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    I don't think the student should have been "shopping" in that manner but I also don't get the impression that he was trying to be ugly to that professor (or, at least not nearly as ugly as the professor was trying to be to him).

    This graduate student is probably fairly young and inexperienced. (This is college, go figure) He probably is unaware that there are easier ways to "know what you're getting into" besides "shopping" for a class the way he did. He could have visited any number of websites that allow students to write reviews about instructors or he could have visited forums or even simply asked around. I think the kid was kind of dumb for shopping around the way he did.

    Having said that, this professor is just one of many in academia that should not actually have contact with any human beings whatsoever. Berating the kid the way he did (in my eyes) is unacceptable. I expect more out of people who get paid to do a job. Just about any other profession I can think of requires paid employees to not react like a moron when the customer/client says or does something stupid. That professor chose to work in a profession that requires a great deal of human interaction and yet he flies off the handle over something so irrelevant. I am virtually certain that the professor delayed the class longer by calling this kid out and telling him he can't sit for class than the student did just by walking into the room. Yeah the kid was dumb but there's bigger things to get your panties in a twist over. I expect students to be somewhat thoughtless. So is the rest of the world. But (and I know this is crazy) I expect a "paid professional" to actually act....professionally.
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    Personally, I think the response from the professor was more disrespectful than anything the student did.
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    If you read to the end of the article you will see that none of that really happened.
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    Quote from aubgurl
    If you read to the end of the article you will see that none of that really happened.
    I did read the entire thread and as of yesterday morning that edit was not part of the posting. Thank you for noting that.
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    And in all reality it doesn't change much about the core discussions that happen around entitlement, respect, and student/educator interactions.
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    I'm surprised how many people think the profs email was warranted. I don't disagree with the intent of the email but it definitely should have been addressed differently. I would consider the profs email very unprofessional in its wording, even if the student was disrespectful in their actions. Two wrongs don't make a right!

    Mind you I've only been a student and never an instructor. Maybe I'd view things differently if I was on the other side of the spectrum.
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    Quote from stephanie.
    Love it!

    Said student wouldn't accept three jobs and try them out all at once to see which is the right fit.
    Or maybe she would ...
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    I think, whether it happened or not, there are wrongs on both sides of the fence.
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    I would have to side with the student. and the prof responded in a very inappropriate fashion.
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    I'm still in school and I cannot believe the number of kids that come up with lame excuses every week for the professors. Yesterday's excuse takes the cake:

    This kid walks up to the prof. Said kid is about 19 or 20 years old, mind you. Any way, the kid says "I'm sorry wasn't in class yesterday, I had an emergency". So the professor asks what his emergency was and the kid proceeds to say "well, the emergency was my dad didn't wake me up in time for class".

    My jaw hit the floor!

    All I wanted to do was say "Are you not an adult? Do you not know how to operate an ALARM CLOCK? Why is it your Dad's responsibility to make sure you are awake? This class starts at 1 PM in the AFTERNOON and you can't get your lazy self out of bed???"

    So, I can see why this prof wrote what he did. Self-entitled kids today never take responsibility for their own actions. It's always somebody else's fault. Drives me absolutely nuts!!!
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