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suni has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in med surg.

RN, ER and Med Surg

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  1. suni

    Wisdom for a future educator?

    I have my MSN and no desire for a PhD. I teach lPN students and also community college ADN's. I find it to be rewarding and at times challenging.
  2. suni

    New-ish Faculty

    I think this is very normal. I do not lecture students only do clinical but I try to combine what they learn in lecture and apply it to the clinical setting. I always have anxiety with every new group of students because they are an unknown. But I would say be confident in your knowledge and skill and know that you bring much to the table. I agree that the money is not great but I decided after seeing some of the newer nurses and what little they knew it was time to either step up or shut up.
  3. suni

    Refractory period

    How can I explain absolute vs relative refractory period
  4. suni


    Is there a place where I can purchase just the pocket cards for the MEND exam?
  5. suni

    Retiring In Your 70s

    I am 60 and have no plan to retire. I have a 401 that lost some money but has regrouped, I have a small savings. It seems like everytime I think the savings will grow something happens and I need to pull some money out. My biggest concern is health insurance and how will I pay for it, I have been fortunate not to have had any serious health issues or injuries. But the 35 years at the bedside have taken their toll, my knees creak, my shoulders and neck ache and at times I have a low back ache. I am thankful that I am still able to work full time.
  6. suni

    concept maps

    what book does your school use for concept maps
  7. suni

    clinical instructors

    students always do this as a thank you to staff
  8. suni

    "bad" evaluations given by students of faculty

    Whispera has given good advice. I always talk to my students during clinical about the patient, care they give and help with any questions. My downfall this term has been writing on clinical prep work. I write concepts on concept maps but need to be doing more with weekly preps. I am on a learning curve as a new instructor and this has been the big thing my students told me last week. We are close to ending the rotation and I asked them for feedback so I improve my performance. They seemed somewhat surprised that I asked but offered constructive criticism and hints which I appreciate and will use in my next rotation.
  9. suni

    Handling the "R" word

    This is upsetting to me because my adult child who has CP and learning disabilities has dealt with this her entire life. Graduated from the university with a degree in math but has not been able to find a job. We believed that when she became an adult the world would be kinder but have found it is just as cruel sometimes as it was as a child.
  10. suni

    concept maps

    My students continue to struggle with concept maps. I have discussed nursing dx vs. medical diagnosis. Interventions geared to level of patient or family, goal setting and encouraged to use both their care planning book and concept map book. Any ideas on how to make this easier for them would be appreciated.
  11. Where did you get the NCLEX test plan?
  12. suni

    Never Give Up on Your Dreams

    You know, I am going thru a difficult time right now, not health but other issues. All day I have saying ; I have my health and I have my job for these things I am truly grateful and the rest will eventually work itself out. SO when I read a story like yours I am so thankful that you got to fulfill your dream and realize that it is the getting back up that is important , no matter how long it takes. Thank you for sharing!
  13. I am a member of AMSN and am certified, it was a professional goal for me. Also as a staff educator I felt it was beneficial to certify in my speciality of med surg just as there are CCRN, CEN etc. I do believe it gives you a higher level of credibility.
  14. I also was a member but did not see the benefit for the 70.00
  15. suni

    amsn convention

    Orlando next year
  16. suni

    amsn convention

    anyone here going to the convention in Nashville in September,