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Hi there! I'm pretty new to the site, and will be starting NS in August. (Holy sheep! That's only 2 months away!:eek:) I want to know about your study spaces. What works for you? Do you have a dedicated area to study in? If... Read More

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    I had a space but I never ended up using it. I am a total slacker. I tried though.

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    I have an office desk that i clean off in between semesters, on the off chance that I'll actually study at home. I can never motivate myself enough to sit down and study when I'm home, too many potential distractions (i.e. my doggies, the television, the computer)!!! I end up going to school to study, there's an abundance of places at my school to sprawl out and truly dedicate hours to study. I'm lucky in the fact that my SON is in a dedicated health sciences center so everybody who is at the school late at night and on the weekends is there to actually study and occasionally there will be a friend there to pull your face out of the books and offer a much needed break.
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    Mostly I study at school. Go before class and stay after. I have a husband and four small children at home so study time is rare there. But I do have a desk at home on the rare occasions I get to study. It has four drawers to keep all my stuff in except for books. I have a electric pencil sharpner, pencil cup and small basket on my desk along with my laptop. I have a small lamp next to my desk and a 5 shelf bookcase near me.
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    I have a dedicated office the past 2 years of pre-reqs and will use that. It has my desk, 24" monitor, printer, rolling laptop table, filing cabinet,my apple keyboard, mouse, computer speakers, office supplies, dual lamp, book shelves, a comfy chair...and even a twin bed. (3 of my 4 kids are out on their own so we also have a dedicated exercise room) All of my "birthy" stuff; childbirth education and breastfeeding educator stuff is in there also. My husband works at home and he turned our unused dining room into his office. (our ancient 12 person dining room table was chain sawed and hauled Important for me is to have a door to shut..when it's shut everyone knows to leave me alone unless someone is dying or bleeding bad.

    I like changes of scenery so for the change I go to the library, Panera, or Starbucks.
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    I have a corner of my master bedroom with a desk big enough for my computer and my lap top... all my books and everything I need.. HOWEVER, I can not study at home to save my life! My kids are distracting and if I am at home my husband completly forgets how to feed, change, care for the kids and I get interupted non stop.. So I head to Dennys! which works out great cause now they know me and know Im there to study, I get a corner booth and get waited on hand and foot (so nice)!!!!
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    I can study pretty well with distractions
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    I study on my couch or at my computer with the television blaring and the kids bouncing off the walls. Even though they're inches or just a few feet away from me, I hardly ever hear them or the television.
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    I have a small corner is my house that is close to where my husband spends most of his time so that I can still be within talking distance from him I bought one of those travel tables from Costco that is 4ft with legs that pop out because i couldn't find anything that would really fit my laptop and multiple books open. Then I made a hanging paper organizer that is a wood frame with chicken wire behind it. You use paper clips to clip anything you want to it! I have my ID hanging, business cards, post its. Then I have a labeled organizer for all of my pens, pencils, highlighters, index cards, etc. I also have a big plastic organizer with 3 drawers for extra folders, loose leaf paper, and the bigger items. I am in the process of finding a book shelf to store all of my books! I have a cute little corner all to myself that I can quietly study in!
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    I have an office thats in a cozy back room of the house all aromatherapeutic, beach decor..very relaxing...

    no tv, just music.

    if i have a quick lil bitty bit of hw to do ill sit infront of the tv on the couch and knock it out
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    Quote from Trenia

    I can study pretty well with distractions
    I love the tiny CRT next to the LCD's ha ha. All you need to do is hook up a SNES to that for some nostalgia. I have my 360 hooked up to my tv in my office for the occasional distraction too.

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