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  1. jolie_tasso

    New to nursing school

    Definitely pay $4.99 for the GoodNotes app on your iPad. It's amazing, and I use it everyday for every class! I second the advice about nursing books. I mostly buy an edition older, and I have never had problems with them. Just check with a classmates book to ensure chapters are the same, and, if not, figure out what the differences are to avoid confusion. This semester I paid $25 total on books. Seriously. Find what works for you and fast. I spent too much time trying to figure out the best way I retain the material, but once I did figure it out, studying became a breeze (kinda lol). Try out several different studying strategies, and don't be afraid to seek out advice on how your classmates study, especially those doing well. Don't consume yourself with nursing school. Take time for yourself. Sleep. Eat. Do things you enjoy. After school you will have to continue to so these things while your work, so start balancing your life now. MOST IMPORTANTLY: don't be intimidated by all the horror stories and doom and gloom on this site, from other students, or anyone. You can do this, and it will be enjoyable. I'm a firm believer that life is what you make it, so go in with confidence and positivity and it will make a huge difference. Let me know if you need anything else! Good luck :)
  2. jolie_tasso


    I liked this thread in the beginning because it showed a different side of nursing school and was a bit hopeful that not all of it is a nightmare all the time. But then the negativity and the doom and gloom started. Before I began nursing school I looked to this site for advice and guidance but only became scared out of my mind. People's posts on here even made me question if it was the right path for me. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I started that it wasn't near that bad, and this semester is turning out the same. Bottom line is that even though this is a good place to vent and seek encouragement and advice we should also spread the word that it doesn't have to be a such a terrible struggle for everyone. PLUS (and this is something I had to realize for myself) remember that people talk about the bad stuff more than the good. So all of those you see hating nursing school probably have lots of good things to say about it too, maybe even more than the bad. Positivity, people!! :)
  3. jolie_tasso


    Same here! I'm in my second semester, OB/Pedi rotation, and last semester was fundamentals and pharm. I'm worked I'm not being prepared, but then again my classmates aren't all cruising through so maybe I'm just better at this coursework? I don't know, but it's worrisome when I read these message boards.
  4. jolie_tasso

    Nursing school IS rigorous

    Post like these always worry me, but for a different reason than others. I didn't feel like my first semester of nursing school was too crazy or difficult. It was a lot of work, yes, but I got by, worked full time, and made decent grades. What worries me about this is maybe my school isn't preparing us enough. Maybe this semester will be different, but I'm scared I won't be ready if each semester is as lax as last. Anyone else feel this way?
  5. jolie_tasso

    Three Tips from a Former Student

    The tip about the NCLEX questions makes so much more sense! Can't tell you how many times I selected the wrong answer on the test because it was my first guess during studying but was the wrong answer! Why would we ever want to read wrong answers? Duh! Thank you! And I completely agree with the older editions. I've been doing this my whole college career and have never had issues. Great money saver.
  6. GoodNotes lets you import power points and write, draw, or type on them! Or import other images and files. Best app for school IMO!
  7. jolie_tasso

    Tablet advice & input

    I bought an iPad last semester and love it! It's lightweight and easy to use even with books and binders on your desk. My favorite app for school is GoodNotes. It's $4.99 for unlimited notebooks, and it's well worth it!! You can import any documents, including power points, and you can write and draw directly on them. This was perfect for taking notes in class. Plus the keyboard attachment is an easy alternative. http://www.goodnotesapp.com/ Check it out!! Hope this helps!
  8. jolie_tasso

    What do you use to take notes?

    My first semester I took written notes for everything. I did best on tests when I read before class, took notes, and then during lecture added to and highlighted my notes from the reading. It kept the information fresh in my mind without being too repetitive. I also love colors and am a visual and kinesthetic learner, so taking notes twice and with lots of different pens and highlights worked really well or me. But then about a month before the end of the semester I bought an iPad and began using the app GoodNotes and fell in love. It lets you import documents, including power points, and you can take notes directly on them. I love it. Just letting you know in case you had a tablet or was wanting one. GoodNotes is the best. Basically just figure out what your best learning styles are and take notes or study based on them. Work smarter not harder :) Hope this helps!
  9. jolie_tasso

    Advantages of E-books?

    Although copying and pasting will save time, you were actually actively studying as you typed up and created the outlines, so you may be actually hindering yourself by choosing to simply copy and paste. I think e-books are a great resource, and everyone learns differently. If they work for you then go for it, but don't use them as study shortcuts because it'll only harm you in the long run. Good luck!
  10. jolie_tasso

    Pediatric Textbook help

    Thanks! I will definitely be doing both!
  11. jolie_tasso

    Pediatric Textbook help

    Hi all! My first semester of nursing school I purchased an old edition of my physical assessment book which saved me $100 and did not affect my studies at all. It was a great choice, but I'm weary of taking the risk again. What are y'all's thoughts on buying and old edition of my pediatric book? I have the chance to buy the old one for only $10 as opposed to $70. What's the consensus?
  12. jolie_tasso

    Too much on my plate?

    It seems very doable IMHO. It all comes down to how much you want it to work. Plus dancing will be a great way to include some time for you AND exercise. definitely a plus!! If it doesn't work out you will quickly find out where your true priorities lie though. Good luck!
  13. Thank you to everyone who kept this thread going. I start next week, and I was so relieved to finally see a positive thread that made me even more excited and happy to begin this new journey!! I'm going into it with a positive attitude and the knowledge that I can choose to either maintain that positivity through all the ups and downs or fall along in line with all the Negative Nancy's. It is MY choice!! Good luck to everyone!! We are going to be great :)
  14. jolie_tasso

    What is your favorite way to study?

    I'm really hoping my classes are ok with recording because I have been really banking on listening to lectures on my drives to and from school and work since they are both 30+ minutes. I guess I'll find out soon enough!
  15. jolie_tasso

    Calling all pen aficionados...please report here

    INKJOY!! Yes, I LOVE InkJoy by PaperMate. I fell head over heels for them after buying a pack of 8 different colors because it was pretty cheap (I think about $2.50?), and I am a very visual person and different colors work well for my when taking notes and making flash cards. So I told my family about them, and for Christmas I got a pack of 8 black ones and two packs of 8 different colored ones in my stocking! They write smooth, are clicky, have very pretty colors, and are reasonably priced. Can't ask for much more :)
  16. I start my ADN clinicals on the 16th! I also just started a new full time job, so I'm trying to enjoy this last bit of peace and freedom before my life is consumed with nursing school! Spending every available minute with my husband :) But I really can't wait! I'm definitely obsessing over supplies and organizing!

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