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suni has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in med surg.

RN, ER and Med Surg

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  1. suni

    antedotal notes

    I have been searching for some form/template for weekly antidotal notes. Any ideas? I have goggled it and searched on other sites , read a few articles but just wanted something basic
  2. suni

    Wisdom for a future educator?

    I have my MSN and no desire for a PhD. I teach lPN students and also community college ADN's. I find it to be rewarding and at times challenging.
  3. suni

    New-ish Faculty

    I think this is very normal. I do not lecture students only do clinical but I try to combine what they learn in lecture and apply it to the clinical setting. I always have anxiety with every new group of students because they are an unknown. But I would say be confident in your knowledge and skill and know that you bring much to the table. I agree that the money is not great but I decided after seeing some of the newer nurses and what little they knew it was time to either step up or shut up.
  4. suni


    I also think trying to stay active is key. I also am 60 and have had a joint replacement. I find the more I move the better I feel but some days it is a struggle
  5. suni

    Early Morning Nurses (and Nursing Students)

    This is so nice for me to realize I am not in the minority. I worked night shift for 33 years and have been on days for the past 3. My husband calls me before he leaves for work at 530. I am a coffee in the am out the door and breakfast at work, not really a big fan of breakfast. Lots of coffee👍
  6. suni

    Moisture Wicking Scrubs?

    I like wonder wink brand
  7. suni

    Keeping students engaged during clinical

    I also have had issues with low census and keeping the students engaged. I have done case studies Ned speakers
  8. suni

    Nursing student asks nurses the question..

    As a clinical instructor I check all the charting my students do on their patients. I will tell you it is difficult at times due to the variety of documentation systems. I usually have 6 students and tell them I must be physically present for any procedure and they can only give Meds with me. Having said that, if there is a procedure I am not familiar with, after reviewing the policy, I will ask the staff nurse if we can observe her doing it once and we will do after that.
  9. suni

    Games how to make the one.?

    I would like to try to do a jeopardy type game for psych clinical. Is there a program I can use to do this and since my computer skills are so so, is it complicated
  10. suni


    Anyone planing on attending the conference
  11. suni


    Psych clinical with first year student nurses
  12. suni


    I am doing a psych clinical psychologist n the fall for the first time. Any suggestions for activities for the students would be appreciated
  13. suni

    12/31/15: What I learned this year

    I agree with you, after 35 years as a bedside nurse I have moved to an office job. I love being able to sleep at night and feel rested. I have some issues with my back and knees from all my bedside nursing.i also wish I could save more money but somehow something always comes up. I continue work full time when I had hoped to retire because who can afford health insurance.
  14. suni

    Refractory period

    How can I explain absolute vs relative refractory period
  15. suni

    Top Issues with Your EMR

    I would like a system where it is one and done instead of having to document in several places. I believe we spend at least 90% of our time on the computer when you factor in scanning meds. Patients do complain that we look at the computer and not the person which is true to some degree. I do believe that there are fewer med errors due to the scanning of both the patient and the medication. It is easier to access educational material for the patient but it still all takes time. While I am all for technology I worry that moving away from the patient may be the death of us all.
  16. suni


    I have to do my first simulation scenario with a group tomorrow. I was thinking of doing something simple like a transfusion reaction. Any ideas or thoughts on how to do this and remain calm. My anxiety level is pretty high.

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