooo sick and tired of my classmates thinking that just because I don't work, have kids, or a husband..I have no problems. When did having problems only become exclusive to family... Read More

  1. by   sparketteinok
    "High school "never" ends."


    Isn't it crazy that when you put adults together in a large work place, most end up behaving like sixth graders??
  2. by   Butterfliesnroses
    5 years ago I went to school part time and worked full time. I had a boyfriend. I lived with mommy and daddy, then with his mom and her boyfriend, and then with just him. While going to school part time and working full time. I had my share of issues. Now I'm going to school full time and working full time, plus I live with my boyfriend and daughter. I'm also the breadwinner of the family. I certainly have my share of issues. There are weeks I barely get all the crap done that need to be done. There are days where I spend all day with my daughter regardless of the fact that I know I could be cleaning house or doing homework. But she's totally worth it. I'm still taking my pre-reqs BTW. The plan is when I go into the nursing program (hopefully next year), to work weekends or PRN. I think I actually study more and work harder than I did back then. Back then it was just for me. Now it's for this beautiful daughter. I want the best for her! I do have to say that it does irritate me when I have the girl next to me saying how hard she has it when she lives with her parents and doesn't work. But I also realize that those are her choices and the ones I've made are mine and I wouldn't trade my life in for anything!

    Also I remember back before I had kids when we would be on low census, I had someone tell me I should take more days off since I didn't have kids. UH NO! I still had bills to pay. Even now I don't think I should get more hours because I have kids. I think I should get more hours because I have more seniority though. Also the holiday thing would drive me nuts. My daughter just turned one and I had a nurse tell me I should work all the holidays since my daughter wouldn't remember it. I said no but I will...This nurse also has a 14 year old and so I said well maybe you should work the holidays since your son won't really care anyways. She got the point and I told her I felt the same way. Also I remember before kids people expecting me to work since I didn't have kids. I said I still had family. This time around I found myself thinking that the people without kids or with grown kids should work the holidays...then I kicked myself! These people still have family and would like the time off. Sometimes it's so hard to remember what it was like or what it is like for someone else. Walk a mile in my shoes...
  3. by   ohioln
    I don't know if my reply logged or not, so I'm repeating it. I also agree with both sides. A single person needs emotional support going through school, which they need to get somewhere bec. they're alone. A person who has a family usually gets support from their spouse, but they're away from the family more bec. of school, which creates stress for them and their family, so both have something to bear going through school.