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Nursing Student. Member of Apollo Lodge #921 in Huntsville, AL. Favorite quote: "...and THAT is cryptorchidism in a nutshell." -my nursing Instructor

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  1. Check with the individual school. Bring your transcripts and speak with an admissions adviser. Many schools only look at the last 60 or so credit hours. You can check with the traditional 4 year institutions and community colleges. Be aware that if you anticipate needing student loans you may not want to go to a community college. There is a Federal regulation out there that will make it difficult for you get financial aid. Specifically, (with that many credit hours) if you go to a community college you will have to apply for a waiver to get financial aid and if you drop or do not pass any one class you will become completely ineligible. Just as a reminder, check with the financial aid office of the school you intend to go to BEFORE you commit to going to that school. In terms of admission, check with each school. They are really the only ones who can answer your question. I have found the admission criteria for schools to be greatly varied on this forum. Calling them for information or browsing their website is free and can't hurt anything. Good luck to you!!
  2. Griffin123

    Is it possible to work during an ABSN program?

    I would say no. Just because something can be done doesn't mean it SHOULD be done. At the very least I would not work in the first semester. This way you can get a feel for what will be required of you. If you think you can handle more work after the first semester, knock yourself out.
  3. Griffin123

    What's your opinion?

    In my program Peds seems to be A LOT easier. I don't know if this is fairly common or not, though.
  4. If I get kicked out of nursing school? Easy. I'm moving to Mexico and majoring in English.
  5. Griffin123

    OB clinical experience ... a male perspective.

    I just finished my OB/Peds/Newborn Nursery clinicals last month. Had to watch a circumcision. I think I had sympathy pains...
  6. Griffin123

    What to do about talkers!

    Wire each seat in the classroom with electrodes. Each button delivers a mild shock to a corresponding seat. Therapeutic and effective.
  7. Griffin123

    Withholding Transcripts...

    I don't think the school can do anything since you've already graduated and they've sent your information off. At the very least I would write a letter to the BoN and the state's Board of Education just for the sake of documenting the incident. It's up to you whether or not you want to speak with your congressman over the issue. If you would like to take the test first, I don't think it would hurt anything. For whatever it's worth, I think this is unacceptable behavior on the school's part.
  8. Griffin123

    Withholding Transcripts...

    I would also contact your state's board of education. If it were me I would also give serious thought about writing my state representative as well.
  9. Griffin123

    Marijuana and Nursing School

  10. Griffin123

    Marijuana and Nursing School

    Can't top that.
  11. Griffin123

    How can I not feel so overwhelmed at clinical?

    I'd say try to stick it out, but if she marks you unsatisfactory (or some equivalent of it) for your clinical, then consider asking for a different instructor. If another instructor shares the opinion of your current one, then it's just you. I, however, would be surprised if this is the case. There's a wide variety of clinical instructors out there. Some clinical instructors are frickin' awesome. I have one now that makes me "wanna be like her when I grow up". She is simply an amazing nurse and has high expectations and loves to teach others what she knows. She doesn't make you feel stupid but encourages you to be excellent and "make her proud". Some other instructors, on the other hand, should be barred from having contact with human beings. I've have been in school studying different things for quite some time and have never seen such a oddly wild spectrum of instructor quality as I have in nursing school. I have no explanation for it. At any rate, I recommend sticking it out. Try to excel and if you truly think she's giving you a raw deal it can't hurt to ask for a different instructor (you may not be granted this request, but it can't hurt to ask).
  12. Griffin123

    Marijuana and Nursing School

    Easy there, Panama Red. Just because I think saying "...on occasion I indulge in smoking marijuana for the calming effects it has on my situational anxiety and sleep issues." and "I am fervently against the use of any anxiety prescription of the sort" exemplifies a level of idiocy I rarely get to see anymore doesn't mean that I or the other posters in this thread don't care about you. But for the record, I am quite comfortable with my assessment of your actions. I'm sorry that you perceive me to be close minded because I don't agree with you and that you demand the other 6 or 7 pages of posters to "step out of their conservative bubble" because they also don't agree with you. And one other thing: Did it ever occur to you that we are saying these things because we don't want to see you jeopardize your career, health and/or relationship with your family? You have potential if you have a 3.5 gpa. You're in a private school so I'm guessing money isn't a huge concern. And your taking an idiotic risk because you want to treat yourself for symptoms instead of letting a professional treat you. If they're THAT bad get 'em checked out. If not and you just wanna tokey tokey then go ahead and ignore us, roll the dice and take your chances.
  13. Griffin123

    Marijuana and Nursing School

    Come now, Caribbean Character, a person that abuses illegal drugs occasionally is the perfect person to have a job that involves...passing out drugs.
  14. Griffin123

    Marijuana and Nursing School

    Supporting Mexican drug cartels by paying cash for an illegal drug is OK. Seeing a doctor to ask about treatment options for a condition that nearly every human being in our country has experienced at one time or another... Now THAT would be wrong.
  15. Griffin123

    Marijuana and Nursing School

    Well, if professionals self medicate it must be ok, then. Sounds legit to me.
  16. Griffin123

    Marijuana and Nursing School

    This pretty much says everything I was going to say. See a doc. You're not the first person in the nation with anxiety or sleep issues. Chances are excellent they'll have something for you other than a drug that will get you kicked out of nursing school.