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  1. Negative Post on Facebook About New Nurses - I'm Fired Up!

    On her facebook she was extremely vocal this weekend about her opinion. Since Monday though nothing - can't help but wonder if she was terminated over her post. There's no take backs on social media!
  2. It depends on my mood honestly. A lot of times I'll eat dinner foods before going to bed (my system says it's dinner time). Which can vary from a salad to soup to any sort of meat. If you're looking for more breakfast type foods I use the carnation ...
  3. Negative Post on Facebook About New Nurses - I'm Fired Up!

    Here is the original post: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet - hope it doesn't violate TOS.
  4. I wanted to say I am sorry you are going through this hard time. However, please know that this mountain is not unclimbable. I was a single mother, my son's father left when our son was about 6 weeks old. I was working as a 911 operator (which was a...
  5. Illegal Drugs & HIPAA

  6. Illegal Drugs & HIPAA

    Thank you for this. We also give back all belongings at discharge regardless of whats in them. The links were helpful - thank you for the detailed information. Heron, it really is a "bucket of stinky worms". I know if I were a patient in the hospita...
  7. Illegal Drugs & HIPAA

    I work in a very busy ED, my husband works in another hospital in our area that is also a very busy ED. While we were talking something he said caught me off guard. His hospital searches their patients pockets if they are a psych/trauma/intoxicated p...
  8. What does your Head to Toe really consist of?

    Honestly a head to toe takes me less than 10 minutes, usually around 8 minutes give or take depending on the patient severity. When I did med surg in school we would have 4 patients assigned to us and their full care was ours and ours alone. I always...
  9. No Good Very Bad Nursing Instructor

    Life is life.. you are going to get terrible instructors. Unfortunately this will happen. I had an instructor that had it out for me because I reported her for unethical behavior (she made me take patients who didn't want a student nurse and then whe...
  10. When a Mom Miscarries

    I am so sorry for your loss. My husband and I have had multiple miscarriages and one ectopic. The hardest part about the ectopic was after years of trying to conceive we had to willingly terminate the baby we spent so long to conceive. We've undergon...
  11. When you are at clinicals

    Although I don't camp out in the breakroom this has been a huge issue in our school. I've had to leave the OR during an active procedure because I had to go to post-conference, I've missed out on cardio cath's because if I went it meant not completin...
  12. On Having 2 Titles: Nurse and Patient

    As someone who is a Type II Diabetic I empathize with your situation. I think sometimes that those who don't understand are those who have never had to deal with an unknown chronic condition like diabetes. It's a hassle to not know what your body is ...
  13. Almost Done - Except Sick

    Windsurfer - I care because I'm on a committee that students give feedback to the college on policies that are developed each year. Several of us were handpicked from the beginning and we have made a huge difference in the current practices/policies ...
  14. Does your school discourage working?

    Ours also discourages working. However if you work at the hospital affiliated with them you get a 90% discount off tuition so -- why WOULDN'T you work with that discount? I work for a different hospital in an ER as a tech and I love it. I think my ho...
  15. Almost Done - Except Sick

    Our school recently had a change in the attendance policy for clinical. We have more clinical days for an associates program than any other college in the area. We used to be able to miss 24 hours a semester for illness. Now they backed our time down...