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Is anyone here in thier late 40's or 50's and back in school for the second time?? I ask because I was in school in my late 20's-early 30's and hubby decided he didn't want me working so I had to... Read More

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    I went back to school in my forties.I worked in several careers and then was a stay at home mom with my kids. I finished nursing school when I was 46 and graduated with high honors and started working on a very busy med-surg ortho floor a couple of months after graduating. It was the hardest thing I ever did but I am glad I was home with my babies and didn't miss anything. If you are financially able to stay home and raise your children, I would do it and postpone school and work. They grow up so fast and before you know it they are teenagers and don't want to hang out with mom so much, lol. It is never too late to go to school and start a new career. There were lots of 40 and 50 yr olds in my class and all that extra life experience comes in handy as a nurse. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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    You're never too old to go back to school!! I'm the youngest person in my cohort, most of my classmates are 30 & up. Some of my instructors are a little snarky to the older students though, by making snide comments about their age..but it doesn't matter what they think. It matters what YOU think. And if you want to be a nurse, don't let age deter you. Good luck!!
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    I am 50, will be starting nursing school in January 2012. I did not have good reasons like you for not doing this when I was younger. I let the opportunity slip through my hands in my youth because:

    - I did NOT want to go to school anymore after I got out of highschool.
    - I wanted to shop and PARTY!!!

    So, I got a job. Now I had this strong urge to go to nursing school when I was 15, remember telling my aunt who was a nurse, that I wanted to be a nurse and work with critically ill patients. When I graduated I worked for a year, then that nursing thing started tugging at me again. Back then alot of the hospitals had nursing schools, so I applied to one of them

    Well, the night before I was to take what could be called an "entrance exam" an old boyfriend popped up and wanted to take me out for a night of "dancing and partying". Party girl that I was, I went. Unfortunately I was out until 3 or 4 am and the nine am appoint with the test saw me still in bed.

    After that I shrugged it off and said, "oh you can't be a nurse, you can't stand blood ". I came up with all sorts of reasons why I really did not want to be a nurse and took my happy butt to the phone company instead (back then there was only one phone company, Ma Bell!!).

    About 5 years ago that nursing thing started to tug at me again. But this time it would not go away... Started my pre-reqs, applied, and now here I am about to start. I have had a career, worked for the phone company for 25 years. It would have been 30+ but I left, got married and then after the divorce my ex no longer would pay for my schooling like he promised. Who would have thought I had to stay married to get that deal...

    To make a long story short, I find that in my case it was actually better I did not go then. I am more focused, and the dream that has always had it's hooks in me has come to the surface. I want to be a nurse, and my age is not going to stop me. I know you want to be there for your kids, if I had some I would probably feel the same way. I hope my story helps you to see that it is still possible when you get older, if the dream is strong you will still be able to do it. Good luck to you in what ever you do.
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    I graduated LPN at 47 and have all the pre-reqs done for LPN-RN completed. Started RN then decided it was time to get out of Florida and return to Canada.

    I got a great job here in my new location partly due to my age I'm not going to take mat leave and I don't have kids or a husband to worry about.

    Today I was on my new unit and the younger nurses were sharing pictures of their children. I had to show mine too the 29 yr old and the 20 yr old.

    What I really like about being older and a new nurse is that its far easier for me to talk to the older, more experienced nurses to seek guidance. There's a bond of age, wisdom from life experience and therefor an increased ability to relate between us.
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    Quote from CT Pixie
    Honestly, the "traditional" student is now becoming older and 2nd career people. So you won't feel so out of place.

    Also, I am famous for saying this..the years will pass..regardless..in 5 years you can be 5 years older and not a nurse..or you can be 5 years older AND a nurse. No matter what 5 years will pass. I chose to take the bull by the horns and plod through school..no matter how long it takes.

    Hey! I thought that was my saying!!! Wink Wink ...but it is SO TRUE and it goes by in the blink of an eye!

    to all of you who are thinking about this...in the words of that NIKE commercial...JUST DO IT!
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    You will never get anywhere until you take the first step. While in nursing school, it seems as thouigh it will never end. All of those early cold morning clinicals! Yuck! But then one fine day you are at a pinning ceremony and happy as can be.
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    Quote from diva rn

    Hey! I thought that was my saying!!! Wink Wink ...but it is SO TRUE and it goes by in the blink of an eye!

    to all of you who are thinking about this...in the words of that NIKE commercial...JUST DO IT!
    Great minds think a like Diva

    Honestly, I'm always saying this to people when they are reluctant to do something because it 'will take too long', 'its X years..' blah blah blah..

    It's true, those years are going to pass..regardless. Like you said...JUST DO IT!
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    Quote from CT Pixie
    Great minds think a like Diva

    Honestly, I'm always saying this to people when they are reluctant to do something because it 'will take too long', 'its X years..' blah blah blah..

    It's true, those years are going to pass..regardless. Like you said...JUST DO IT!
    You said it, sister!!

    This is funny, but I there are still so many things I wish I had done that I though...nah, it's gonna take too long...like play the piano for instance, about 10 years ago I thought about taking lessons, I even had a piano for my daughter, but thought, nah, I'm too old, it will take too long, well guess, what...I am 10 years older and I STILL CAN'T PLAY THE PIANO.....

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    I am45 and starting a nursing program in the fall. I was a CPA for 20 years but never had a passion for that. I had a good job though that was very flexible so I stuck with it while I raised my kids. Now I'm finally able to follow my heart into nursing where I probably should have been all along. I've never been happier since the day I went back to school. Age really doesn't matter - it's only a number. Just follow your heart and work hard & you'll do fine.
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    On being there for your children every waking minute until they are fully grown: The kids don't need it. If you want to sacrifice yourself on the altar of SAHM, fine. But I am here to tell you that I am "older" and I came from dual-career parents. My father was in business, and my mother was a full time teacher. I had baby sitters, I went to kindergarten, I had a younger bro and sis, and I didn't come along until my parents were 31. So, I was 'way ahead of the curve on that, compared to all of my peers.

    Kids focus on themselves. So long as they are nurtured "enough," can find something to entertain them that doesn't require a parent's input, and are clearly given the expectation that they are to grow up and be self-sufficient, I don't think they need a mom or a parent there with them every second, if you can get decent daycare or babysitters. My mom spent time with up when she got home. We thought our family arrangement was very normal. I don't recall ever feeling that I missed out on any childhood experiences or had a diminished quality of life due to my mother having a full time career outside the home. How women can tether themselves solely to the home and hearth and give up careers, is beyond my comprehension. Eventually, your kids go out into the outside world, and they'll encounter cultures, morals, religions, etc. that conflict with what they've been taught at home. And they will have to learn to deal with it. And they WILL eventually have the right to choose their own paths, regardless of what you want for them.

    As for homeschooling, I am opposed to that, too. The school system is full of the real world, and kids had better be learning to deal with it. If the school is unsafe, two well-educated and well-employed and financially secure parents can afford to move to a different neighborhood. Or, they can put pressure on the schools to make better use of all that taxpayer money and do their freakin' job of educating children, like the citizens are paying them to do.

    Woman up, decide what you want, and go after it. Nursing might be one of the few careers that you can start late in and move up. But still, time in job at one location is what moves you up the ladder. If you want to be other than floor nurse, start making plans for daycare, tell the dad he's going to be responsible for kids care, too, start taking online classes, and get moving. Be aware, though, that some schools have an "expiration date" of 3 or 6 or however many years for college credits, and after that you must repeat the classes. Rio Salado online has a lot of what you'd need and those courses run 8-12 weeks year 'round. Your local community college will be less expensive, of course.

    LPN programs might be available part time for 24 months. But 24 month programs have higher dropout rates due to it's harder to drag through 2 years than one. There might be evening programs for LPN, like afternoon shift, 2PM to 10PM, in some places.
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