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I am an RN. My niece is 18 and hoping to go to nursing school. Recently she told me that there will be no poop cleaning at her nursing school or in the hospital she plans to work in. "I am not going... Read More

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    When I was a student I honestly believed I would never get used to inserting urinary catheters.

    Guess what...

    ...I did.
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    Quote from Vishwamitr
    The millenium generation kids expect their iPhone to do everything for them. Please discourage her while you can before she becomes one of those miserable nurses that we unfortunately come across almost on a daily basis. I have disimpacted patients with my digits and I am not talking about 1, 2,3,......

    I'm 27 and considered a "millenial" (1981+ 200ish?).. not ALL of us are like that.. I cringe when we're grouped like that. I worked in a group home and have been cleaning poop since I was 18! We had one resident who spite pooped on us.. yeah.. spite poop. That's the top right there. I have no issues cleaning poop! I even keep peppermint oil on me to put around my nostrils after offensive odors. It is what it is.. but you know.. not ALL of us are bad
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    Quote from Vishwamitr
    The millenium generation kids expect their iPhone to do everything for them. Please discourage her while you can before she becomes one of those miserable nurses that we unfortunately come across almost on a daily basis. I have disimpacted patients with my digits and I am not talking about 1, 2,3,......
    I'm a Millennial and I've never owned an iPhone or expect to take the easy way out. I'm not one of those 'failure to launch' cases, either. I work on an acute rehab unit where I manually disimpact patients regularly and assist them with their bowel routines.

    I've met some nurses from the Baby Boomer generation who epitomized pure laziness. People with poor work ethics come in all ages, so please do not generalize. Thank you!
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    Let's see, my shift yesterday: One disimpaction, helped the CNA's with several bathroom trips, 2 dulcolax suppositories, and one pt. with C.diff.
    All I can do is LOL.
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    Might want to send her this link

    Everyone Poops - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    I take back what I said StudentRN313
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    You know.. I am beginning my nursing program this fall and I will admit, I was the dummy that did not think that I would deal much with poop (thank goodness I never said that out loud to anyone-- saves me from eating my words), but after reading this and other threads like this, I went through some phases-- Shock, Temporary Denial , Worry , Careful Thinking, and finally acceptance . I know I can do it! And someone put it into perspective for me so well. Consider you patients-- consider how horrified they feel being in that position to need you to handle that for them. Do not make faces or noises! That would be TERRIBLE for a patient! If we are truly about caring for and helping other people we must accept that it's not always going to be comfortable or fun or glorious. Sometimes, maybe a lot of times even, it's going to be humbling too. And, crazy as it may sound, I'm looking forward to that.
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    Quote from KATRN78
    I am an RN who cleans poop everyday that I work. Usually more than twice a day. I have met some nurses who think they are above that and that it's cna work. Poop cleaning is within the scope of our practice. Many nurses will initiate the students by having them do incontinence care often.
    I can attest to that! During fundamentals all we did the entire clinical rotation was pt. care. And boy did we deal with bodily fluids! When the pct's & lvn's saw us coming they gladly handed over all the lovely work to us nursing students. The first meds we learned about first hand were senokot & docusate.
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    What do you do IcySage? I'm close to graduation and still trying to figure out which direction to head... I don't think I will want to be in a hospital forever....I know that's where I'll start but maybe not end

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    Sorry to get off topic

    Esme, I see your dog listening to music on the headphones. Is it's favorite singer Snoop Dogg? and it's favorite song "Who let the dogs out"?
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    Quote from StayHumble11
    Lets be honest..RN's don't deal with poop as much. They do but not like cnas and lvns
    True IME. I am in LPN school now, have been a CNA for years. In all those years I have never seen an RN change a diaper, and I have only seen an LPN assist with a diaper change (as in restrain the [dementia] patient or pass wipes). In school I hear a lot of teachers talking about how they "love their techs and help them out." Then I hear them relate stories that are supposed to shock the class. Example: "I once saw a dementia patient playing with his feces!!". That she is even surprised indicates this RN has indeed not changed a diaper or seen much poop.
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    Quote from Vishwamitr
    I take back what I said StudentRN313
    I appreciate you for doing that
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    We have this same discussion every week, and people get up in arms every week when some people say "Some RNs don't deal with poop." Welp, the truth is that most nursing jobs require some interaction with feces. Another truth is that some nurses avoid this interaction like the plague. Heck, we even had a thread on AN last week where a nurse was looking for a job that didn't deal with poop, and she even described how she avoided dealing with poop in nursing school and at work by getting someone else to do the job for her. Unfortunately, everyone is not this super helpful and diligent nurse in real life. The reality is that some people suck as nurses because they'd rather pout and scurry from unpleasant situations than to help their patients in their time of need. YOU might be that nurse that will clean up persistent c-diff throughout a 12 hour shift, but some nurses certainly won't and have no problem saying so.
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