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Starting ADN program in 21 days! So nervous but excited!! I only have nursing courses to take, I've taken all pre reqs (thank God) I've started studying for dosage calculations, I just want to stay ahead of he game.. Have a lot... Read More

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    I begin my ADN program on January 8th! I also have two nursing orientations: one on Friday (from 9-12) and one on Monday (from 9-4). And then classes start on Tuesday! I am so excited!!

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    I completed Pharmacology and Soc. Nursing last semester and begin Intro in one week! I opted for a part time ADN program and so far I do not see anything part-time about it! Picked up my books, syllabus, and course materials the week before Christmas and got my reading assignments the same day. Our 5 hour orientation went well...lots of nervous bodies in that room! Our SNA leaders all came out to welcome us and we have a "tabbing session" with them on Monday were they will go over our books and organize notebooks. I can't believe that it is already beginning! It was 6 months ago that I received my acceptance letter and now that time is here!
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    Congrats! I have orientation on 1/19 and my first day will be the 14th! I am also reviewing dosage calculation.. We need 95 or above to pass.
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    I'm starting tomorrow
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    BSN on the 7th. TERRIFIED!
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    Quote from PatyJackson1
    Congrats! I have orientation on 1/19 and my first day will be the 14th! I am also reviewing dosage calculation.. We need 95 or above to pass.
    Sheesh. And I thought 90 was scary!! Good luck. Doesn't seem too bad .. Thankful I took college alg&trig this summer though
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    In my program you have to have 100% on dosage calc to pass. You get 3 chances, and you get booted from the program if you can't pass in those three times. We have a new one each semester, and this last semester one of my classmates actually failed from missing one of them on the third test, she was and still is devestated. Thank god I have never missed one, but the anxiety is high on test days.

    I am excited to start back on Jan 14, and I will be finished with my classes on March 24th and graduate May 10th. I am so ready to get this done with. I'm taking Peds/Med-Surg III, and not looking forward to Peds at all.

    Good luck to all of you new students
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    I start the 9th. Yikes! . I have a PRN interview job so I'm excited .
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    My LPN to RN program starts January 22nd. I have two orientations next week. I'm taking my kids to Disney World this weekend to spend time with them before I start. I know how hectic it gets when school is in session. It's hard to juggle family and school. My boyfriend is also starting his 2nd year of his ADN so at least we are both in similar situations and know what the other is going through. We also both work full time. The benefits will be worth it.
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    I start my ADN clinicals on the 16th! I also just started a new full time job, so I'm trying to enjoy this last bit of peace and freedom before my life is consumed with nursing school! Spending every available minute with my husband

    But I really can't wait! I'm definitely obsessing over supplies and organizing!

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