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Should I commute to nursing school even though it is located one hour away from my home? How far would you be willing to commute? These are questions that are asked every so often on these forums, so... Read More

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    I've been commuting 150 miles a day, almost 3 hours in the car every day for a year and a half. There's really not much closer to where I live, so I don't have a lot of choice if I want the education. We tried to sell our house a while back, but no takers. I listen to XM talk radio or use the time to plan/reflect/meditate. Part of the key is getting good gas mileage

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    How did you manage to complete your pre requisites working full time at a factory?
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    Quote from Kadambari
    How did you manage to complete your pre requisites working full time at a factory?
    I did not attend school at any point during the entire three years that I worked at the factory. I simply quit the factory job and enrolled in a private LVN program that required no prerequisites for admission.

    I did not start working on prerequisites for the RN program until I was working as an LVN at a nursing home.
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    I'm applying to a school that is 45 minutes - and hour away from me, but the program is REALLY good. I can't imagine doing what you did! You have a lot of determination!
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    Unless you can study while you commute, commuting time just wastes time that could otherwise be used for studying. This is especially true if you are in an accelerated BSRN or a dipolma school program, where you have no spare time or days off.
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    I commute 45 minutes to class and anywhere from 1hr-3hr for clinical sites. It is well worth it.
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    I drive 1 hr each way to/from school. I record my lectures and skill tasks. Then, I listen to them in the car. I'm amazed at times when I hear something that I completely missed during lecture. Also, I get to hear the emphasis that professors put on certain items that end up being on the tests.

    Although, sometimes, I gotta turn that off and listen to some NPR or some pop!
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    Thank you for such an informative article. While my nursing school will be close by, I am planning on attending PA school after my BSN. The nearest PA schools are 1 hour away (the farthest is 2 hours). While I'm not thrilled about having to commute, I know this is the only way to reach my ultimate goal. It's nice to know that it is do-able and to hear commuting success stories
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    I will be commuting to nursing school soon. How do you all study in the car? Flashcards?
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    Quote from I<3nursing86
    How do you all study in the car? Flashcards?
    Um... not while driving! I've heard of recording lectures and listening to them in the car. I haven't done it myself, though.

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