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I recently got accepted into a BSN program at a small Catholic college. I was able to receive a scholarship to help offset some of the tuition, but I will be living on campus for one of the two years I will be enrolled (for... Read More

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    The dollar store is great for toiletries and school supplies.

    Try to buy used books if you can, or rent them. If you have to buy them, resell the ones you don't need. I got $150 for my microbiology book and human growth book. That info is online if I need it again.

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    Check out anything by Dave Ramsey. Just google for his website. There is a lot of good information on knocking out debt, saving money, and avoiding putting yourself in debt.
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    Used textbooks and even previous editions of the textbooks to save money. I've never had an issue using a previous edition, but always check with the instructor if possible to see if I can use the previous edition. Most of the time there aren't many major changes, sometimes a chapter or two may be reordered or questions at the end of the chapter change with little else changed.

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