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ToyaB works as a Registered Nurse.

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  1. ToyaB

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    Uh, yes! I had a woman who had just delivered using the bed pan and when I went to get the thing out, I came so close to being splashed with bloody urine that I yelped! I always have trouble with that. God forbid, one day it's going to happen. I'm going to start wearing mask and goggles when I take them off. LOL!
  2. ToyaB

    What nursing task do you loathe???

    I hate feet flakes! Oh and chunky vomit! Aaaahhhh! I also hate watching other people put in IVs where they can't get the vein and the catheter is sliding in and out... in and out... I swear I get faint watching that. Lol!
  3. ToyaB

    This week, I learned (7/18).....

    This week I learned that after you take and pass the NCLEX you have to re-learn how to have a life. I also learned that putting in applications is tedious!
  4. ToyaB

    Test on July 15 2015 HELP

    Congrats! I also passed! Now onto the tedious applications! YAY!
  5. ToyaB

    Test on July 15 2015 HELP

    I took my test today too. I got so many SATAs that I had to laugh. I could not even believe it. I'm not even exaggerating half of my test was SATA. All of the other questions seemed so foreign. Like, I cannot even reconstruct the questions they were asking me if I tried. I felt like I guessed on 90% of the questions. I took so long on each question that I was offered a break before I even got through the first 75. I took the break to use the restroom and to look at myself in the mirror and pump myslef back up. I went on to finish and the screen went blue after the 75th question. I literally wanted to cry, vomit, scream. I was so upset. I felt that I was doing so bad and I was hoping for more questions. It was all a blur! I laughed at people who did the PVT before, but the anxiety got the best of me and I had to try. I put in an actually credit card with funds available and real info becuase I figured that if I failed, I would have to pay for it anyway. I got the good pop up and though I know it's not garantee, it at least took the edge off for me. Here in PA, people have been taking the test and getting results on the BON site within 24hrs so I'm going to check tomorrow and if I see myself on there I'll save my 8 bucks! I'm hopeful and I'm praying and trying to keep my minf off of it. I pray we both passed!
  6. ToyaB

    It's not my job to pray with you.

    These types of post always make me feel sad for humanity. We, as nurses, have chosen a career in which we are charged with helping people of various cultural backgorunds. If you don't believe in God, that's ok. But if your non-religious attitude causes you to begin insulting people who do by equating God with unicorns and such, you're really showing yourself to be ignorant. It's about acceptance. You have to accept people for who they are. People on both sides can call the other fools. Come in. Do your job. Be a competent and caring nurse and then go home and be who you are. I don't get why this has to always turn into religion bashing. Atheism is for all intent and purposes a religion. We all have a philosophy about life and the meaning or lack of meaning of life. I assure you there are *******s and good people on both sides of the fence. Just live and let live people. As for the OP, you can kindly decline to participate in anything like that that you are not comfortable with, but for being afraid to be honest to keep your religious friends... I wouldn't advise that. Some of them would look at you differently, some of them may pity you, but so what... other will accept you for who you are and that's real friendship.
  7. ToyaB

    Failed, nclex rn 5 times! Help?!?!

    Well if the clog fits:sarcastic:... In any case, I'm not saying that the OP does not have a problem testing, but how some of you managed to make the leap to the OP having a lack of knowledge of basic content and not being cut out for nursing with the information given in the post is ridiculous. I did say that the test is of "minimun competency", but that doesn't mean cake-walk, even for people who excelled in nursing school. And she may be better in practice than when sitting in front of a computer with application/analysis level questions. Maybe! I don't know either way. So you know what I did instead of assuming anything about her? I didn't. I just gave her what she asked for. She asked for help with review and advice for how to proceed. I'm not sure if you read to original post, but she already has a team of nay-sayers. She didn't come here for that. She didn't come here to have people tell her she can't do it or that she's not cut out to be a nurse. She came here to ask "experience and knowledgeable" nurse about how to proceed. So again, if you're not giving her suggestions, it's not an entirely a bad idea for you to not say anything.
  8. ToyaB

    I'm terrified

    Congratulations on getting in! The best thing you can do for yourself at this point is get organized with family life and work. To prepare for school, I would just brush up on A&P. Go over the body systems- you know cardiac, GI, and all of that jazz. If you have time. Me I was one who started reading the nursing books before hand. Don't do that. It's a waste of time becuase you don't know what you're going to be starting on until they tell you, so review A&P and most of all RELAX! It's hard to do, but do it before nursing school takes over you life! Go to class, study the material, you'll do fine. It's not as all-consuming as people say. You will have less of a life, but still a life in school and you'll have a great time to boot. I just finished. I have two kids 9 and 5 and I made it through more than fine. I even found time to participate in extracurricular activities on campus and my support system is not outstanding, but it was enough so fret not, get ready, and just do it. Welcome to the wonderful world of nursing! I wish you all the best!
  9. ToyaB

    Failed, nclex rn 5 times! Help?!?!

    You took the words right out of my mouth! The OP asked for help, not for anyone to jump all over her confidence with both freaking feet! She may be an excellent nurse. She may be a horrible tester. You all keep saying that the NCLEX test basic knowledge and that is not entirely true. It test "minimum competency" and for a nurse there is nothing "basic" about that! This is not kindergarten we're talking about. This is critical thinking.So if you're not going to offer the OP "help" (which IS what she asked for) then keep your demeaning, snarky, and flat out ignorant comments to yourselves! OP, I am studying for the NCLEX now and I am also a mom who works full-time. I am using Kaplan. I'm not sure if you've done that, but they have great tools to help you see where your weak spots are and their decision tree has helped to improve my score on their content as well as on other's questions (including Saunders and various NCLEX quiz apps). DO NOT lose heart if nursing is what you want. You made it through nursing school with all of the time and effort it takes, and that means a lot! Identify your weak spots and focus on them, REVIEW, REVIEW, and REVIEW again, then go into this test and TAKE YOUR TME really seeing what each question is asking you. If your issue is focus and you can only get through 25 questions before going to LalaLand or Panicville, take an unscheduled break. You can do that. I wish you the best of luck and I will pray for your strength. You'll need that especially with all of these Negative Nancy Nurses on here.
  10. ToyaB

    Nurses are Not Doctors

    NPs are just as competent as Physicians. Docs are feeling threatened where there is truly no need. They don't want people to confuse and NP for an MD, but the fact is that NPs are proud to be NP and I've never met one that has said to me that they were a doctor- even though that is exactly what they are. We really have to get over this hump. No one should be saying that one is better than the other, and neither should one be saying that they're not equal. Doctors collaborate with one another on their own, why would an NP not collaborate with a Physician if the need was present? Your license and credibility are on the line. You're going to give the best care you possibly can- whether you went to school for twelve years or eight. Seriously, stop fighting against common sense. Now I do feel than an NP straight from school should probably have supervision for some length of time, maybe a couple of years. That just makes plain sense to me. Med Students do the same thing. There's nothing wrong with that. You learned it, now prove yourself in practice to make sure that you are competent on your own, but after that- Free Willy!!!
  11. On the first day of clinical, my instructor told me that she was going to teach me to think like a nurse. Critical thinking may be the most valuable trait that any nurse can have and my instructor did this incredibly well. I was with a elderly dementia patient that day. He wasn't my patient, but another student was having trouble communicating with him and had asked for my help. He had a hearing deficit and it took him about a full two minutes to respond to any questions, as if he were running them through him mind and formulating a proper response, which was usually only a one worded response- yes, no, covers, etc. He was sweating under his covers and began to move his blankets off of himself. A few moments later, he was shivering and asking us to pull them back up. About ten minutes later he was sweating and pulling them off again. This went on a couple of times. I knew something was odd about this, but I could not place my finger on it. When my instructor made her way into his room, I told her what he had been doing. She looked at him and immediately placed her hand against his forehead. "He has a fever.", she said. "Take his temp." And sure enough, he did. I was in awe of how she came to that conclusion in 30 seconds flat. I was also bothered that I had not been able to figure it out. After all, I was looking at this patient for more than 30 minutes. I've had fevers before. How had that not even crossed my mind? I didn't have the skill yet to put it all together. Fast forward 6 months, and I'm on the tele rotation. It's 7:30am and I step into my patient's room in the morning and perform vitals, and the head-to-toe. During the assessment, the patient states that she feels like she has to urinate. I can see that she had a foley. She has a history of bladder retention and states that this is not an unusal feeling for her. I'm getting her I+Os and her foley is empty. I immediately assume it was just emptied. I stepped out of the room to document the assessment and when I go to put in I+Os, I notice that the last time anyone documented an output was 3 hours ago. I think, "But the foley's empty... Could they have emptied it and not doc'ed it?" Hmmmm.... Then WHAM!!! It all makes sense. Patient c/o feeling of bladder fullness, foley's empty, last time charted 4am. I suspect this foley is kinked somehow. I pop up from my seat and return to the patient's room. Me: "Do you still feel like you have to go?" Pt: "Yeah.. I know that sounds crazy, but I kind of do." Me: "I don't think it sounds crazy at all. Let me look at this foley again." Inspecting the foley, gently wiggling and manipulating the line. Foley: GUSH!!! 500cc of warm urine rush through the foley into the bag. I've never been so happy to see pee in all my life. Pt: "That's much better. Thank you." Me: "Sure thing." Me on the inside: "YES!!! I AM the CHAMPION! Who figured that out all by her bad self?! TOYA did, that's who! (On stage at a podium). I'd like to thank God for being here, my mom for inspiring me, my instructor for educating me, and my brain for being AWESOME!!! I'd also like to thank all of my friends and family for believing in me! (Bowing and waving off stage.) I felt INCREDIBLY blessed. I didn't run and tell it on the mountain and brag to my friends. I just sat down at the computer again, and went back to charting, with a smile on my face, shaking my head at how great God is. Where I was unsure that I could ever learn to be so observant and think so critically (and quickly), now I am confident that with time I have what it takes to be great at this, and I have to defer to GOD on this one. I wouldn't have even been standing in this position without him. How blessed am I?
  12. ToyaB

    Nursing students and immaturity

    I think the appropriate action in this is to talk to the boys first. Some people are just idiotic. They don't think about how the things they say out of their mouths affect other people. They sound immature and they need to be set straight. Maybe they think you're okay with their comments. You have to let them know that you are not. Tell them straight up, "Keep your dumb comments to yourself. I'm not into that." If they continue to make comments, THEN you should talk to your advisor or instructor about it. If you're not comfortable saying that to them then you can just go to the instructor about it. If you don't think it warrants involving the instructor, I would think about asking one of you friends to kindly relay the message, but that one's a little dicey... That's a tough spot to be in.. Darn them for putting you in this position! Good Luck!
  13. ToyaB

    What did/do you dissect in A&P lab?

    I dissected a cow's eye, an animal heart (unsure which animal), and fetal pigs. OMG cadavers in A&P?? How did you guys deal with that? Anyone faint?? LOL! I dont think I would have been prepared for that during prerequisites. I would had to have really had way advanced notice and had to prepare myself for that. (How do you prepare to cut open a human body??) Especially cutting into one and removing the brain???? I'm screaming inside just thinking of it. I can deal with the living and recently dead, but tearing into a dead one:eek:... put a cushion behing me now! I'm going down!!!
  14. ToyaB

    Nursing school IS rigorous

    I am taking the entire week next week to prepare myself mentally for this. I got through my prerequisites with As and Bs-- mainly As-- without much studying. I would go to class, listen, do the homework. Study like a madwoman about an hour before the test and ace it. I am anticipating that NS will be nothing like that so I am scheduling study time like work and I know it's going to take discipline and grit to make it through. I have a family and I will not fail them or become discouraged because (ALERT!!! cliche coming!) failure is NOT an option for me at all. I've got one shot at this and dammit I'm going to do this thing to the best of my ability and, by FAITH, I am WELL ABLE. I have worked my tushie off to get here and now that I'm here... I'M READY TO PARTY!!!! And by party I mean study, work, and learn my *** off!!!! Thanks for the reality check. We need that. I'm sure I don't have to tell you, but keep on going boy, you go this! WE ALL GOT THIS!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! #stillpumped
  15. ToyaB

    Pool & Staff Nurse??

    I hope whereever I end up has a system like that. That sounds ideal for sure. I like the idea of being able to look and see what's open. I'm not such a fan of recieving calls because I'd probably say no to about 50 percent of those last minute requests and I'd end up feeling bad. In any case, I'd put my name out there because I'd definitely want to do at least one additional per week.
  16. ToyaB

    Nurse Extern?? What's that about?

    " I got $14/hr + shift differential, and my schedule was every other weekend, unless I wanted more. It often felt like the true educational aspects of the program were lost while I was running around the floor; however, I gained a HUGE appreciation for ancillary staff and my time management improved. Coming back to clinicals after summer break, it was obvious who had worked with patients over the summer and who hadn't. It was definitely worth it. The big perk? Getting hired as a nurse on the same floor when I graduated" That's encouraging! I was looking into my program and they also say the standard is every other weekend, but the site does not mention whether or not they allow you to pick up extra time. I was hoping to be able to work 2-3 days per week while I'm in school-- like 24hr per week-- and then in the summer time to go at it full time. Has anyone heard of anyone being able to do that as a nurse extern??

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